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Episode 65 and don’t permit roofing, roofing companies global today here at Alamo permit roofing, roofing companies level. Uh, we’re just gonna talk about some different jobs that we’ve done here over the past year. Um, the first job we are going to talk you about was actually, um, a siding job. Um, for this job we installed the Everlast siding with a 4.5 a profile. It was a total of three squares in the siding color that this customer had picked was flagstone. We did wrap, um, one piece, facia, um, on a corner post in white. It was a total of 42 feet and we also wrapped, um, a door opening that was a patio door. We did, um, remove an outside corner post and, uh, framed in eight new corner post, uh, to fit the brake openings that were already there.

We did install, uh, a brick mould casing around both a porch stores and wrapped them in aluminum. There was, um, some additional work that we did have to do on this house. Um, that was not what we had originally contracted, so there was an additional charge for that. Um, we did let the customer know they, they did understand that. Um, so what we do here here, ed Allan home permit, we’re faint working companies logo. If there is some additional work that needs to be done, um, or if the customer wants some additional work done, uh, we will let them know what the amount will be, um, and make sure that they okay. The work to be done before we do anything. Um, most of the time they do okay. It, um, but here at Allen home premier roofing working companies a little, uh, we will not do the work unless we get the okay from the customer.

And this customer actually is a previous customer of ours. Um, and so when they, when this customer originally, um, had us do some work for them here at Allen home permit roofing. Yep. Morphing companies local. Uh, it was actually by a referral. They were referred to us here. So that is how the Fisk customer, um, got in touch with us here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies global. The next job we’re going to talk about here in town, home permit roofing, roofing companies global is actually for a repair that we had done here. Um, this customer, um, actually had an issue with a leak. So what we did was we walked the roof and repaired any nail pops that we saw, a nail pops can calls, leaks in roofs. Um, we also removed the existing flashing that was around the chimney and installed, uh, ice guard around the base of the chimney and then installed new step and counter flashing on the chimney.

Uh, we’ve been installed a new shingles back in place. Um, the shingle color was chapel gray and then we stilled, um, around a pipe boot as well. Um, if a customer calls in here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies global and they have a roof leak, um, what we do is we um, see where exactly the roof leak is, but then we will also check the roof, the whole complete roof as well, just to make sure there’s not any more problems that they just haven’t seen yet. Um, from where like maybe the lake hasn’t made it into the, I made a spot on the ceiling just yet, so we want to make sure that we catch it before it does any damage to the interior of the house up for the customer. The next job we’re going to talk about here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies will, will, was actually for a previous customer of ours.

Um, he was having some problems with his chimney. So we went and took a look at the chimney. We didn’t find any problems, uh, with the roof or the flashing around the chimney. Uh, we did recommend to him that he gets somebody out to a scrape and paint the chimney again. And, um, we did let him know that we did find several areas of soft mortar in between the bricks on the Timney. Um, so what we did there, we did a plaza masonary water seal for a temporary repair, but we don’t work with chimneys. Uh, so we just did a temporary fix for him just so he wasn’t leaking anymore. Uh, but we did recommend that he get someone out who could fixed it properly. The next job we are going to talk about, um, was an insurance job. Um, and this particular customer is actually a friends with the owner here in Allen home and permit working companies global. Uh, this was for a roof. The total squares of the roof was a little over 22 squares. Uh, this customer went with the Sierra Gray shingle.

Um, there was, um, uh, to me on this house that we did, um, install a flashing around and there was a total of 312 feet of drip edge that was actually saved around the perimeter. It was not damaged and it was not in bad shape. So we worry, able to save the drippage. Um, there was a, so a total of 48 feet of Fritchman installed. Um, they did have a satellite on this house, um, that, that was not being used to sell. They did ask that. We just remove it. There was some, uh, rotten wood, so we had to replace 10 feet of one by eight on this house as well. Um, like I said, this was an insurance job. Um, so once the job was completed, we did send the information letting the insurance company know that the work had been completed.

The niche job we’re going to talk about was for a previous customer of ours. Um, this customer actually had a leak in their kitchen. So what we did was send our a roofing crew leader out, um, and he said that there was actually some decking nails that needed to be repaired. So what he did was just reset the nail and then sealed the shingle back. Um, sometimes what we do here is if our roofing growers don’t have, um, work to do a roof to do or, or if it’s just too cold or there’s a high percent chance of rain, um, sometimes our roofing crew leader will go out and take a look at some of these repairs for us, uh, just to see what’s going on with the roof. It’s easy for a refer to, uh, find the problems on the roof as long as we get, um, the detailed information from the customers.

And what I mean by getting detailed information is, um, we ask them a variety of questions. Like if they have a leak, where’s it at on your roof? Is it on the front of the house, the back of a house, you know, if it’s on the front, is it on the left or the right or the middle, you know, what is it close by? Um, just to get as much information as possible just so we can help. Um, our work in curlers out when they go to find this league, that way they not spending a whole lot of time at the house trying to figure out where this leak is. So if you are having, um, a roof that needs to be installed or repaired, um, you need siding, gutters, windows or trim work done. Uh, just give us a call here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies Lowell at (502) 447-5672 or you can visit our website at Allen,