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Episode 22 Roofing Companies Louisville, a local for Alan home permit in roofing today here at Allen home. Permanent roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Um, I’m just going to talk about a few of the jobs that we have, um, finished here recently. Um, first job we’re going to talk about is actually a job where it was just for some window wraps. Um, there was a total of 11 windows. The, the trim was white, so we were up the windows wide. Um, and we did have to replace three window sills. So here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville the weather was not to code where we could actually, um, cut the metal for this, uh, window where app so we could get this customer, um, taking care of, cause I know when it’s just a, uh, not a very big job, but it’s something like this. Um, I know customers would like to get this stuff finished and taken care of. Um, but sometimes when, when the weather is a factor, it can put their jobs on hold.

A nother job that we had done was um, on a garage roof, but the only part of the roof that we did on this garage was the rear side of the garage roof. Um, so it wasn’t a very big job. Uh, and we did also, um, we reflect this customer’s chimney on his home, uh, because he was having some problems with the chimney. So we did take care of that as well. While we were there for the garage roof. A nother job we had previously done here at Allen home permit Roofing Companies Louisville global was just a roof repair. Um, this customer is actually in the process of selling a house and just had some, um, shingles that needed to be replaced. Um, and they also had to have some shingles, um, that had to be sealed because they were just kind of loose. So, uh, we did go take care of that for that customer. Another job we did was for a roof on a house and garage. Um, this customer went with the Oak Ridge, twilight black. Um, we are seeing more customers go with the twilight black shingle. It is a very nice shingle. Uh, this customer, it was actually, I’m also an insurance job, so he did have storm damage.


Um, to his roof. Another job we did, this customer actually had two houses for us in. They were actually, um, across the street from each other. So that was really convenient for us. Um, we did not get them both done the same day. We did one, one day and the other the next, uh, but this customer went with the onyx black, um, another pop eular shingle and it was the Oak Ridge as well here at Allen home permit roofing working companies Lowville and these jobs for this customer, they were actually, they were both insurance jobs. Um, I believe one is a rental house for her. Um, and port the other house she went with the Oak Ridge brownwoods so she did not do them. Um, the same color.

One job we recently did here at Allen home permit roofing, global, um, was Roofing Companies Louisville roof. This customer did an upgrade to an oak ridge since shingle. And uh, she did the onyx black. Uh, she also had us install gutters and gutter guards on her house. Uh, this was not an insurance job. She was actually paying for this out of pocket. Um, cause I know recently I’ve been talking about insurance jobs that we’ve had and not every job that comes into Alan home permit, Roofing Companies Louisville a little war is an insurance job. Um, some people do end up paying out of pocket and this was one of those customers when we schedule a job here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville global. Um, it is a roofing job we call the day before. If it’s a big job, if it’s something that we can squeeze in before it’s supposed to rain or something where it’s small enough where we can squeeze it in, um, we will try to do that, but we will call the customer to make sure that that is okay with them. Um, it’s fun when you do the surprise calls. Like, wait, if I call person one day, we can actually get to them that day. Um, the surprise in their voice, like there are the shock in their voice that we can actually get to their roof. Um, it’s a lot of fun here at Allen, whole permit roofing working company’s logo

and it also goes with when we go to install gutters, uh, or n actually in a siding, it’s just the surprise in their voice that cause they thought it would be longer or something. So it’s a lot of fun here when I’d get to surprise the customers with a phone call, letting them know that they are next in line on the schedule and making sure it’s okay that we come out. A lot of times the customer wants to know if they need to be home and they, they do not. Um, because sometimes you know, because the customer is worried about having to take off work and we don’t need the customer there. I know some customers do like to be at home when we’re doing the work, which is totally understandable, but it’s not a half to for the customer to be at the house. I called a customer, um, actually the other day cause we did have some good weather and it wasn’t to code. Um, I had called her to find out if it was okay if we did her roof and if it was then our roofing crew leader and our guys would go pick up the materials and um, be headed to her house. Um, she was so shocked and she kept saying, really you all can come today. Really is the, I like getting those phone calls with the customer

here at Allen home permit work being Roofing Companies Louisville global. So if you are needing any work done to your house, um, whether it be a roof, gutter siding, windows, gutter guards, uh, just give us a call here at Allen home premium roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville at Babbo two four, four, seven five, six, seven two or you can visit our Thanks.