Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 83 Roofing Companies Louisville

Episode 83 for Alan Ho, permit roofing, working companies local today here at Allen home. Premiate roofing, roofing companies. Laval um, we are just going to talk about some of the stuff that we have going on in the office here at Al. Home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Um, the last three days have been um, very rainy, um, very wet, but we do have a bit of a dry spell coming. Um, tomorrow is actually going to be dry. It is going to be colder in the morning so we are not going to be roofing tomorrow. We’re actually just going to go, um, have some of our rivers go take looks. Um, at some leaks that we have gotten in. Um, we haven’t gotten many but we wanted to take care of them as quickly as possible here at Allen, home permit, roofing, roofing companies, local. Um, but then the next day it’s actually going to be a little bit warmer in the morning.

Um, it’s actually going to be 10 degrees warmer in the morning so we can actually probably get a couple of roofs done this week. Um, because like I said, there are a few days where we are in a dress bell. Um, and then we have a chance for someone to whether or it’s raining or it’s too cold. So we are going back into that pattern here at Allen premier roofing, roofing companies, local. Um, I have had a couple of customers, uh, contact me today actually to find out where they are on low schedule. Can I tell them, um, when will, we will be able to get to their roof. And really the only thing I can tell them is that we are estimating that we are probably about two weeks out. Um, and that is depending on the weather. Um, with next week it does have rain all next week. Um, so that will push us back another week.

So any good days that we can get where it is dry, we will be roofing. Now since it is dry tomorrow and it is a little cooler in the morning, we actually don’t want to roof tomorrow just because of all the rain that we had and how, what the ground is. We don’t want to mess up anybody’s yard, um, with it being so wet and we just want to give it time to dry out, um, because it is going to be sunny tomorrow. So hopefully that will help us out. And then the next couple of days after that we should be able to get some roofs completed here at Allen home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Like I may have mentioned before, we do have the work in here for our careers. We just don’t have the weather right now. Um, this time of year we can usually get a couple of groups done, um, a week, but this year has been a little crazy with the way it’s either too cold for us to roof or it’s just raining or it’s snowing.

So, um, weather has not been our friend the last couple of months here at Allen home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville now with us not roofing tomorrow. Um, like I mentioned, we will be sending our, a couple of our rivers on just some roof repairs at is actually a good thing for us to have a day like that. Just so we don’t have to take our rivers off of a roofing job. And that way we can get the customers that are leaking, taking care of before, um, more rain comes in. So we do like these kind of days. Um, I know our rivers would prefer to be roofing, um, but they don’t mind doing the roof repairs as well. And for us here at Allen home permit ravine roofing companies level now for next week it would tip shutters look great for us to a roof, but it’s, we have a chance of rain every day next week.

Um, if it is 40 or above, 40% or above, we don’t chance it. Um, 30%. We would kind of weigh our options, watched the radar, see, worry about the rain showers. Are we perverse? We prefer to see 0% or even 10%. Um, 20s. Okay. But usually a 30, like I said, we’re Kinda iffy about it. Usually about 40 and up and we will not roof. Um, we’ve done that before and it didn’t rain. So a customer would call him and say, hey, why didn’t you guys come today? While we were watching the radar, it said there was pop up showers. We didn’t want to take a chance of your work being open and damage done to the interior of your house. In customers understand that they customers like that we take into consideration, um, that we don’t want the image to come to their house.

Uh, we don’t want to be roofing and all of a sudden it starts raining. We don’t, we don’t like doing that here at Elon home permit roofing. Um, we actually did have a job where we will roofing and it started raining. There was no rain showers on the radar. We were not sure where this rain shower popped up. But um, luckily our team did have harps on them. Like they always do that. Usually if it is in the 20 to 30% and if we are roofing at a 30%, we do double check to make sure that our a roofing crew that they do have tarps just in case if a storm does pop up, they can cover the roof. And we also have them do a section of the roof instead of completely tearing off the whole roof. Um, that way if a shower does happen to pop up, we don’t have to worry about, um, tarping the homework and we can only talk a section and it actually gives the homeowner a peace of mind knowing that their work is not completely off and there would be a chance of rain.

So we do let our leaders know what we think that they should do. If they should do like portions of the roof just because of the rain and they will, they are fine with that because they take that into consideration as well. Um, if it is getting cloudy on a job where they are, they will call into the office and say, Hey, is there a storm? Come in, you know, it’s cloudy here, um, what’s going on? And we will watch the radar here at Allen home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville and then get back with the roofing crew leader and let them know if there is any up showers on the radar in the area where they are working.

So if you are needing an estimate for a roof replacement, roof repair, um, gutters, gutter guards, windows, siding, Trim work, give us a call here at Allen home permit, roofing roofing companies, a little Bible, two four four seven five, six, seven two and we will be more than happy to come out and take a look at the project that you want to work on and give you an estimate and let you know what we can do for you. Or you can go over to our Uh, you can look at some of the work that we have done there. Um, read about some of the things that we do and if you have questions you can contact us on our website or if you want an estimate, you can click for a free estimate on our website as well. Thank you. And we look forward to serving you here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville.