Roofing Companies Louisville | Getting The Paperwork Together

Episode for Roofing Companies Louisville for Alan home per man roofing. Today I’m going to talk about a roof that we’d just done, um, that actually it’s an insurance job and once we at the shingles are torn off, there was a metal roof under the shingles. So what we had to do is we had our roofing curl leader take pictures of the metal roof. That way we could send to the insurance company, uh, with a supplement for the metal roof. And they did ended up paying for the removal of the metal roof on this job. Um, and now we are, we had done the roof. Now we are actually doing some other work for this customer. So we had them on the schedule for that. Right now here at Allen Ho permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville we’re kind of at a stand still because it is wet and cold. So when it’s like that, we get a chance to do the paper, all the paperwork in the office because we’re not, we’re, we don’t get on roofs. Um, and actually we can’t do Saturday either because the siding can split when it’s really, really cold. So hopefully we can get some warmer weather so we can get back out there and get back to work.

Another job that we had done recently here at Elon permit morphine, morphine companies Lowville um, the insurance company actually only covered the roof of the garage, uh, which we do see sometimes they did cover some vents on the house and the gutters on the house, but not the house worth just the garage were of which that happens sometimes. Um, not a lot but it’s just what happens sometimes. Another job that we had done this customer, and we actually see this a lot, this customer, we did their roof and then they wanted an estimate for us to wrap their windows. So we will be doing that soon. So we have them on the schedule and sometimes that happens where a customer at first only wants us to do one thing and then once we finished that they want an estimate for something else, which is perfectly fine and we will come out and give them an estimate for that.

One thing we are doing here today at don’t permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville on this nasty day is um, my estimators are actually out handing out estimates that they have Morin. Um, doing samples, don’t follow up visits with customers. Uh, check in on jobs that have been done. Make sure the customer’s happy if they have any questions or concerns. Um, and that’s another thing, a good thing about, um, uh, a nasty day like this that we can just kind of go do our rounds where we’re not feeling like we’re being pulled in five different directions. If we have one of their jobs going on where they have to run to their job, they have to at an appointment at a certain time. So this kind of gives them their, get their ketchup town. So it was sort of speak now tomorrow here at Allen home permit Murphy and Roofing Companies Louisville, we have a roof scheduled. It’s not gonna rain, which is good and the temperature is actually only going to be like 42 degrees. So it’s not the best roofing weather, but it’s a dry day and we can do roof roofing. So we will be there to do roofing.

We actually weren’t sure if we were going to be a roof tomorrow, but our roofing crew leader said he wanted a roof. So we ordered out a roof. We checked with the customer, make sure they were okay with it. Um, they said they were fine with it. So we’re roofing tomorrow here at Allen home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville One thing we are offering here at Allen home permit roofing companies or more, um, is we are doing energy audits. Um, and no, we’ve had two maybe three appointments set where we come in and we let you know, uh, what you can do to help save on your electric bill. Um, whether it is sealing around window shows, putting insulation in the attic, um, just things like that, just to let you know where air is coming into your house in how, um, you can get three pairs to fix it, where it is more cost efficient for you on your energy bill.

And by doing an energy audit, um, we can actually help you save up to 30% on your utilities each month by just, uh, doing the repairs that we suggest for you here at Allen, home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville with a day like today, um, with the guys not roofing or anything. Um, that actually gives us time in the office to get paperwork done and it actually gives us a chance, um, since we hand out folders to each of our customers, that gives us a chance to make sure we have them all put together and if we need more to put more together and that way that’s just not interrupting us from taking care of customers. If we are on a job, if a customer calls that way I could just kind of get all that stuff together for my sales guys for when they are out in the field and they can have these folders with the information for the customer with them.

And that way they don’t have to come in and have to try to get all the information put together themselves. It’s already ready to go. So all they have to do is just come in the office, grabbed the folders and they have everything they need. Another thing we do on a day like today when it’s rainy and cold, Roofing Companies Louisville, is that I make sure that all the samples are in stock a for the mass sales team. Make sure there’s enough level along with, um, because when they, when they do come in, they do grab folders and they grab the sample. So I want to make sure that everything is there that they need. That way they don’t have to try to hunt for everything and that it’s out in the open ready for them to grab and take to their customers to show them the samples as well as give them the information in the folder. So that is a day here at Allen home permeant roofing, roofing loval on a rainy day. And what we do, if you have questions for us or want to schedule an appointment, you can visit our website at [inaudible] dot com or just give us a call at area code 502-FOUR-47567TY thanks. Have a good day.