Roofing Companies Louisville | The Type Of Job

Episode Eight, Roofing Company’s logo for Alan home, provement and roofing. We are going to talk about um, some of the upcoming jobs that we have here in the office and Alan home permit, morphine, morphine companies, global. Um, one uh, type of job we have not really touched on is siding. Uh, we do have some siding jobs in here, um, that are scheduled. They are actually on hold at the moment until the weather gets a little warmer just because you can’t cut the vinyl when it is cold because the vinyl will split. And so we just prefer that it be a little warmer than it is right now to do siding jobs on one of the siding jobs we have in here at Allen whole permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville uh, this customer is getting um, siding, uh, we are wrapping some facia for him. He’s getting gutters. Um, and he’s getting gutter guards. So it’s a pretty good job of the siding isn’t that big of a job. It’s only non squares. And um, the footage of gutters he has that he’s replacing is 215 feet. Uh, so not a big siding job, but it is society job. So you know, we take it and the um, facial rep that he’s having done, it’s, it’s only 92 feet. And then for the gutter guard it’s just 146 feet.

Another job we have on the schedule is for some window wraps and this customer has a 1111 windows that they want wrapped in aluminum to make them maintenance free. Uh, so we do that add the color that they picked is for the, they’re a window rapping is white, which most people do unless they have um, siding and they wanted to match the siding, they would pick the color of the siding to go for the window rap. Another job is a gutter job. It’s actually a big, pretty big gutter job. We’ve had some big jobs coming in here at Allen home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. This customer has um, 423 feet of gutters and they’ve picked, um, a white gutter to go with that. And we’re also doing some facia rep for them.

A couple things we’re doing here today. Alan home permit, roofing Roofing Companies Louisville is um, we are working on a big roofing job that we had going um, from yesterday. Um, sort of trying to get that finished before the holiday. Um, our estimators are out visiting customers going over estimates. Um, one of our estimators I know is meeting with customers to see, he said he had a leak but he was actually in be held damage areas. So we’re going to go take a look at his [inaudible]. He has held a image and the if see if he needs to call his insurance company to get them to come take a look at his roof.

One of our estimators today, um, is actually going to meet with a customer that we had given an estimate to do a flat roof for him here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville global and he is actually going to double check to make sure that it’s okay because we were going to do modified bitumen on it. He’s just going to verify that it has enough of a pit, a tiny pitch just so it is okay to use the modified with this camp or with this customer. Also, the flat roof is um, on high area. Um, this is a big house in an area where the houses are like three to four stories. Um, so the flat roof is pretty high up with that. That will be an issue with getting, um, materials up to the guys, but it’s nothing they can’t handle. It’s nothing they haven’t seen before. Uh, what they do is they put their harnesses on and they’re good to go.

Another thing that we’re doing here, and Allen home apartment and riffing, riffing Gaffney’s global, um, we’re actually doing to roofing jobs today. I mentioned the one earlier about, uh, the one that we actually started yesterday and it was so big, the gap, it was a two day job. Um, and we have another crew on a different lift and this one should only be a one day job. So sometimes you get the ribs where they’re, they’re, they’re the bigger groups and sometimes they take two days, sometimes they can take three. Um, this one will be a two day and then you get the roof square, you can get it knocked out in one day. Um, we’ve also done roofs on churches here in Allen, home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville and they’ve taken anywhere up to three to four days depending on the size of the roof of the church. Not only do we work on churches here in Allen, home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville uh, we actually have a project going with a, an apartment complex, uh, where we’re doing windows at the moment and they’re looking into doing a couple of groups for next year. Um, we’ve been doing some little repairs for them them right now. So

that’s keeping her window guy busy. And with the wind cause there’s a lot of windows. Roofing Companies Louisville then with the repairs, um, they just had some leaks but they have to wait until next year to do the roofs. So we’re trying to help them, you know, where they are not leaking anymore. Hoping that we get that problem fixed until we can get the approval to go ahead and do the roofs for them. So even though it is cold outside, we do have

some work that we can keep our guys busy or they don’t have nothing to do. Roofing Companies Louisville, like I said, when it’s cold outside, it’s kind of hard to do the roofing and siding really. Um, roofing, you can do more if it’s okay, we’d like to have it like 40 or higher. Um, nothing really below that. Um, and with siding it has to be way warmer than that because like I said earlier, the um, aside and we’ll just split when you try to cut it. And so, uh, that, that’s just not going work. Um, gutters, you can hang gutters also when it’s cold. Um, so right now we’re basically keep it our roofing and our gutter crews going until it gets really cold and we can’t do it anymore. Um, but we’re trying to get as many of those jobs knocked out before the temperature drops. So if you have a job, you would like us to come take a look at. Um, you can go to our website to schedule an appointment at Allen H. Dot com or just give us a call at 502-FOUR-47567TY. Thanks.