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Episode 23 for Roofing Companies Louisville for Alan home permit roofing today at here in Ellen home permit roofing roofing companies. Lowville uh, we’re just going to just go through some of the jobs that we have recently completed. The first job we are going to talk about was a gutter job that we had done and the gutters were on, were installed on this customer’s garage. Uh, we didn’t do the whole grudge. It was actually just on the back of the garage and then the front left of the garage. So he didn’t have to have all of his gutters replaced on the garage. And um, this customer went with the five inch gutters and he also got, um, gutter guards installed because, um, there was a tree around his garage that had fallen. So that’s why we had to, um, just repair just those sections of the gutters on his garage. Before we did his gutters though, we had also done part of his garage roof. Um, the rear part of the garage roof that was only a little over seven squares and he went with the three tab, Brown wood shingle.

Another job we’re going to talk about here in Allen, home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville, um, was a job. This was actually also on a grudge, um, or this customer wanted her a soffit, soffits, uh, replaced. So, um, we did that for her. We did a two way soffit on the garage and it was about 18 feet. Um, she also needed us to wrap a piece of facia that was on the front of the house for her and the colors or the color here. Um, her term was white. So that’s what we had gone with. Um, this particular customer a repair with and we had recently done here at Allen home premier roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Uh, this customer was in the process of selling their house and um, they had a couple of shingles missing. Um, so we went and installed, um, to shingles for them. Um, and they also had some loose shingles that we, um, sell down on the house as well. That way that they would be able to sell the house.

Another job that we had done here at Allen home permit work, been working companies. Lovo was a gutter guard job. Um, this customer had five inch gutter, so we installed the five inch, got her guard on this house. Um, it was only 68 feet, so it wasn’t a whole lot of gutter guards installed. And that’s the only thing that we did on this house. But if that’s what the customer wants, it’s just gutter guards, that is what we’ll do. Um, because not all customers do. Um, new gutters and gutter guards. Some we’ll just do gutters and some will just do where they just don’t need the gutters. I just want the gutter guards installed. So that is one thing we do here at Allen. Home Premiere Roofing Companies Louisville level one roofing job that we just completed here at Allen home permit roofing roofing company’s logo was a bit more than we had expected. Um, reason being we actually had to install a lot of plywood, so we had to, uh, it’s basically called laminating the deck, the roof deck. So we, that was an extra charge for this customer. Um, that was kind of unexpected.


Some of the roof that we had, um, done with this customer. Um, we actually had to demo a couple of ’em chimneys that they no longer wanted and we ended up removing the crown molding, um, on the gables that they had on this house, um, because there are actually turning this house into some office space scene. So they’re just trying to get everything ready and fixed for that. Another job that we have done here at Allen home permit Roofing Companies Louisville lovell is some work in a valley for this customer. This customer actually needed to have some weather lock in her belly. So we did that for her. And what we have to do is remove the shingles but the weather lock in the valleys. And then we replaced the shingles. Um, this was actually just done in one valley because she had a leak.

So we had, uh, and saw the weather off for her and we had also, uh, we ended up removing and replacing a, um, some pipe ashing that was also near this valley. Um, and just so we were on the safe side and make sure we had gotten every thing. So it’s not that she wasn’t leaking anymore. He met a job that we have done here at Alamo permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville was actually just a roof repair. Um, it was actually for a pipe vent. We had to seal the base flash Jean around the pipe band and we also um, sealed some nails to make sure the customer wasn’t leaking anymore. Um, this pipe was in her bathroom and she was having a leak out of it. So we went and diagnose the problem and we fixed it for her. Now I’m just going to talk about uh, some of the roofing jobs that we have, um, here on the schedule and Alan home permit roofing Roofing Companies Louisville. Uh, the first time I’m going to talk about is just for a garage roof. Um, this is a flat roof, so we will be installing the modified bitumen rubber roofing on this. Um, and we will also be installing drip edge as well. A nother flat roof that we have on the schedule here is actually for a church that is close to our office. Um, they are getting the APD on roof, on this flat roof.

I mean other reef we have here on the schedule and Alan home permit, Murphy out home from it and Roofing Companies Louisville. Mobile is um, for a roof that is 35 squares and this roof actually has two layers on it. Um, and it also has a flat roof that we would be putting a modified bitumen rubber roofing on. And that is actually three squares. This particular has um, the gutter guard gutter helmet on their gutters. So, uh, what we do if a customer has gutter helmet is we have the film contact gutter helmet so they can come out and remove the gutter guard so that we can do the roof. Uh, because if we take the, get her helmet off, it loses its warranty. So we do not touch that. Uh, we have the gutter helmet come out and do that themselves. So if you need an estimate, uh, just give us a call at (502) 447-5672 or you can visit our website at Allen h at [inaudible] dot com.