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The next I’m about to talk about here at Allen. Home permit roofing working companies is a, another roofing job. Um, this customer also had just one layer of shingles that needed to be removed and this customer with, with, with the Oak Ridge teak, she will, um, we did install ice and water shield in the valleys and there were two a three inch pipe flashes that was installed also. And we installed 16 pieces of drip edge around the gutter line on this house. Um, there was also a flat roof. So we did install two squares up the modified bitumen rubber roofing. We installed seven roof fence and this customer originally had the three tab shingle on their house. So they did upgrade to the Oak Ridge shingle. And the next time we’re going to talk about here at Allen home permit roofing Roofing Companies Louisville in the war is another roofing job. This job had a one on one layer tear off and he was 27 squares of roofing is customer. Went with Oak Ridge drift wood, how we did put ice and water shield in the valleys and we installed 216 feet of drip edge around the perimeter and we installed a seven.

And this particular customer actually, um, saw a yard sign of ours and it in a yard boy you are were feeling and um, actually got her name and number from the sad and one of our core members, um, that’s happened a number of times where people just see us roughing in their neighborhood and they will come up and they will either get our number off the side or they will come and talk to one of our, uh, crew leaders. And then our current leaders, we’ll give them one of the business cards that they carry with them for Allen on permit roofing, roofing companies. Hope. The next up we’re going to talk about is actually just a word for pair. Um, more there was when damage angle shingles and on this job, this particular customer actually had the shingles. So all we had to do is just install the new shingles, uh, for him.

And this customer actually got us from website where we used to advertise in that we had actually gotten it out with this website up. So we’re in along with advertising with them Roofing Companies Louisville, but that is where this customer had gotten RNA from here at Allen Ho permit roofing, roofing companies, lawful. The next job where you’re not talking about is actually a repair to a chimney. Um, so what we had to do with this particular customer was removed the shingles and the vinyl siding where needed. Um, and then we removed the existing flashing and then installed a new flashing around the chimney area. Uh, and we also installed ice guard as well. We did install new shingles that were provided by the customer and we did re-install the siding that we did have to take off. Uh, we did also replace that battle j channel as well. Um, this customer actually is previous customer of ours.

Um, so, uh, she was having trouble with her, uh, like around her chimney. So that is what we just did, that area of the chimney with the shingles and repairing the flashing, the neck jump. We’re gonna talk about here in Allen home premier roofing, who we think as normal is he never roofing job. Um, this customer did have just one layer her off. It was a total of 68 art, I’m sorry, 28 squares. This customer originally had the three tab shingle on their house, but I went with the upgrade to the awkwardest state gray. There was a chimney that we did, um, install new flashing too and we did, but ice and water shield, uh, in the valleys. We also installed a 30 pieces drip edge around the program in her as well. And then there was a flat roof on this house. Um, it was actually on the back of a garage, but we did install fact squares of the modified bitumen roofing. And then we installed six were fence. Uh, this house did have the satellite dish, so we did end up removing and setting that for them.

The next job we’re going to talk about is I in other roofing job, uh, this customer had one layer up to hero and, um, I don’t over 34 squares. Um, this customer went with the Oak Ridge Chateau gray or chateau green, I’m sorry. And we did, um, install flashing around the chimney, um, as well as installed to a pipe flashings one three inch and one forage. And we did install ice and water shield in the valleys. We installed 30 pieces of drip edge around the parameter of this house as well. And we removed the roof vents that this customer had on their house already and then we filled in the holes and installed a 64 feet of Richmond on this house instead of doing the fence. The next job I’m going to talk about is actually I ain’t got her job. Um, on this particular job we removed 274 feet of uh, gutters and downspouts and then installed, um, the six inch gutters and downspouts I can place this customer originally had the Fab inch gutters on their house, but then I’m want it to go up to the six inch gutter. So we did the upgrade for that and we did repair a to soffits as well on this house. Uh, this particular customer actually got her name from one of the mailers that we send out. Um, this mailer is actually the postcard that we send out, um, that we are advertising here at no permit morphine, morphine companies smoking.

The next job we’ll talk about, um, what does this customer had a leak. And so we actually ended up just selling the valley. Um, we did about six feet of sailing on this valley where the leak was. And this particular customer actually got our main, um, from his realtor. So he was just trying to get his house ready to sell. So we went and did that, a small roof repair for him. So if you are needing a roof replacement, roof repair gutters, windows, siding or trim, just give us a call here at Allen home premier roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville at five oh two four four seven, five, six, seven two, or visit our website at [inaudible] dot com.