Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 77 Roofing Companies Louisville

Episode 77 for Ellen home permit, roofing, roofing companies mobile today here in Alanon permit roofing, roofing companies mobile. We’re just going to go over just some of the jobs that we’ve done here at Allen Hall Permit Ravine Morphing Companies Mobile. Um, this is really some jobs like that we’ve done like over the years. Um, just to give people the ad an ideal of what type of work that we do here at Allen own permit, roofing, roofing companies, mobile and the size of the jobs that we do here as well. The first job we are going to talk about is a roofing job. Um, this customer had 13 squares on their roof. They went with the Oak Ridge estate grade. There was a chimney on this house that we did install new flashing on. We also installed one three inch pipe flashing and one a four inch pipe flashing. This house did have some valleys, so we did install ice and water shield and in the valleys for the customer. We also installed 170 feet of drip edge around the perimeter as well. Um, the total footage of the ice and water shield that we installed was, um, 25 feet on this house. The next one we are going to talk about here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies global is actually just a small repair job. Um, that we had done. This customer just needed some, uh, facial work, uh, installed. So what we did was replaced, um, just a piece of Fascia on the side of the house

as well as um, replaced three pieces of siding that had come loose on the, on a dorm. So as you can see from the first time that we talked about, um, it was for a roof and

there was a lot of work to be done and then I’m the second job that we had just discussed, it was just for a small repair. Um, so that can give customers kind of an ideal of the type of work that we do here at Allen Homo improvement and um, the sizes as well. Um, we have done here a brief for a church. Um, that was a very big church. Um, and we also did, I need other work for this church. So it was a really big job for us here. And, um, like I said, we can do anything from a really big install of a roof to a small roof repair where a customer has a leak where maybe they have a nail pop that just needs to be sealed bag down. Um, so we do cover a variety of areas here at Allen home permit, ravine roofing companies level.

Um, I know some companies don’t want to mess with the repairs. Um, so then that’s why some customers do call us here, um, because they can’t get anybody else to take care of the repair for them. The next time we’re going to talk about here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing company’s logo is a roofing job. Um, this customer had 16 squares of roofing on their house. Uh, they went with the Oak Ridge driftwood shingle. We installed one, three inch pipe flashing and they did have valleys on this house. So we did install the ice and water shield. Um, it was a total of 32 feet of ice and water shield that we did install a, we also installed drippage, um, just around the gutter line and that was a total of 70 feet. Um, we installed six worth of events as well. Um, this customer did have a satellite dish.

Um, so we did remove and reset the satellite dish for this customer. Um, and there was a, uh, we did have to remove a cap on a vent that was on this roof as well for this customer. Now on this particular house, um, when we are measuring a roof, depending on the pitch of the roof, um, will be if we can get up there or not. Um, sometimes we do have to do a um, Eagle View, which is a program that we use here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies level. And what it does is basically, uh, once we enter the address it will show us the house and give us the measurements. Um, which is really great because if we have anywhere from a 10, 12 pitch to a 12, 12 pitch, um, those are really steep roofs. And sometimes it is better for our, a salesman to get the eagle view just so they can see the, um, the footage of the roof.

Uh, and if we don’t do a full report, we do, um, just a quick square and that lets us know just the total squares on the roof, which helps us out as well. Um, sometimes, um, our salesman can get on the roofs. Um, if it is a 10, 12, if it’s a 12, 12, they do not attempt to get on it at it is dangerous. Um, our roofers when they are roofing at 1212, they are more experienced on those types of roofs. They are tied off so they know what they have to do to be safe on a steeper pitched roof.

The next job we’re going to talk about, um, was actually an insurance job that we had here at Allen home permit Ruffino working companies global. Um, this was for roof. This customer had a total of 47 squares on this roof. Um, they went with the Oak Ridge onyx black shingle. We did install two, three inch pipe flashings and we did install, um, a Weisen ice and water shield in the valleys as well. We also installed drip edge around the parameter. Um, it was a total of 295 feet. Um, the color of the drip edge that we used was black. Um, we did install ridge vent as well. That was a total of 69 feet and this customer did have he satellite dish that they were no longer using. So we did remove that for them. Um, in the original estimate, this customer did not have, um, the ridge vent, um, costs in at first, uh, they decided to add that, um, after the estimate.

Uh, so we did that for them. We just do, we added in on their invoice at the end. Um, once they okay that they want it done or they added on there, we let them know, you know, they did, it would just be added onto the invoice for them. Uh, we did have some rotten plow would on this house. It was just one sheet. And on one area of house, um, there were actually three layers of shingles instead of the one that we originally had saw. I’m sorry, a two that we had originally saw. Um, so they were just 12 squares was, um, had the three layers that needed to be removed. So there is a charge for that as well. Uh, just because once you get into the multiple layers, we have to charge for removal. So if you are needing an estimate for roofing or whether it be replacing or prepare, um, gutters, windows, siding, gutter guards, a trim work, give us a call over here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies global at five oh two four four seven five six, seven two or you can visit our Thanks.