Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 85 Roofing Companies Louisville

Episode 85 for frown home permit. Ruffino roofing companies global. Today we’re going to talk at be ouch. Some job that we had done over the years here at Allen will permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Um, the first job we are going to talk about was a siding job. Uh, what we did here is uh, removed four squares of siding and then we installed band fold insulation on the exterior walls which was also four squares. We installed, um, for the force squares of siding and ramped 24 feet of one facia won’t be spaceship. And we also wrapped a garage door opening and this was a four to clock Raj and we also replaced 10 feet of a one by four board behind the facia as well. The next hour we’re going to talk about here at Allen home permit roofing Roofing Companies Louisville, um, was a roofing job that we had done.

This customer had a 29 squares of roofing on their house and they went with the Oak Ridge driftwood shingle. Um, we installed three, three inch pipe flashings and one four inch pipe flashing and we installed 290 feet of drip edge around the perimeter. We installed a fav fence as well as 12 squares of ice and water shield on this house. Um, this customer did have some rotten wood. Um, so we replaced 20 feet of one bat eight for this customer. The next time we’re going to talk about here in Allen home permit roofing roofing companies local was just for a siding repair. Uh, this customer needed us to install a six pieces of siding on the right and the right side of the house and a front side of the house. Um, the profile was the d four and a half Dutch lap. Uh, the color was white. We did a clean out the gutters and secure the gutters for this customer. And then we did um, and uh, right front and left, uh, in cap on the gutters as well.

The next job we are going to talk about is actually for a customer that we do a lot of work for here at Allen Hall permit roofing, working companies. Little warm. This customer actually has some rental property that we work on as well as his personal. Uh, the first one we’re going to talk about, um, is a roofing job that we had done for him. This was for a flat roof, um, and in the building is actually in a shopping center, so it is a flat roof. And what we did on this roof was a clean all the roof surfaces and then we apply the Geiko roofing coding, um, which is a coating that we use here at Allen, home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Um, it goes on kind of like a silicone, um, really nice if you have a metal roof and no longer want the metal work, um, you can just go with the metal roof with this coding or a for flat roofs as well.

But on this particular job with this, um, the gate code coding, what we ended up coding or some wall flashing around, um, a dormer and a metal roof and then, um, some wall flashing and metalworking along the outer wall as well. Uh, we also applied this Gaco coding, um, on the metalwork seems as well as well as um, the pipe around the pipe flashing rubber boots and base five sheets and then sealed, um, a gutter scenes. Um, this Gaco coding actually works in gutters as well. If you have a seam in your gutter, um, that is leaking. Um, we can have saw this and together and it actually sells the gutter gutter of is no longer leaking as well. So this is, this coding is actually, um, very practical and a very good, good product to use here at Allina permit roofing working committees level.

The next time that we had done for this customer. I’m like I said, he does own ability in the shopping center. So this was just a different part of the building. Um, we did sail and exhausts bent over a restaurant, uh, that this customer was having some trouble with. Um, and actually the manager of the restaurant actually had showed us where they were leaking, um, in the front part of the building. And so we did end up selling some wall flashing and seems, um, off that was on a false door on the front of the building. Um, and then we also seal to exhaust, uh, fire events and a 15 feet of horizontal seems aid fasteners on the front of the building just to make sure that we did get the leak for this customer. The next time we had done for this customer, um, was for some shingles that were sticking up, uh, and we, uh, found out that there was, um, a dip in the roof deck.

So that’s why the shingles were sick sticking up. So we, um, resealed the shingles in several areas just to help take care of this problem. And then on a nother, uh, repair that we did for this customer, um, we removed the dimensional shingles or the, uh, I would roof decking was sagging and then we removed and replaced the plow would as needed and then install the new dimensional shingles in on that. What we did have to do, we got the closest color that would match what they already had up there. So, um, the shingle that we did, uh, go with was the colonial slate.

Um, another job that we did for this customer on a different building was um, apply the Geiko uh, roofing as well. Uh, what we did was we cleaned and we prepped the metal roof area around, um, the air bent and the horizontal seems, um, it was about six feet. And then we installed the Geiko worth coating around the perimeter of the bed and the counter flashing. And then we installed the, uh, Geiko as well on the horizontal seams on this building. The next time we’re going to talk about here at Allen Home Premiere roofingRoofing Companies Louisville is a roofing job. Uh, this customer had 21 squares on their house. They originally had the three tab shingle and upgraded to d true def duration, a state gray shingle. We installed one three inch pipe in one four inch pipe. Passionate this to house, did have some valleys. Um, so we did install the ice and water shield, um, in the valleys under the shingles for this customer. We used 19 pieces of tripit around the perimeter and the color was white

and we removed the power and then we did fill in the hole or the power of it was we also installed, I’m 28 feet of fridges bid on this house as well. Um, and we also actually installed seven pieces of terp edge around the permanent on the garage. So the 19 pieces were on the house and the seven pieces were on the garage and we did add a s three worry fence on the garage for this customer to help with their Vinny. The next one we’re going to talk about waste. Um, just a small roofing repair, um, this customer and we actually had to replace a shingle tab, um, because of a bullet hole. Um, a lot of times if a customer has a bullet hole in their roof, they say they don’t know where it came from. We tell them what goes up, must come down basically. So then they get that. Well, we also resealed obedient and uh, repaired some shingles along wall by the step flashing. So if you are needing an estimate either for a roof repair, replacement, gutters, windows, siding trim, just give us a call here at Allen on permit ravine at Pavel two, four, four, seven, five, six 70.