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Episode 74. Alan home premiere roofing, working companies global today here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Um, I’m just going to talk about, uh, some of the information that we put on our estimates of four customers. Uh, the first estimate we are going to talk about is the roofing estimate that our sales group, um, what they fill out and when the hand to the customer, what they do is they put the customer’s information on the top and then they go down and there’s boxes that they need to check. Um, the first one is for tear off. Um, how put how many layers and oh, we usually apply the 15 pound moisture barrier and then they put the, the type of Shingle, whether it be at three tab or the, uh, uh, upgrade durations are the Oak Ridge. Um, then there’s a place for them to put the color.

I’m a lot of times what we do, the estimate, the customer does not know what color they want yet, which is fine. Um, this just gives them time to look over the samples that are given them and you know, to make, to talk to their spouses. And that way they can come up with the color that they want for their work. There is also, he plays for the squares of the roof which are um, the salesman do fill out as well. Uh, the next box is actually if we are just going to, she’d go over her worth. Um, this is something we don’t do a lot of. Um, so this box actually does not get checked a lot. The next one is to uh, to remove the flashing and install new flashing. And then the next box is for the plumbing machines or the pipe by Shane’s.

Um, whether it be a two inch or three inch or four inch or five inch. Um, the next box is for the ice and water shield in the valleys in then we have a box for the drip edge in the estimator will put how many feet of a drip edge needs to be installed. And then the next box is for the modified bitumen were pro roofing. And then the estimator, we’ll put the amount of squares of the rubber roofing there. The next box is for the wordfence and then the next one is for a turbine pants. And then the next one is for power event.

The next boxes after that is for Richmond. And then we have um, that if we have, and then we also have a box for it. We need to install our skylights underneath all of the boxes. It does state, you know, that we do a complete cleanup and we do run the mail magnet magnet, um, over the entire work area just to make sure we do get all of the nails. And it also states that all the trash will be hard hallway from the grounds in the hard way in the ground, uh, will be, uh, room cleaned as well. We also the information on there that we do not charge for replacing a write in word or deteriorated wood just because the conditions are found during installation and in so they put on there like what the additional charges for the plywood per sheet and the one bat eat preferred and what my temper food as well. Um, so you kind of get the gist of that.

The next thing we’re going to talk about here at Alanon permit roofing working companies will, will, is for the Saturday, um, and gutters and soffits and rep. Um, mostly the maintenance free of the house. Um, con estimate as talk, speak. Uh, this one just like the one for the roof here at Allen home permit ravine working companies level estimator will put the customer’s information up at the top and depending on what the estimate is for, um, will be what the boss, they check the first box on here is for the removing of the gutters and downspouts. The estimator will put the foot, the footage of downspouts and down gutters and need to be removed. The next box is for if we’re moving of studying and they will put the type of siding it is and the squares. The next box is to remove soffit wrap and then the estimated, we’ll put the footage of that as well.

The next box is to install painful insulation on the exterior walls. I’m the estimator here at out on permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. We’ll put the total squares on that one as well as off for the Xbox for the installer, the vinyl siding. And they would put the brand, the customer is going with Ian in the squares and the profile type, whether it be a d four d four Dutchlap, um, uh, d fabric, the fabric. Uh, the next box is for the color of the society. And then the next two boxes is actually for um, to install the soffits. Um, one boxes for two way soffits and one boxes for three ways. Outfits and our estimator is here at annual permit ripping working companies level. We’ll just have to put the footage on each of those. Um, the next box is for, uh, to wrap them software returns.

And we do the, the major is put in the total of returns that need to be wrapped. The next box is for the install of, of battle porch ceiling. Uh, so what the estimators at an home permit roofing Roofing Companies Louisville need to do is just put the squares on it and what type of port stealing the customer. What’s the next box is to wrap the port beams and aluminum and the estimators will put in the footage of that. Um, then next, the next five boxes are actually at for rap. Um, the first two are for facia rap. I’m the first one is for one piece patient and then another one. The next one is for this second piece, Facia. Uh, the estimator is only have to put in the footage of those and then after that it’s uh, to wrap the window openings. And then for that the estimator is needed but how many window units.

And then the next one is to wrap a porch, cobble hill and the estimator needs to put the units on that one as well. Um, as well as the units at the door openings. We also actually have the next square is four rap as well for a garage door opening. And on this one the estimator needs to put, if it’s a one car garage or two car garage, then the next squares for them to put the trunk color. Uh, we do have as a box for removing the shutters and we need the total ciders. And then we had the next box is to install the shutters Mac and they have to let us know what the total shutters on that as well. And then we have one square for the install of battle gable vents and we just needed the total of that as well. Um, the next square is for the install of the cutters, um, just to put if it’s a bad inch or six inch and the footage. And then the last square is for the gutter guards on this estimate page. So if you weren’t even an estimate, just give us a call here at our home. Probate, roofing, roofing companies, local head, (502) 447-5672 or you can visit our website at Allen,