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Episode 64 for Alan home permit roofing, roofing companies global. Today we’re just going to start off, um, just discussing some of the things that we aren’t doing right now here at Allen Ho permit roofing, roofing companies. Um, Lovo in the office. Um, since it is time we are getting all of our tax information, uh, ready to send to our a CPA just so we can get the taxes done here for Alan. Home permit, roofing, roofing companies, local. Um, we actually have already taken care of all of our um, subcontractor, got them all their information that they need for their taxes. And so now we’re just working on getting the business taxes completed. Um, just so we can get it to our CPA in, get this process finished as quickly and painlessly as possible here at Allen permit roofing, roofing companies local. Another thing we are doing here is actually um, getting um, the information samples, um, all stopped up for our salesman for when the weather does get a bit warmer.

They can um, have that information ready for them. Right now. It hasn’t been too busy here at Allen Home, premier roofing, roofing companies, global. Um, just because it has been so good. So code, um, and wet with all the rain. Um, it, it’s been a crazy winter here for us. Um, and just because if we get warmer weather where we can roof it rains. So we really haven’t been able to knock out as many jobs as we normally do around this time. It has been a very wet, um, January and February for us. Um, and it has been very cold as well. If it is under 35 degrees, we will not worth, um, just because with our manufacturer that is what they want us to do. Um, the shingles do not take well to the cold as do many people. Um, so we tried to have it 35 or above.

Um, honestly are working crews here at Allen home, pregnant roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville, local would probably work in the snow if we could. Um, just because they like to work, they want to get the work completed for the customers. Um, but we have been able to squeeze in, um, if you, um, roofing jobs, uh, this last couple of months, um, it hasn’t been a whole light and we have been able to squeeze out a few a gutter job as well. Um, siding, we did have one job that we are working on right now. Um, and like we have told the customer it’s kind of hit or miss just with the wet weather and the cold weather. Um, can’t really install siding went it is super code because the siding will split when you try to cut it. Um, so we have been in contact with the customer and let the customer know, uh, we have been there if we can get a decent day where it’s not raining and it’s not too cold.

We have been there. Um, I believe we were actually, I’m almost finished with this job. We may have a couple more ours to go. Not a whole lot more to do with this job, but it’s raining. So we’re kind of at a standstill at the moment. Um, but right now we are finishing up on this house is just some, sure. I’m work. So we don’t have the siding off the house so the walls are not exposed. Um, we’re just finishing up some lists. The little stuff for this customer here in Allen, home permit roofing, working companies global. Now we did actually, um, do a roof, um, yesterday. Um, it was warm enough where we could and there was no rain. Um, usually if there is rain in the forecast for the next day, uh, we do track to do the jobs that aren’t as many squares, um, to our rivers.

Uh, just so we know that it is a one day job for them. Um, right now, like I said, we’re kind of at a stand still just because of the weather. So when we do hand out a job, our work in crew leader can get, um, quite a large crew together just to do whatever the job that we give them. They can get that done usually within a couple hours, depending on how many men are working with our roofing crew leader here at an permit, roofing, roofing companies global. And most of the time it does not take over a day. So we can be anywhere from hours to complete to just one day. So like I said, depending on how many workers are a roofing curl leader gets together, uh, well it depended on how long get takes for the job, whether it be a couple of hours to the full day. Now we have have had a few leads this year come in here and out home permit, roofing, roofing companies, local.

Um, we have had some go ahead and sign the contract with this. Um, some are on hold until we get the warmer weather, uh, which is totally understandable. Um, but other customers are saying, you know, go, go ahead. And what we tell these customers is that once the weather changes and we get good weather, we will let them know where they are on the schedule. But with the way the weather has been here. Um, the beginning part of this year, it’s, it’s hard to pinpoint when that job is going to be completed just because of some of the jobs that we have in here. Uh, we don’t have a big low, uh, jobs that need to be finished. Our be started in finished here. Um, but we do have jobs on the board that we need to get to. So it’s kind of hard to tell customers right now, but we do let them know as soon as the weather breaks will get warmer weather, we can get them a better ideal of when we would be able to get to them, whether it be within a couple days, a week, couple of weeks.

Um, that way that gives them, you know, they know kind of where we are here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies a little, well, um, we aren’t out a couple of weeks actually. I mean, we don’t have that much work load on us right now. Um, it could be anywhere from, we can get them down into a couple of days to a week, honestly. But we’re just waiting on the weather. So like I said, we’re just telling them that once the weather breaks for us, we’ll let them know and our customers understand that and are fine with that. We do do courtesy calls as well, just to let him know, we haven’t forgotten about you. We’re just still waiting on the weather and they appreciate the call just as an update to let them know, even if they do know that the weather been obviously great, but they do appreciate the courtesy call just to say, hey, you know, worse, we still got you on the schedule. We’re just waiting for the weather. So if you are needing an estimate for roofing, siding, gutters, windows, some trim work that needs to be done, uh, give us a call here in Allen Hall, premier roofing, roofing companies level at Bible two four four seven five, six, seven two or you can go to our We look forward to serving you.