Roofing Companies Louisville | Leaking Roof Repair

Episode 11, Roofing Companies Louisville for Alan home permit and morphine. Did they, I want to talk about just some of the other jobs we do. Um, besides full installing for roofs, doing siding, jobs, windows, gutters. Um, we also do, um, repairs here at Allen home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville and so today I just want to talk about some of those, uh, repairs that we do. Um, sometimes we have a repair where the customer has a skylight and it’s leaking and we either have to replace the skylight, um, or yeah, we can just seal around the skylight and then, um, we’ll let the customer know if we seal it. We let the customer know that we had sealed it just to keep an eye out to make sure that we had gotten, um, the area where it was leaking. Um, and if they see the problem, it’s still occurring, then call us back and we’ll come back out and look at a different area.

Um, sometimes we also have where an animal will chew through a customer’s Ruth Call Tina hole in the roof where they had gotten to that house where like the attic space. So what we do is we’ll just go do the repair. This usually just is a small service running repair a fee. Um, our service friend, small service running repair fees range anywhere from 95 to $300, depending on what we have to do at that particular job and repair. Most of the time what we will do is have our, um, if it’s for a roof, our roofing crew later we’ll go over, take a look at the roof, see what he needs to do, um, contact the office, let us know, and then we will contact the customer and let them know and let them know what the price will be before we do any repairs. So that way the customer knows and they’re not blind sided with an invoice. Um, so once we get the okay from them to do the repair, then the office will call the working crew leader and let him know that it’s okay to go ahead and do the roof or the roof repair.

And you another type of repair that we see here in Allen home permit ravine or Roofing Companies Louisville um, is with chimneys. Um, this could be because of flashy gene. Um, I know we’ve seen a couple places where we had to seal um, some areas of mortar on the chimneys and when we do that, we actually advise the customer to get a masonary um, company to come out to take a look at it and see if they have to tuck point the chimney. Because if we see that there is some soft spots, um, we do want to let the customer know that because um, when it comes to um, chimney work, that is something we do not do. We will flash the chimney. If, um, you have a leak around the chimney, we will still around the chimney. But masonry work is something that we do not do here at Allen on permit roofing. Roofing Companies Louisville. So we do advise the customer to have a masonry company come in and take a look at that for them to get that taken care of. So, uh, where they were leaking can be taken care of with just what we do with the ceiling. But we want to make sure it is completely taken care of.

Um, another kind of repair that we see around here, um, when a customer comes calls in and sometimes they see that they have a spot on our ceilings. So we will go up on the roof, take a look. Sometimes it is just because of a nail pop. And what we do with that is we lift the tab of the shingles. Um, we still that around the now and then we seal the shingle back, um, that will take care of that. This is usually due to heat. It’s not something that we can control. It just happens. Um, so we will, like I said, let’s shingles seal and then resell the shingle. So, uh, that the customer is not leaking any longer. One repair that we have done for um, a chimney repair here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville war is where there was, um, some cracks in a masonary cap.

And what we do with that is we use some sealant on it. Um, we also used, um, a product called Gaco coding and it’s a rubberized coating that we used. A deck is usually used for flat roofs. Um, it can be also applied to a metal roof, but, um, we’ve learned that it can also help in selling, um, cracks if you haven’t, like I said, in this case a masonary cab. Um, we’ve also been able to use it in gutters. If you have a leak in your gutter and it’s, there’s like a, there’s a crack in the gutter will apply that. And like I said, it’s a rubberized coating so it works very well. And stopping the lake, you’re an Allen Ho permit roofing roofing company’s logo. And since I brought up the subject about using the rubberized coating for gutters as well, uh, we did have a customer contact us saying it, um, his gutters were leaking.

So what we do is if we don’t use that rubberized coating, we will use GSL, um, sealant to seal it as well. Uh, this customer was a previous customer and we had done as roof. Um, I believe now we have done a two roofs for helium wheat then gutters for him. And there just seemed to be a problem with one of the corners on his gutters. So what we did here at Allen home permit ravine Roofing Companies Louisville is we found out what coner it was. We went, we sealed. Um, and we hadn’t had any rain since I’m doing the repairs, so I haven’t heard back from him. But what we tell the customer is to, as an any repair, just keeping on it to make sure that we got it. Because sometimes it is kind of guesswork if we can’t really see anything on the roof or in the gutter if we can’t see it, you know, we, it’s kind of guesswork. And then we had them keep an eye out on it. Now if the customer is home, it is a lot better because we can go in the house. Like, if there’s a birth lake, we can go on a house, take a look, see where the were or were there like is kind of pinpoint it more that way. But if not, it is kind of a guessing game if we can’t see anything from the [inaudible] on top of the roof.

So if you have a repair that you are needing us to come take a look at. Um, here at Allen, home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville just give us a and we’ll be happy to come out, take a look at it for you and see what we can do for you. Thanks.