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Episode 12 roofing companies global for Alan home permit Murphy today. And we’ll talk about just some of the jobs that we’ve done here, uh, throughout the year and Alan home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Uh, the first job we’re going to talk about this customer, we had to only replace part of a roof on the back of our house and it was actually from her ridge to the drip edge. Um, so what we do, uh, when we have just a certain area area that we have to replace here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville is, um, my sales team. They will draw a picture of the house for our rivers and then indicate where the replacement has to be. Um, if it’s not a complete roof. In this case, this customer had a 30 year shingle and went with the Oak Ridge Estate Gray.

It was a total of only two squares. So like I said, it was a very small area, um, that we just had to repair for this customer. Um, another job we’ve done this year is actually over in Indiana. Um, we don’t just service the Roofing Companies Louisville area. We do s service, um, southern Indiana as well. And this customer, um, their roof had two layers on it. Um, they did already have the, a dimensional shingle. So, uh, they went with the Oak Ridge driftwood and as I said, this customer was in Indiana and we do service Indiana as well as Kentucky.

Um, another job that we have done, um, this year, Roofing Companies Louisville, this customer was a previous customer of ours in it. Um, she did have an insurance job. She ended up getting her roof and gutters done on both her house and her garage, um, for her roof. She went with the Oak Ridge, onyx black and she did, um, her gutters she did in white, which like I said, um, was for both her house and garage. And she was a previous customer of Alan home per roofing working companies global. And since I brought up the subject about, um, insurance work, um, the next job I want to talk about this customer, uh, it was an insurance job, but the insurance only paid for, um, his garage roof in his shed. Sometimes we see this where damage is not done to the roof of the house, but maybe to the detached garage or a shed or something like that.

So, um, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this. So with this customer did, um, he went with the, um, uh, state gray and he did have a dimensional shingle, so he went with the Oak Ridge Estate Gray. Um, total squares on this job was 18. There was a 15 squares on the garage roof, and then there were a little less than three squares on the, uh, shed. Uh, usually on jobs we do try to, um, order a little extra when we do the shingles, um, because we don’t want to be short and that way the say if we are riffing on the weekend, our roofing supplier isn’t open open on the weekends in the winter. So that makes sure that we have enough materials so we don’t have to try to find at our local hardware stores that carry shingles. So that helps us out when we do order a lot. Um, sometimes the customers thing, they think that they pay for those shingles, they’d done do not. And we tell them we just order extra just to be on the safe side. But when they don’t get used, we do return. So that way that gives the customer peace of mind knowing that they’re not getting charged for the shingles that we did not use at Allen Holmes roommate roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville global.

This next job I want to talk about here, Alan, home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville, um, is a job where this customer had gotten a couple other estimates in. We were just a little higher then one of them and she wanted to go with us. But like I said, we were just a little higher. Uh, so what we do is, um, our estimators will, uh, bring the estimate to the owners’ attention, have him look it over, um, see if there’s any wiggle room for us where we can giver, um, maybe a lower price, um, and to skitter down just a little to where we would be able to get the job. Um, there’s times where people have said if we had, if we can get it down just a little bit cause we were just a tad higher and if there’s wiggle room we can, if we can’t, we can’t.

Um, because this is a very competitive business out here for roofing. So we tried to help out the customer that see if we can work with the customer. Um, we do offer coupons to help with the customer because we do know, um, roofs are very expensive and we try to help them out as best as we can. Now with the coupons that we offer here at Allen home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville, um, when they see the coupons for the roofing they use, most customers will say it’s our top amount. Um, then we have to go back and say he yes it is or no, it’s not depending on how many squares is on the customer’s worth. So we do try to, um, help the customer out. Um, especially if they like us more than another company. We just try to see what we can do to make them happy.

Here at Allen Ho permit roofing Roofing Companies Louisville I know it seems like all I’m talking about are working jobs that we do, um, put right now since it is very cold, that’s really all that we can do at the moment. Um, if it is 40 degrees or higher, our roofing crews will brief. Um, as for siding, that does not go on very well and 40 degree weather. Um, because when we’re cutting the vinyl it can split. Um, now we can also do you are gutter when it’s cold out. So our gut of course are going as well. Um, but as for siding and wrapping, any aluminum or any, I’m sorry, any vinyl. We try to stay away from when it’s cold because of the trouble that we have. So if you have a roof you want us to come look at or some gutters you want us to come look at and we’ll still look at siding as, just give us a Thanks.