Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 75 Roofing Companies Louisville

Episode 75 for Alan home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville today here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies level. Uh, we’re just going to continue discussing, uh, previous jobs that we’ve had here. Um, just so you can kind of get them in an ideal about some of the sizes of the job. Some of the jobs that we’ve done, the work that we do, um, cause we have had um, pretty large jobs, um, down to maybe small repair. So, um, let’s just dive right in here. In this first job we’re going to talk about here at Allen home permit roofing Roofing Companies Louisville is actually, um, a big job for us here. Um, this was actually for a church that is actually around the corner from us here at Allen permit roofing roofing companies. Lowville. Um, this church was 108 squares. They went with the Oak Ridge Estate Gray.

Uh, we installed for three inch pipe flashings and three, four inch pipe flashings. Um, we did have some valleys on this roof of the church. So we did install ice and water shield for them and we installed drip edge around the perimeter that totaled 615 feet. There was a flat roof on this church as well. So we did install a three and a half squares of modified bitumen rubber roofing. We also installed a one worth it as well as 180 feet of ridge vent. Um, and we did ice and water shield the chimney as well.

And we did end up scraping and cleaning and painting the metal. A flat pan is for them as well. Uh, this church did do the upgrade to the Oak Ridge, so they originally did have the three tab shingle on the church. Um, there was some additional work that we did end up having to do and some additional work that they did end up asking us to do. Um, the work that we, the additional work that we did have to do was replace some rotten plow would. Um, we had five sheets of plywood that we had to replace and we had to replace some rotten one by eights and that was 150 feet that needed to be replaced. Um, there was some carpentry work that needed to be done to the two flat roofs, um, where we just had to remove and replace, um, to bow for framing. The additional work that the church had asked us to do, um, was actually some gutter work. Um, we removed, uh, they’re five inch gutter that they had an installed um, these a six inch gutter that they had requested to upgrade to. Um, and we did just attach the six inch gutters to their existing downspouts.

The downspouts were, um, a three by four downspout and it was 20 feet and we also installed a new aluminum Fascia on the front of the church as well. As you can see that job for the church was a pretty big job with the wood replacement. A lot of times if we can, when our guys are on the roof, um, when our estimators are on the roof checking the roof and they feel a soft spot, they’ll let us know. We’ll take some wood with this just in case. Um, a lot of times we tell our refers to take some would just in case if they don’t have the wood, um, with them, they will call the office, we will call the salesman and let them know that there would replacement on this house that they need to go get the wood for the roofers. And I do need to let the customer now because with the wood replacement, that is an additional charge to the customer.

Um, just because we cannot have that in our original estimate to the customer because we can’t see the wood until the shingles are removed. So we do let them know that, that if there is wood replacement that we will call, let them know, let them know how much it is and um, if it’s plow would, how many sheets of plywood need be replaced or if it’s the one bite, how many feet need to be replaced of the one by eight, we’d like to keep our customers in the loop so to speak. I’m here at Allen Hall permit roofing, Roofing Companies, Louisville. Um, that way when they get their invoice, they don’t see a surprise charge. Um, for wood replacement. I’m that way with us telling them they already know it, so they’re not surprised when they get the invoice. And we just like to keep our customers informed of what’s going on because it is their house.

Um, so they do have the right to know, uh, what is being done to their house. The next job we’re going to talk about, um, was a smaller job. Um, this particular roof was actually just for car port, um, and it was just a total of five squares. It was, um, a modified bitumen rubber roofing that we installed. Um, this customer went with the driftwood color for the modified bitumen. Um, and we did install drip edge around the perimeter that totaled 58 feet as well. The next job we’re going to talk about is actually um, a nether flat roof. Um, this particular fight roof had two layers on it, so we did have to remove the two layers and it was only one square of the modified bitumen rubber working that we installed. Um, and there was 20 feet of drip edge that we installed around the perimeter. This customer went with the Colored Desert Tan for the modified Betamin rubber roofing. Uh, we did replace two sheets of plywood as well on this house. The next job we’re going to talk about here at Allen home premiate roofing roofing companies global is actually just a repair job that we’d done, um, on this job. It was a roof repair. Um, we removed, um, some Damon’s shingles on a dormer for this customer. Um, it was approximately a four by eight area. We did install some, uh, felt down as well and uh, installed new three tab onyx black shingles.

There was another area on this roof as well where we replaced a, some shingles, some Daymond shingles as well. Um,

it was about six feet below the, uh, damaged area on the, uh, by the dormer, um, on been on the second damaged area. There was actually, I’m a hoe in the shingle a lot of times here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville we will get a customer calling and let us know that they have a roof leak. Um, sometimes this leak is caused by a nail pop and what happens is with the movement of the House and um, the heat in the attic, um, they just sometimes just the nails just pop up and then water does get in your house. Nothing we could really do about it. Um, to prevent it. It just something that happens. Um, so what we do is we do go out, we will let the shingles up, fixed the nails, a seal around the nails just so that they’re not leaking again and then reset the shingles for the customer. So if you are needing an estimate for a roof replacement, I’m a roof repair gutters, windows siding, Trim work. Just give us a call over we look forward to serving you.