Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 68 Roofing Companies Louisville

Episode 68 for Alan home permit roofing, working companies local today here at Allen. Hold permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Um, I’m just going to talk about when a person calls in here to our office here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies global to get an estimate. I’m just going to walk you through some of the questions that are asked and the information that we need. A, when a person calls in here to Helen home premier roofing, roofing companies global. Um, I asked them what the estimate is for, um, I want to find this out before I get their information. Um, just because sometimes people call in thinking that we do, um, interior work, which we do not, so that just saves them time perhaps to tell me all their information if I know exactly what they needed, an estimate form. So once they, um, let me know what type of estimate that they are needing.

Um, I have actually, um, the, the type of estimates listed on the top of the information sheet that I give to ourselves. Man. Uh, so if they need a roof, I checked the estimate for the roof and we’ve got, um, from the gutters for windows if they need facial work done or if they need siding there soffits or if it’s a flat roof, if they need insulation, um, I will check the one that the customer is needing an estimate on. Uh, next I ask for their name, um, the customer’s address and the best phone number to reach them. Um, and then ask them if the house is a one story or two story. Um, we want to know this. That way I can let myself [inaudible] know what type, if it is a one or two story and that way they know what type of ladder that they’re going to need. Uh, if they have to get on the roof of a house with the two story, they know they’ve got to have a taller ladder. And we also ask, um, where they got our number. Um, we do like to track where our customers are getting our name. Um, just to kind of help us out about how our advertising is going here in Allen Hall, premier roofing, roofing companies.

Now once the information sheet is handed out to one of ourselves men and they set up the appointment with the customer, um, I actually have more information on the back of the worksheet for them. Such as if the estimate is for a roof, um, we have an area where they can fill out for the pitch of the roof. That way we know if it’s a steep roof or not. Um, that you put down how many layers is on the roof and if there’s a gate, if it’s opened or if it’s locked, if there’s access or if there’s no access, meaning is there a driveway or not? Um, how many stories is it? Um, although I know we get that information from the customer, but with the salesman being out on the house, this helps us out as well. And then they can put what type of bladder that they need it. That way we can let our workers know. Um, and we also want know if you have a chimney, if it’s a small chimney, I mean you don’t want on large chimney chimney.

And then we check the plow or the deck roof deck also to see if it’s plywood or deck board. Um, we put the on the drip edge, um, the size of it, that way we know what color it is. Um, it’s usually comes in a white, black clay or brown. Um, we put on there how many events, if there’s ridge bands, um, the pipes, uh, and then we also have on here for gutters, you know, the color of the gutters, how many downspouts. Um, so there is a lot of information that our office and our sales team puts on a customer’s worksheet.

Once this customer does, uh, agree to our contract here at Allen Hall, premier roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville, we do put that worksheet in the customer’s file. Um, just because when we go to order materials, it helps us out here in the office because we can see the salesman’s notes that they’ve made when they were at the house. Another thing I do here in the office, um, when the customer does call in to get an estimate is that if there’s any special instructions, um, I will write them out for our salesman just so they have everything that they need. And another thing we do here at Allen home permit, I think companies will, will that if a previous customer count across in letting us know that they have, um, maybe a week on there. Um, we do a little job sheet that we fill out, um, where we put the customer’s information and then um, there is an a window area where we detail it out.

Um, like where the customer is like eating. Um, when we were on the phone with the customer, we do ask a lot of questions. Um, if it’s on the front of the house, the back of the house, you don’t worry about is it, um, is it at the top part of the roof? Um, or is it down a more by the gutter line? Um, just to try and get as much information as possible. That way when we send somebody out there to fix the leak, they know exactly where to look and they’re not spending the entire time, uh, looking around the whole work, trying to find where this leak maybe. And if the leak is on a job that, um, like a roof that we had done here at Allen home permit, roofing working companies will, we will go back and pull the file, see through the roof for was um, when we do put down the year it was roofed as well just so that whoever we send out, they do know, um, basically the age of the roof. Um, if it was like they say if there’s a problem with the roof fan, maybe it’s like a year old. Uh, we do send that ripping later out. Um, so they can take a look at it. Uh, just so we don’t have to pay one of our other workers to go out and take a look at it. It’s the working crew leader’s job to go out and make sure that whatever’s wrong with the roof isn’t our fault and isn’t something that could have been prevented.

Um, one more thing I did forget to mention about when the customer calls in for the Colon worksheet, um, that I do for them. Um, there is also room for our salesmen to put if it’s an insurance claim, but the insurance company’s name and the claim number. Um, we do also sometimes email these customers. Um, they’re estimates so they do get their email address as well. Um, and we have an area where it, um, if it was storm damage, we can markup it’s wind damage, um, uh, tree damage or hail damage. So we do try to get as much information as possible here at Allen Hall permit roofing, roofing companies, global, uh, for our salesman. That way they know exactly what to expect, um, from when they’re going into a job. I know some are into to give them an estimate. Um, I know sometimes there are surprises than what we get over the phone, but most of the time they are well prepared. So if you’re needing an estimate, just give us a call here at Allen Ho, permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville