Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 99 Roofing Companies Louisville

Episode 99 for Alto permit. Dean roofing companies mobile to date here in alcohol permit roofing within companies global. We are going to talk about some jobs that we are working on this week. Um, we actually had a good day yesterday so we did uh, get some work being done here at [inaudible] or feet within companies global. I’m on this job. Uh, we had one layer of tear off on the house and two layers on the garage. It was a total of 23 squares and this customer went with the three tab estate gray. There was a chimney that we did install some new uh, aluminum flashing around. This house had three pipes, pipe flashings on it. Uh, two was a three inch and one was a four inch. This house did have valleys on it, so we did install ice and water shield in the valleys under the shingles. We also installed a 252 feet of drip edge around the perimeter.

We installed one roof vent in one power bit as well. We also had some wood replacement on this house, um, which I have mentioned, uh, previously that whenever we do have, uh, any wood replacement, we do, uh, let our customer know, uh, by calling the salesperson and then that salesperson a we’ll call the customer to let them know that there will be an additional charge on their invoice. So they are not surprised when they do receive that invoice from us here at our home permit roofing roofing companies. Loval. The next show we are going to talk about here at Allen Hall permit roofing roofing companies level is actually um, a nother roofing job. Um, this job was a total of 22 squares. Um, we actually had this job scheduled for Thursday. Um, but he’d, like I said, it is a total of 22 squares. This customer is going with the Oak Ridge Brown wood shingle.

Uh, this customer did originally have the three tab shingle on their house, uh, but decided to do the upgrade. There is a chimney on this house that we are installing a new aluminum flashing around and this house had one, a two inch pipe flashing on the house as well. We also installed five roof fence on this house. Um, with this particular house. Um, the customer is actually selling, has sold the house and the new owners were actually the ones who wanted the upgrade. Uh, so what we do in a situation like this is like I told this customer, we will just send her the complete invoice and then um, she can get the upgrade, uh, amount from the, the uh, new homeowners of her house. Uh, because with them, um, they were actually the, this was part of the deal that she replaced the roof.

So like I said with them wanting the upgrade they had agreed to pay for. With that. The next job we are going to talk about here at Allen whole permit roofing roofing companies logo is actually a roof that we are on today. Um, this customer has a total of 21 squares on their roof. They went with the Oak Ridge driftwood. Uh, there was a chimney on this house. So we did install new aluminum flashing around the chimney. We had one three inch pipe flashing and one a four inch pipe flashing. There was a total of 153 feet of ice and water shield, uh, that we installed in the valleys on this house and a total of a hundred feet of Jarbidge that we installed around the perimeter. This customer did go with the ridge vent instead of just the roof fence. So we are installing 28 feet of Richmond on this house for this customer and nother job.

What you’re going to talk right here. And I’m home from it. Working, working companies a little, um, is a roof that we had done a couple of days ago. This customer, I had a total of 14 squares on her house. Um, she went with the Oak Ridge twilight black shame. Uh, there was one three inch pipe flashing on this house and one four inch pipe flashing. There was a hundred feet of drip edge that we installed around the perimeter and we also installed 30 feet of Richmond on this house. Um, she does, she does have a satellite dish that she is still using. So we did remove and reset these satellite, this for this customer as well. I’m also for this customer. Um, she had us read 35 feet of porch beams for her and a rep for a porch columns for her as well. Um, when we did get into wrapping the columns, um, three of the four were actually not level, so we did um, straighten up the post.

The columns have to make sure that uh, they were level for the customer. Um, and we did have some wage replacement, uh, with the columns as well before we wrap them. So that was some additional work that we had for this customer here at Allen Roommate roofing, working companies logo. Now after today here at Alamo permit roofing, roofing companies global, we only have one day this week where in briefing will be good for us. Um, the rest of the days, um, there is a chance of rain. Uh, it ranges from anywhere from 60% to 100%. So, uh, we did get a couple of days in this week where we can knock out some of the roofing jobs that we have in here and Allen and permit Rufina orphaned companies local. So we are very happy about that. Um, hopefully next week we’ll work a little better for us where it is. I’m not so wet and it is a bit warmer.

I do know we have some warmer weather come into us here at Alamo permit, roofing, working companies, local. Um, hopefully it is also dry weather. Um, like I said, that way we can get a lot of these um, briefing jobs completed, uh, for customers who have been waiting. Um, but due to the cold weather and the wet weather, we were unable to get to them. Um, which the customers, they do understand that they do know that we do not work in the rain. Um, and actually some other customers who are in here on our schedule actually went to white and until it does get warmer outside and that is fine with us here, we will do that for them. Uh, but like I said there, hopefully there is some warmer weather coming our way here and that way we can get some of these jobs that we do have in here on the schedule. Uh, we can get those knocked out for our customers. So if you are in need either for roof repair or roof replacement, gutters, gutter guards, windows signing or some trim work done, give us a call. We’re here at Allen Ho permit roofing roofing companies Lowell at (502) 447-5672 or you can go over to our website and see the type of work that we do. Um, you could see some pictures that we have on our website of jobs that we have done. And you can also request a free estimate from our site. Just go to Allen and we hope to be here in front of you.