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Episode 17, roofing companies global for alcohol permit. And, um, today I’m just going to continue talking about some of the jobs that we have done in here or earlier this year. Uh, we’ve had quite a few due to the recent hail storm that we’ve had, this particular job, um, I believe it was an insurance job, but the customer did not want to share the insurance paperwork with us, which is fine. Um, we’ve had customers do that before. We would like to look at the insurance paperwork just to make sure that the insurance company did cover everything for the customer because sometimes the insurance company, they do miss certain things and then what we do is a supplement to, um, get that money for that customer. But with this customer, um, he did not share his paperwork, which I said is fine. Um, this job was pour a roof and it was a little over 17 squares and he went with the old bridge, desert Tan and he actually originally had a three tab shingle on this house and he upgraded to the dirt aeration, the Oak Ridge duration.

So, um, most, mostly all the time when, uh, dealing with insurance company, if you have a three tab shingle on your house, they are covering for a three tab shingle. So if the customer does decide to do an upgrade, that is money coming out of the customer’s pocket on that. Another top we’ve done, um, earlier this year was um, a roof and this was a previous customer and we did the work on the house and garage for her. And this house had a three tab shingle and she upgraded to the Oak Ridge Lane that she will. And um, this house was 20, a little over 24 squares and she went with the old rich h cedar on this house.

Another job we did this year, an alcohol permit, Roofing Companies Louisville logo. Um, was this customer, she was a previous customer of ours and she needed to have some shutters replaced. So we did that for her. Um, there were eight Xing Ra shutters to be replaced and she went with the color block on her shutters. And actually while we were there, she did ask if we could wash her windows for her, um, which we did because she was a previous customer of ours. She is an older woman in, if we can help our customers out like that in any way, we can. Um, we do as much as as we can. So that is one other type of work we do here at Lmu permit. We do with the shutters. We usually don’t do windows but marsh went wash windows actually. Um, but for this customer we did.

So that’s another type of work that we do here in our home permit, Roofing Companies Louisville, a little nother type of roof that we had done here this year here at Allen Hall permit working, working companies mobile was um, a modified bitumen rubber roof. Um, this was actually a word for a car port and it was only seven squares and this customer went with slate gray on this. And like I said, it was for Carport, a nother done we had done this year and was actually for ruth and this customer did the true def durations shingle. And what would the state great.

Okay. The roof was, I’m a 43 squares was put free. It was a good size group on this house. The next job we’re going to talk about it, um, is an insurance job from the hill storm that we had. And this customer was a previous customer of ours and she went with the Oak Ridge aged cedar. Um, she had a little over a 26 squares on her house and we did have to replace a sheet of plywood. And when we do that, and like I have said before, we do contact the customer and let them know so they are not surprised by uh, that cost when they get their invoice. This customer also got new gutters and her gut, her color, she picked with sandstone and the good or the total footage for the gutters and downspouts was 189 feet.

Sometimes here at Allen home permit Roofing Companies Louisville global, we have where we have to do a gutter repair where, um, from the wind blowing or just the gutters had come loose. Um, so with this particular customer, what we had to do was refasten that gutter facia, um, cause it had come loose and it was starting. The guys are first starting to come down. So we went in refasten the gutter facia for her. Um, sometimes the gutters need additional, got her hangers installed, um, which we we will do as well. So, um, whenever the repair maybe, um, we here at Allen, whole premiere Roofing Companies Louisville global, we’ll look at it and see what the best repair is or their customer. The next customer work on top right here at Allen home permit, working, working companies will, will, um, there’s a customer is worth was um, 33 squares and he went with the true def. So you’re a gray. She will. Um, also with this one, it had a water pipe bittman rubber roof on it, um, that in white and it was just seven s uh, squares. With this particular roof, there was actually an extra layer on the flat work. Um, I thought it was a total of three x three layers.

So, uh, what we had to do, we had to contact the customer and let him know about the additional layers. Um, most time when we have an extra layer, it’s usually to not breathe. So that was unusual, this, the on that. But once again, when we do have additional layers on the house or there’s what replacement, Roofing Companies Louisville, we contact the customer to let them know about the additional charge is and what that additional charge will be. Um, this particular house, I actually hot had some wood replacement as well, so this customer got hit a couple of times with the extra expense due to the extra layer and the replacement of some wood. Um, sometimes this does happen. It’s not something we like to put on the customer, but it does happen in on the wood part. We can’t tell until we get the rift worn off.

And with the extra layer, sometimes you can’t see it. So, Roofing Companies Louisville, that is just something that we try to, you know, as best as possible here at Allen will permit roofing, roofing company slogan. Another job. We have nine and I’m actually pretty recently, recently was a for a church and what they needed was actually just some gutter guards on one of their side porches. We had done some previous work for this church with gutters and so they needed some gutter guards like I said on their sat porch. So we had to write an estimate for the Oam. It was just only 20 feet of gutter guard. So it wasn’t a big gutter guard job. But that was okay cause when we welcome any job. So if you have a job that you need us to come look at here at Allen Lew permit, roofing roofing company. So we are more than happy to, you can just give us a Thanks.