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Episode 14 roofing companies, mogul for Alanon permit and ripping today and Ellen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville I am going to talk about just a few jobs that we’ve done in here. Um, one job was a roofing job and this job was um, 23 squares and the customer went with the uh, Oak Ridge aid aged cedar shingle. I’m on this job. We did have some wood replacement, which on most jobs, um, we are not most upon all jobs. We don’t know if there is wood replacement or not until we get the roof completely torn off. So in this case there was a 40 feet of one by eight, um, that we had to replace. Um, depending on what type of what it is we do either one by eight or plywood is mostly what we see. Um, and usually if it’s plow would, and the estimator has an ideal that it may be heavy, bad wood, if they can see from the attic or if it’s in a garage, if they can see, we’ll take some sheets of plywood or someone by just so we have it. And that way we don’t have to take the, uh, would, uh, to the roofers. Um, in some cases there is a time where we did send wood with the roofing materials, but more is needed because it had a more bad than we had expected. So if that’s the case, uh, we do take the wood out to the roofing company or roofing crew leaders so that way they don’t have to leave the job site and uh, they can get the roof finished.

Another job that we had done, um, this was an insurance job and this was for the roof on the house and garage and for the gutters on the house. So with this customer did, is um, go with the Oak Ridge Estate Gray, um, which the estate gray is popular gray shingle, uh, that we actually sell a lot of. Roofing Companies Louisville, and she went with the white gutters. Now what we did, um, when with the gutters, it usually, what I will do is send the footage to my, uh, gutter career later and list the materials that he needs. Um, um, like the photo of the gutters, the footage of the downspout. If he has any, um, arb, elbow that’s at corners, inside corners, stuff like that, I will send that all to him. That way he knows now what he needs. If it’s white it’s usually easier because he does carry white with you.

So if it’s a little, if he has a little extra that he needs, then he has it with him. So, um, that’s one thing that we do here at Allen. Home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville, um, on this particular a gutter job, what my estimator did was actually draw a picture of the house to let my gutter curlier know exactly where the gutters were going. Um, sometimes we get jobs here at Allen home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville where we are not doing a full house of gutters. So it is easier to draw up the house for the gutter crew. That way they know exactly where the gutters are going. Um, sometimes if there’s not a picture, it is detailed out in their work order as to where the gutters are going, what they’re doing. Um, so the crew leader does know what’s going on and if the crew leader needs for the estimator to meet him at the job, we do that as well.

Um, we do that with actually all of our curves. If our crews need our estimators to meet them to walk the job with them are a sales career is more than happy to do that with them because we want to get the job done right the first time. Another job that we have done, um, was this was another insurance job, uh, which actually we are seeing a lot of just because of recent a windstorm s um, but this customer, her insurance paid for her, ruth in her gutters. So, Roofing Companies Louisville, here at Allen home permit roofing working companies a little while we did both. The customer went with the upgraded Shingle, uh, to a duration and she went with the Oak Ridge flagstone. Um, so I believe, as I had said before, um, when dealing with an insurance job, if you have a three tab shingle, that’s what the insurance is paying for.

So if you do an upgrade, um, the customer is responsible for the upgrade. So on this particular job, the customer did have a three tab on the house and so, um, she had upgraded to the oak ridge dimensional, so she is a responsible for that. Uh, and she also had gutters done and she went with the white gutter on this, um, just as you say, as everyone else does. I’m sorry about that. She actually went with sandstone. So she went with the more of a brown, um, better instead. And sometimes a customer will pick a colored gutter just because it’s more to their liking. Some, some customers just don’t want to go with the plain white. So, uh, there, there are a few options that they can get with um, a gutter color and we tried to accommodate that as best as possible here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville.

And I’m a job we had done was another insurance job. Um, this customer went with the true death duration shingle and the color was driftwood. This customer had 33 squares. So here at Allen home permit ravine working companies global, we do have, um, to roofing crews and when we have a larger job, um, we tend to skip them more to our larger roofing curve because they can get it done. Uh, an a day, day and a half, depending on how big the job is. Um, this customer also did, um, new gutters as well. Um, and he went with the color white on his gutters. This customer, um, was a previous customer of ours, so we were glad that he came back to us here at Allen home permit, ravine Roofing Companies Louisville. Um, on this particular job, um, he also had a skylight that we needed to install. Um, sometimes we get houses with skylights, sometimes not, um, more times not. So, um, he ended up getting a new skylight as well, uh, with the roof and the gutters. So if you need an estimate and you would like us to come out and take a look at it, just give us a call at four, four, seven, five, six, seven two or visit our website at [inaudible] dot com. Thanks.