Episode one 70 for Alan home Roofing Companies Louisville local today here at Allendale premier roofing, roofing companies local. Uh, we are just going to continue discussing, um, some of the jobs that we’ve done over the past few years here at Alamo permit roofing, roofing companies global. Um, the first what we are going to start off with was a roofing job. Um, this was a one layer tear off a. We did install a drip edge around the perimeter. Um, there was a flat work on this as well. So we did install the uh, modified bitumen rubber roofing. Um, there were uh, valleys on this house till we did install the ice and water shield in the valleys under the shingles. We also wrapped windows on this house and removed and replaced the shutters on this house. Um, this customer also had some window screens that needed to be repaired so we did take them and get them out repaired for this customer here at Allen Home Premier roofing working companies global. The next job we are going to talk about here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies global, uh, was a roof replacement as well. Um, this was a two layer, uh, removal. Uh, we did install a drip edge around the perimeter. We also installed a ridge vent, um, for this customer. We installed one three inch pipe flashing and one four inch pipe flashing. Um, this customer went with the three tab, onyx black shingle.

Uh, we also, this was ash, actually a insurance, uh, jobs. So we did have to do a supplement, um, because there were actually three extra layers on the garage that we found for a total of six squares. And there was an additional layer on the house that we found, um, for a total of a little over 10 squares. Uh, we also, uh, removed and replaced at 90 feet of one bat, eight, uh, wood decking on this house for this customer here at Allen Home, permanent roofing, roofing companies, Louisville. And actually we did some other work for this customer. Uh, we removed, um, some existing lap siding and gutters on the left side of the house. For this customer. Uh, we did install new vinyl siding and then we installed new five inch gutters and downspouts for this Roofing Companies Louisville customer. Uh, we did, we found when we were removing the gutter that there was some bad a gutter board.

So we did remove and replace 30 feet of Gutter Board and we also had to paint the gutter board to match the existing gutter board that the customer already had on their house here at Allen Hall. Premiate roofing, roofing companies level. The next step we are going to talk about here at Allen on permanent roofing, roofing companies. Global is a nother roof repair or roof replacement. I’m sorry. Um, this was a one layer tear off. Uh, we did install five roof fence on this house and we installed one four inch pipe flashing on his house. Uh, we also installed a drip edge around the perimeter. Um, we installed the true def duration, uh, estate gray shingle on this house. Um, this house also had a flat roof, uh, where we installed the base sheet and then we installed the modified bitumen rubber roofing on the flat. Uh, we also removed some existing siding.

Um, we did install new house wrap and new vinyl siding for this customer. We also removed and replaced the gutters and gutter guards, uh, for this customer here at Allen Home Premiere roofing, roofing companies, local. The next customer we are going to talk about the work that we had done for them and we’ve actually done quite a bit of things for them. So, uh, these next few jobs are actually going to be for this same customer. Um, the first job we are going to talk about is a roof replacement. Uh, we did remove one and two layers of roofing on this house. Uh, we did install drip edge around the perimeter of the house and we installed a two a three inch by five sheets in one, two inch by flashing a. This has does have a valley. So we did install the ice and water shield in the valleys.

I’m under the shingles. Uh, we did install flash sheet around the chimney on this house. We also a sealed four skylights. Uh, we did it stop, uh, whether walk around the perimeter and some with a GSL. I’m on the top of the edge, um, just because the existing skylights, uh, did not have curbs, curbs. Um, so there was no way to actually flash, uh, the original skylights properly. Um, this house had a total of a little over 33 squares and the garage had a total of 38 squares. Uh, we did also install a modified bitumen rubber roofing on a flat roof on this house and the customer, uh, had picked the true def duration, uh, drift wood shingle to go on both house and a garage. Um, we did have some, uh, wood replacement on this house. So we did replace four sheets of plywood on this house for this customer here at Allen Ho permit roofing, roofing companies local.

The next time we had done for this customer was actually um, install, uh, are uh, guttered card system. We installed 152 feet of our five inch gutter guards on the house and then we installed 131 feet of our gutter guard system, um, on the hat. On the garage and the garage actually had six inch gutters on them, where as the house had the five inch gutters on the hat on. Yet the next time that we had done for this customer, I was actually for a different property. Um, this was actually a refer garage. We did remove two layers of for things, um, on the garage. Um, and it was a total of 38 squares of roofing on, uh, this garage, uh, for this customer. And on this grudge they had originally thought there was only one layer of shingles, but after, uh, tearing off, they realized that the, uh, the bottom layer was actually, um, cut back and the drip edge was installed on the top.

Uh, we did take pictures just so we could let the customer know. Um, and this was an insurance job in that way we could let the insurance company C as well. Uh, so once all was tore off, we did M and s stall, the true def duration singles back and the color was driftwood. Uh, the next job that we had done for this customer was actually for a building that they own. Uh, we did, we removed the roofing cab and then we installed the, uh, true def duration, a Driftwood, she goal, uh, back in place for this customer.

The next time we did, um, for this customer was actually um, for her residence. Uh, we removed um, oh gutter covers for a total of 160 feet. Uh, we did a clean out the gutters and then installed a new gutter covers, uh, for this customer. We also, um, had a roof repair for this customer. Um, you’re bent on in her master bathroom. We did remove the shingles and then replaced as needed. We also did seal all the pipe flashing boots and exposed nails on the Roofing Companies Louisville. Uh, Vince and rich capping. And we also nailed down some gable flash sheen and a seal at the top edges. So this customer who’s no longer having a leaking issue. So if you are in the need of a, whether it be a roof gutters, gutter guards, windows siding, trim works off it work. Give us a call over here at Allen home, premiate roofing working companies, Lowville at 502-FOUR-FOUR-7567 tube. Or you can visit us on our website at Allen h at [inaudible] dot com we look forward to serving you.