Roofing Companies Louisville | Which Permit Do You Need?

Episode 10 Roofing Companies Louisville for Alan home permit and roofing. Today I want to talk about our brief that we did here recently. Um, where the roof was damaged by a tree limb from some, some ice and snow that we had. The tree limb had gone through this customer’s roof. So when the insurance company had come out and taking and taking a look at it, it, um, had only damaged the rear part of the roof. So, um, that’s what they had paid for to have a replaced instead of doing the whole roof. Um, we ended up doing the section of the roof that was damaged by the loom.

This customer, um, was a previous customer of ours here in Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville a little, so we were happy to hear back from her. Um, this customer and actually also referred us, um, another roofing job that we had done this year. So we’re happy to help her in any way we can. Um, like I said, the insurance company had just paid to do just that little, uh, replacement of the roof where the lamb had actually gone through it. One job that we had finished this week at Allen home from it, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville, um, this customer was actually getting her roof done and um, gutters. This was an insurance job. This customer ended up actually upgrading her shingle to the oak ridge drift wood instead of doing the three tab shingle. So whenever we have an insurance job, I’m, the customer does still have the choice.

If they want to do an upgrade, the upgrade just comes out of the customer’s pocket because the insurance only pays for the shingle that is already on the hat, the type of shingle it’s already on the house. Um, so if you have a three tab and you go back with a three tab, you don’t have to go back with the same color. It just has to be a three tab shingle for the insurance to cover it. And like I said, this customer, um, went with the upgrade to the Oak Ridge driftwood and she also had gutters installed. Um, and her gutters were no white that we installed. Um, some people they do a colored, um, got her. Um, we have black brown cream, white is the more popular but sometimes you get the ones that do want to have a little color on their gutter. So, uh, they picked a color shingle. Another job that we and actually done, um, actually this past week, uh, was in, it was cleaning out some gutters to um, a couple of the buildings that they are a previous customer of ours.

Ah, they have a lot of trees around this property and the buildings are pretty tall. And so they had called us to see if we would give them an estimate for cleaning out just the guiders. And typically we don’t clean out the gutters unless we are doing the roof or we’re doing gutters and gutter guards. We just don’t usually do an estimate for just cleaning out gutters. Um, but this one is a previous customer where we do a lot of work for them. So it wasn’t actually a big deal for us to say, yes, we will give you an estimate for it. But usually, like I said, we here at Allen home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville livable. We don’t just go to clean out the gutters. Now I know you’ve heard me talk about, um, how we here at Allen home permit ravine Roofing Companies Louisville install new roofs.

Um, we actually also can do layovers. Um, it really depends on the layers you had on the house sometimes and we can’t do it, um, if there’s already two layers. Um, but in the state of Kentucky you can’t have two layers. So, um, one customer actually did not, it was an insurance job but she didn’t have enough to cover the roof. So she did, um, a layover, which was fine because we did a layover for her and um, she was also having some trouble with her gutters. So we installed um, uh, some gutter hangers for her to keep her gutters up cause they were kind of falling down. So we can fix that for her as well. Uh, we do see that a number of towns, Roofing Companies Louisville, where if our roofing crew is out and the customer also needs Gutter hangers and they, they got an estimate for it that are a roofers will do the gutter hangers instead of us having to call out are better crew to do the get our hanger. So it is nice that way the customer isn’t waiting. Um, if there is a line of jobs for the gutter crew, that way when the roofing crews there they can go and get it done and the customer is taken care of.

Another job I want to talk about that we had recently done, um, and this can come up. Uh, we had written this customer an estimate as a one layer tear off, but when our roofing crew was there and started tearing off the roof, there was actually an additional layer found. So what we do at this point is we have our roofing crew take pictures. If it’s an insurance job, that way we can send the pictures to the insurance company because sometimes, Roofing Companies Louisville, they have the shingles cut back where you can’t tell that there’s two layers, which this has happened a number of times. Um, so we sin the information, the pictures to the insurance company, do a supplement where the additional layer, and as long as we have pictures, most of the time the insurance company will cover it. So, um, another thing we have to do when we see that there is an additional layer, we called the customer to let them know because there is an additional cost for that.

So, um, that just, we want to give them a heads up like here’s what we were estimated, but it has to be this amount added because of the extra layer that we found. And this job that we did with where we had found the second layer here out home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville little wool. It was actually a really big job. It was a 60 square job. So with finding the extra layer, we have to basically double that. Um, so our crew actually once, um, they let us know that there is an extra layer. As I said before, you know, we have them take pictures. That way we can get the proper information to the insurance company here at Allen, home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Most of our roofing jobs are usually one day jobs, but with this job being 60 squares plus the extra work for the tear off.

This job actually took a couple days, um, for our crew to get the roof on. Roofing Companies Louisville what we do then is we tear off one side of the roof and worked that part. We don’t, um, take shingles off the entire house and then not get finished. We do a section at a time. That way if there is a problem with us, um, and in one day at least part of the roof will be finished in the roof isn’t open. Um, so if you want to give us a call here at Allen home improvement in ravine or visit our website, you can, our website is Alan h And our phone number is 502-FOUR-47567TEEN.