Roofing Companies Louisville | The odds and Ends

Episode 13, birthing companies, Global Alan home permit and Murphy. Today I want to just talk about some of the things that we do towards the end of the year here at Allen home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville a little wall, um, to prepare for um, tom around the holidays and the new year coming. Um, some of the things we do, we actually go back and look at our advertising that we do with b local phone books. Um, some of the mailers that we have a that we are in just to see how much work we have gotten in from that advertising. And that lets us know if we want to, uh, pursue with that advertising. If we want to be in the same spot we are with that advertising or we want to back out a little bit of that advertising if it’s not working for us as well as some of the other advertising.

Um, so we kind of take a look at that. I’m here in December at Alamo permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. A little, we’ll just, so we get an ideal about where we are and uh, what we need to do. What we also do is get the office prepared for the New Year. That means I’m cleaning out file cabinets of some of the older files, so, so we can put in storage, um, to make room for the new and upcoming year. Um, we um, do keep, um, let’s see about five years work of work that we’ve done in the office just in case. Um, there has been times where we had to go in storage and get a file that we need it, um, for a previous customer, but we try to keep about four to five years in the office just to kind of help us out. So, um, in December what we do is I guess the files packed up and get ready for them to go to storage as I said, so we can make room for the new files and um, we get everything labeled and files that need to be made.

We get those made and just to get everything ready for the new year coming up in the work season here at Allen home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Um, another thing we do here and Allen home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville is, um, when we track our jobs, we actually have them listed on a board. That way our estimators can see where a certain job is on the schedule a. So what we do is get the new schedules made, which is basically just um, a paper that we put what the job is. Um, so if it’s for roofing, we have a list for roofing, if it’s siding and gutters. Um, we have a miscellaneous one which is more for repairs. Uh, so what we do is we’ll go through the jobs that we have left on at the end of the year of 2018 and put them on 2019. So, um, our estimators, they know what we have left to do up their jobs that they sold in 18 going into 2019.

There’s something else we do, um, really not just in December, uh, but all year round is, um, I try to make sure that mass sales team has everything that they need. Um, usually at the end of the year it is better because we are not as busy with it being cold. So I can get all of their file spit together, I can get folders put together for them. I can get samples out for them, make sure that there’s enough and contracts. I can make sure they are stocked up on those. So what I do here at Alamo permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville is try to make sure that my estimators have everything to their disposal. Um, and that way they know exactly where everything is, where I keep everything, uh, that way if there is a chance that I’m not here or I’m out of the office and they come in, they already know where everything is, they and they don’t have to wait on me, um, to be back in the office to let them know.

So I like to make sure we have enough samples here. Alan home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Um, I do order samples throughout the year, but with it being so, um, not what, since we’re not so busy at the moment, it’s kind of easier for me to do more inventory to see what we have, what we need, what we don’t need. And that way I can go ahead and get orders placed where we can stock up. That way when the warmer, the warmer weather does come, uh, we are ready to go and we are not waiting on us materials, supplies to come in for my guys to sell a roof or windows or siding or gutters that that way I have everything I need. Um, and I’m also, I’ll also be placing an order for gutter guards.

We do keep gutter guards here at our shop so I will be ordering from them to make sure we have enough in stock for the jobs that we have coming up and jobs that we may be getting in the future. Just because I know, like I said with it be in code, we can still do gutters and gutter guards, but sometimes in the winter it’s too cold to do this stuff. So this gives us the time to, um, just get inventory in that we need and the materials we need so that when we can go out there, we have everything we are and we’re not waiting on for deliveries. A nother end of the year. Um, thing we do a here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville or should I say that I do is that on the computer I make my new files for the new year. Um, I have files for estimate estimates that I sent to customers.

I emailed a customers. I usually have those in the year saved in the year. That way I know where exactly they are. Um, for my gutter crew, I usually email him his jobs. So I will have a file made on my computer for heal. So he knows what jobs he has coming up. So that’s just a little bit of an, I look at what we do towards the end of the year here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. So we’ll just, so we know what we have to do, what we need to get done in order for us to be prepared for when spring comes, we have warmer weather and we can get out and do Casper’s jobs. So if you have a roof, you need us to look at satting windows, gutters, gutter guards. Just give us a call at area code two four four seven five six, seven two or you can visit our website at Allen h at [inaudible] dot com thanks.