Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 87 Roofing Companies Louisville

Episode 87 for Alan home permit roofing Roofing Companies Louisville today here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies. Lobel. Uh, we’re just going to continue talking about some of the jobs that we’ve done over the past couple of years. Um, the first time we’re going to jump right into talking about, uh, that we done here at Allen home permit review roofing companies level, uh, was a roofing job. Um, this customer had a little over 57 squares of roofing on their house. Um, we installed the true depth duration around wood shingle. There was one three inch pipe flashing that we installed in. There weren’t valleys on this house, uh, that we installed the ice and water shield under the shingles in the valleys. We also installed a 418 feet of brown turbid around the perimeter on this house and installed 19 roof vents on this house. Uh, this customer also had a sun room that was actually a flat roof.

So what we did was at power wash and a prep the roof surface for the our gay co, uh, roof coating. It was approximately 300 square feet. We did remove the existing gutters and downspouts as well for a total of 438 feet and the color of the trim was sandstone. Oh, we installed the six inch gutters back in place. Uh, the footage the same 438 feet as well. And this particular customer, uh, got our name from a referral. He was actually referred to us. So, uh, we do like when our previous customers here at Allen Hall permit roofing, Roofing Company Mobile. Um, when they refer us to their friends, their neighbors, it just lets us know that they appreciate the work that we’ve done for them and that they were that happy with us and I hear it out. Home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville that they want to refer us to their friends and family.

The next up we are going to talk about here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies. Lowville is just for a small repair. Um, we actually just had to go out to this customer’s house for to replace a furnace cap. Uh, they had just called in and to the cap had come off event and wanted us to check their roof as well. Um, the roof was fan. All we had to do, like I said, was just replaced the furnace cap. The next time we’re going to talk about here at Allen, home permit roofing Roofing Companies Louisville, will, um, was for a roof leak. Uh, this customer called in stating that she had a leak in her stairway as well as on the right side of her house. We said our working crewleader out and he actually found three holes in the roof. So what he did was lift the, she goes, uh, the shingle tab and sealed.

So for this we only did, um, I charge for a service run and repair for this customer is next number you’re going to talk about that we did here. Now I don’t remember if being Roofing Companies Louisville, uh, was another roof repair. Uh, what we did here was removed and replaced several rows of shingle on the left side of the dormer on this house and where the pitch transition takes place as well. Um, this customer was having some problem with some leaks. So we found, um, some nail pops or the shingles we did still dumb as well. Um, so, uh, as you can see that here at our home premier roofing roofing companies will, uh, we can go anywhere from replacing a roof and installing a new roof to um, just repairing dislike little nail pops for a customer on their roof. So we do do a variety of work here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies.

Hold. The next time we’re going to talk about here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies will, will was actually, um, just to wrap a door opening. This customer went with um, white male and it’s this customer actually got us from one of our mailers that we send out. Um, it, which is a postcard. Um, so that was all that this customer needed us for. Um, we do go out and do that dance. Will, you know, we can do anywhere form a full siding job too. Just little jobs like this where we wrap up a doorway opening or window opening. Um, so we do a variety of work. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m a pointed out the rock, the size between the roofing and now here and just letting people know that, you know, we don’t have to do a full siding job. We will come out. If you have one door that needs one to walk name, it needs to be wrapped. We will wrap it for you here at Delano permit ravine working companies go. The next time we are going to talk about here at Allen on permit roofing Roofing Companies Louisville, will was actually um, uh, work that we had done for a church and this was a very big job. Uh, there was a total of 204 squares of repeat on this church.

Um, the church originally had the three tab shingle and went with the upgrade to the Oak Ridge Brown wood shingle. Oh, we installed two pipe, three inch pipe flashing on the church as well as the ice and water shield in the valleys on this church. Uh, and we did install Brown underbid around the gutter line only and installed a 28 for worth beds. And 346 feet of Ridge vent on this church. If I am not mistaken, I believe this was a two day job for our warfare’s. Um, we actually had a really a big crew on this job, uh, just because it was bigger. Um, usually when we have jobs like that, um, our roofing coordinator, um, one of our work includes actually has a couple of crews that he is in charge of and he will put them together to make one large group or working curves.

So um, that’s actually what he did end up doing on this particular job just because it was so large. The next up we’re going to talk about here at Allen home permit roofing Roofing Companies Louisville, will um, was a roofing job. This customer ace was actually for a rental but he has, it was a total of 15 squares. Um, he originally had the three tab shingles on this house and went with the upgrade to the Oak Ridge onyx black shingle. Uh, we replaced one or three inch pipe flashing and we installed ice and water shield in the valleys under the shingles. We also installed 133 feet of white drippage, uh, around the gutter line all night and we installed backward fence and four feet of Richman on this house for him. On the next hour we’re going to talk about, this is actually another rental property of the previous customer that we just talked about.

Um, on this one, this uh, work that we did was actually um, a flat roof where we installed the modified bitumen. We’re both ripping on this house. It was total of six squares. Um, the car was see Eric Gray and we installed as 62 feet of drip edge around the perimeter as well. He was having some problems with his gutter, so we did a secure the uh, gutters on the front of the house and sailed a furnace stack for this customer. So if you are needing an estimate rather be for a roughing replacement, it would prepare gutters, get her guard windows, siding, Trim work. Just give us a call over here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies, low well at Babbo two four four seven five six, seven two or you can visit us over on our We look forward to serving you.