Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 69 Roofing Companies Louisville

Episode 69 for Ellen old permit roofing roofing companies level. Today here in Alanon permit roofing Murphy companies over booked. It’s going to discuss some of the roofing jobs that we have in our office. I’m on the schedule. Um, so let’s just go right on in. And the first job that going to talk about here at Allen home premier roofing roofing companies who will is this house is 35 squares. It has two layers of shingles on this house. It’s going to have to be removed. Um, this customer, he’s gone with the true def duration, a brown wood shingle. Uh, let’s see. It looks like there is a chimney on this house that we are going to be fleshing as well and we are wondering, install 52 feet of ice and water shield. Um, it looks like we’re running star eat, uh, bents and own. It’s only five feet of a drip edge. There is also actually a flat on this word, so we will be installing a three squares of the modified bitumen rubber roofing as well. And there are two power meant on this house that are going to be removed as well.

And there is um, a skylight. The weird that we are removing that the homeowner is no longer using. Um, this particular job is actually going to be on hold for a bid because they have got her helmet on their house and if we remove the gutter helmet it eliminates there a warranty with gutter helmet. So they have to have a, the people over a gutter helmet coming out, take it off and then they will reinstall it for them. The next roofing job, um, the real want to talk about here on home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville is an insurance job. Um, this customer, um, has 14 squares of roofing on the house. Um, they are going with the Oak Ridge at twilight black. Um, we are installing a hundred feet of drippage and 32 feet of regimen. Uh, it like our salesman did put a note to take two pieces of plywood.

Um, usually if our salesmen do that, that means they have worked, um, that would into the estimated price. Um, but most of the time we do not include the word just because we never know. But um, if they do see that there is what it needs to be replaced, they do install it in the are included in the estimated price for that customer. But also it looks like we’re going to be doing as some rapping for this customer as well. I don’t know. It’s like we’re going to wrap 35 feet of porch beans and four columns for this customer as well. The next we want to talk about here at Alamo, one thing, Roofing Companies Louisville um, is four 21 squares of working and this customer went with the upgrade to d twilight black. So that means they originally have the three tab shingle on their house.

We are putting ice and water shield in the valleys and installing 184 feet of drippage and the re over a fence. Um, we also have a note on here to repair, um, the shed edge and drip. So we will have our rivers do that as well while they are out installing the roof on this customer’s house. The next we are going to talk about is actually were for house and garage. It’s a little over 20 squares for both. This customer is going with Brownwood. We are installing ice and water shield in the valleys and a 248 feet of twerp edge around the perimeter and 52 feet of Richmond. Uh, 32 feet of that is on the House and 20 feet of that is on the garage. We’re also removing some gutter hangers and adjusting the gravity flow, um, on all the gutters for this customer on the house. Aim Barrage.

Uh, just, just so there was this white be ghettos drying better, uh, to the downspout and other remote job we’re doing here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies going forward. Um, is this a customer is actually a previous customer of ours and we are doing um, his personal house this time. Uh, this House has a 40 squares of morphine. There is a chimney that we are going to be a real flashing. We’re gonna start ice and water shield in the gutters and installed our beds around the perimeter. And we are also installing 52 feet of Ridge vent on this house as well.

I know it does seem like we have a lot of jobs in here on the schedule for roofing at the moment here at our home permit ripping roofing companies global. But um, all of these jobs are pretty much on hold until the weather clears up for us. Um, it’s either been too wet with the rain or to code with the temperatures. Um, we do not roof if it is below 35 degrees and here lately if it gets above 35 degrees, it’s raining. So, um, we’re not getting any help from other nature here in the roofing business here at Allen Ho permit working, working companies now I as soon as the weather turns around and we have a dry, warm temperatures, uh, we will be out briefing, um, all these jobs as soon as we can. And um, really, once we get started on these, it may take us just a week to get them all completed.

Uh, just because we do have a couple of words incurs so we’re not just working with one working crew, so we will be able to get these jobs knocks out. Like I said, as soon as the weather turns around here for us at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies spoke. So if you are needing an estimate for roof or roof repair, a roof replacement, siding, gutters, windows, some trim work, um, give us a call here at Allen Ho permit roofing, roofing Roofing Companies Louisville (502) 447-5672. And like I said, um, you can guess, give us a call and we’ll gladly take your information and get one of our sales guys out to take a look at your house for you. Or if you just have questions for us, you can give us a call as well. Uh, we are more than happy to answer any questions that anybody has. Like I said, our number here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies level is (502) 447-5672 or you can visit our website and they said, Alan [inaudible] dot com we hope to be hearing from me saying.