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Episode Three Roofing Companies Logo for Alan home pregnant and Murphy today here in Allen home permit and morphine Roofing Companies Louisville to therefore we are actually not roofing today because it is writing here in local. So, um, what we actually have done this morning was when I take a look at ’em, a couple roof leaks of some previous customers of ours. Um, the roofs have been on actually for a few years. So usually when this happens it’s caused by a nail pop, um, which really just needs to be still down in, uh, we’re not there that long and it’s a quick and easy fix. And then that way the customer isn’t leaking. And actually it’s something else I want to talk about. Uh, we had a customer call in today and we actually just done their word and, um, it was an insurance job and she had called to tell me, you know, that, um, she had gotten all of her money and that we had made this process dealing with the insurance company.

So simple for her and that she loves her new roof and it just, the process just couldn’t have been easier for her. And actually that is actually what we, we try to do here at Allen home permit, morphing working companies global. We try to make working with the insurance company as easy as possible for the customer, um, because actually the intro work can actually get confusing. Um, and a lot of times the insurance company, they will miss some stuff. And then when we come back and take a look and say what the customer know, hey, they missed this, we can do a supplement for the insurance company to let them know what they have missed. And that way that’s not actually coming out and the customer’s pocket that it’s something that the insurance is actually supposed to pay for. So with, um, working with the insurance company, like I said, we were here at Allen hold permit working rukmini working companies global.

We try to make it as easy as possible for the customer since it is morning any day today here in Roofing Companies Louisville. Horrible. Um, I’m not a lot gets done or um, can because we can’t obviously work outside. Um, we do not do that with our, um, our careers. We do not have them work in the rain and our sales guys, they do not get on roofs as well. So he kind of comes to as to run an estimate’s around here. It’s kind of a stand still really what usually gets done on rainy days is paperwork, the paperwork side of the company so that it looks like it’s going to be a paperwork day. Um, today actually and tomorrow cause it is supposed to rain tomorrow. We do have um, a roof scheduled for Friday. So we have already ordered the materials for that.

That way they could be set Friday morning for our customer. And, um, what we do when we are ordering materials. Roofing Companies Louisville, well usually we order the materials the day before the job. Um, and then the materials get said the day that we do the job, that way they aren’t in the customer’s way and then the customer would get a call from the office to let them know, you know, that guys will be there the next morning and the materials will be there. Um, usually our crews get there before materials do and I’m pretending to roofing, they will start tearing the old off, getting it ready for when the new shingles do come. That way they can just get started on that. Um, because most working jobs, um, is a one day process, which is really good because that means we’re not there for an extended period of time and in your way. So that is the fast part of it. Um, and most of the time, um, when I do call the customers to let them know when we’ll be there, most of the time they ask what time the food’s usually get there. And usually, um, now since the fall, that’s usually between eight and nine in the morning, just because they get an early start, like I said. So cause it usually is a one day job depending on how big the roof is. But they like to get started early and the earlier for them, the better.

I know. Think about today being a rainy day here in Louisville. Oh, Roofing Companies Louisville role is that, um, actually we had a couple customers send us their insurance paperwork, which is great because that gives us the time, the town, um, since it’s raining to book, look it over, um, without having to worry about getting it, to get into it later in the day. Because you know, our, our estimators have other appointments that they need to get to. So with that, they have the time where they can look at the paperwork earlier, get back with the customers who, what’s going on, see if we need to send the insurance company a supplement for some items that they may have missed. Roofing Companies Louisville, so like I said, like when it rains for us, it is a downtime for our crews, which we don’t like. We get, you know, obviously cruise wouldn’t want to work. Um, but for the office part of it, it gives us a chance to catch up on all the paperwork and see what we have in here that needs to be scheduled out. It gives us the time to do all that.

And actually one more thing about today, um, it’s actually halloween, so happy Halloween. Everybody, Roofing Companies Louisville, I know around here since it was raining today, they actually did trick or treating yesterday, so I was super excited that way it’ll have to be out in the rain with my kids. So, but um, with that, I hope everybody has a safe and fun Halloween out there with the weather turning colder around here in Lowville working companies mobile. Um, you may think that it’s hard to roof and which it is when it’s really cold. Um, but what we do, it is at least 40 degrees or up, we can work with satting. That is a whole another can of worms because you need it a little warmer for that because if it’s really cold, um, deciding will actually when you go to cut it, it will split off and then, you know, then you’re just breaking siding, wasted money.

So, uh, we do actually brief more in the winter than we do siding obviously because, um, roofing you can, like I said, you do in the winter as long as it’s like 40 degrees, a poor above, um, siding, not so much. So here at Allen home premiere roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville will we do, um, did stay busy in the winter. We’re not as busy as in the summer obviously. Um, but we do keep our crews working, which is a good thing. And also in the winter business does tend to slow down, but it comes with the occupation we’re in. So, um, we do try to stay as busy as possible if we can. Um, obviously can’t make people call and a lot of people don’t think about during our outside work in the winter, obviously they think about it, um, spraying in summer, which is fine. So, um, we are still open in the winter and we, if the weather is good, we will work in the winter. Um, so if you have any questions or would like to give us a call, um, you can visit us. Excuse me, at Allen home improvement or call us at pebble two four four seven five six 70. Thanks.