Episode One 49 for Alan home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Today you’re an Ellen home premiere ripping right big companies or actually just going to talk about one of the customers that we have here at Elon hold permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. And this is actually an apartment complex, uh, that we are currently doing some work on. Um, right now the only work that we have done for this customer here at Al Home Premiere roofing Roofing Companies Louisville or is actually just um, repairs. And um, I actually just installed some windows. Um, we are going to be actually installing a couple of roofs on the buildings. Um, eventually probably all of the billings. Um, but right now for this coming year we have them marked as far. Um, just a couple roofs just cause they have to budget. Um, since it is an apartment complex. Um, like I said, we have done some work for them, just some small stuff.

Um, just like some repairs as I said, some windows. And we did actually install some siding, Hardie board on one of the buildings as well. Uh, but right now I am going to just break it down so you could see the type of work that we had done for them here out on permit repeating Roofing Companies Louisville. So the first one we are going to talk about was for a repair. Um, it was for roof repair and what we did here was we lived at several shingles and then we sealed all the seams that were too close together because they were having Nate we can issue. So, um, we did um, fix that leak for them on this particular building. The next job what we did was we, um, this was actually the window or window job. Um, we removed a 14 window units and then we also removed and replaced some blinds that were um, on this particular building.

And then we installed the new windows on this building for the customers here at the apartment complex. The Nick told me you’re going to talk about is a repeat behavior for the apartment complex. What we did here was we read, nailed some flashing on a wall and then see all the vital signs above the flashing to make sure that we did take care of the leaking issue, um, on a different building. Uh, we, uh, found the roofing cap was cracked open, so we sold that and then we found another area that we thought was concerning. So we did, um, a seal that as well. And that was the dorm or a waffle machine. The next time we did at the apartment complex here at elephant permit roofing roofing company. Sure. Well, um, this was worth some gutters. Uh, what we did was we on one building we insist on a new six inch gutters, um, on a different building.

We installed a new gutter hangars and we flashed the drip edge. Um, so rain the rain did get into the gutter and upper hand the gutter. And then on a another job we did have to rehang eat downspout that had fallen. So as you can see, like I said, we’ve done, um, various, um, repairs here for the, um, this apartment complex. Um, and just, uh, a window job as well. Um, the next Trump we’re gonna talk about with the um, apartment complex is actually a four I window in. This was actually just for one window that they were having an issue with. We did remove it and installing new window on that building. Um, the next repair or we are going to talk about, uh, there was a crack found in the roofing cap that was allowing water in. So we did sell off the cap, this caps in Sarah areas.

Um, that way the customer didn’t have a leaking issue any more here at the apartment complex. The next job we’re going to talk about that we had done for the apartment complex here at Illinois premiere roofing work in companies or is he another repair. And what we did here on this particular building worth sealed, um, some shingles themes and we did find one nail papa. Um, um, uh, there’s particular building and um, one thing to note that some of these buildings are actually three stories. So I’m very high up for our rivers, uh, when they are going to be replacing these roofs. So, um, we will be taking extra precautionary measures when we do install these words here at Allen old permit, refute, roofing computable. The next repair we are going to talk about, uh, on, on this particular building, uh, we did have to inspect this word, um, and it, I did have a 1212 pitch, which is a very steep approved, um, and this was one of the three story buildings.

What we did was we um, set up and attached clamps class to the roof so we could repel down the roof for inspection and um, for the repairs that we did have to do on this particular. Um, what we did do with seal, um, ain’t roofing cap and we also sell some cracked Hardie board siding as well. We did inspect the wall to make sure that they didn’t have any more leaks coming out of the setting. So we didn’t want to make sure that, uh, we do get every possible, uh, a week, uh, that we can see you. So the next up we did for the apartment complex was I’m Hardie board siding. We replaced the Hardie board on the rear of the maintenance in the garage building. Uh, we did install approximately 18 boards or the apartment complex here at Alamo permit roofing Roofing Companies Louisville.

They knew, I’m going to talk about that. We had done for the apartment apartment complex here at annual perming roofing roofing company. So he’s actually for the three different buildings am this was um, something that we hit dead in one day. So we had, uh, three repairs, three different buildings one day. So on the first building what we did was we repaired, um, a roof leak. Um, so this, what we ended up doing here was selling at fan some and the pipe clashing base, um, on this particular building for sis customer in this apartment building. The next apartment building was also a roof leak repair or we repaired to nail pops and sealed, um, the rubber fence. And then the last job we did, uh, we removed some old sealant and uh, cleaned inside a wider, um, on a fab inch cutter. And then we seal the inside wider would GSL and installed for inside Hankers, uh, with Bruce because the gutter was a little loose and the water was running behind the gutter.

So we wanted to make sure that, that this particular customer didn’t have any more issues with leaks and their apartment here at Elac important roofing, roofing conquers global. So that is all the repair work that we had done for, um, this apartment complex. Um, like I said earlier, we will be installing [inaudible] weather changes and gets warm enough where we can get out there to get the group’s installed for them. Here at Allen peppermint roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville, um, as I said earlier, there are a few of them that are three stories. So our guys will be tied off in, they are very stiff. They are as 12th 12th pitch, which is, which is a very steep roof. So, um, well we do have 12, 12 pitches. Um, our guys do take a cautionary measures to make sure that they are safe while they install the customer’s work. So if you’re needing an estimate, give us a call over here at Alanon permit. Rufina working companies global had (502) 447-5672 or you can visit us on our website at [inaudible] dot com we look forward to serving you.