Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 61 Roofing Companies Louisville

61 permit, ripping, ripping companies mobile today here at Allen home permit ravine roofing companies. We’re just gonna jump right in and start discussing some of the jobs that we have done here over the past year. Uh, the first job we are going to talk about is a roofing job. Um, this customer actually was a referral to us here at Allen [inaudible]. Been working companies mobile, uh, this the house head 12 squares of shingles on it, um, as well. Um, this customer also head the three tab shingles originally on this house. Um, and decided to go with the upgrade to the Oak Ridge onyx block. She moved, we did install flushing, um, around a chimney on this roof and we installed one four inch pipe flashing. We also installed on the ice and water shield under the shingles in the valleys as well as 278 feet up drip edge around the perimeter.

This house did have a flat roof. So we did install a modified bitumen rubber roofing on this house. It was a total of 11 squares and we did so install, uh, Richmond on this house. Uh, which uh, total feet was half 51 feet. There was some rot wood on this house. Um, so we did in depth replacing, I’m a hundred feet of one bat eight as well. The next time we are going to discuss here at our home permit roofing roofing companies overall was an insurance job. Uh, this customer got our name out of one of the mailers that we are in here at Allen [inaudible] companies global. Uh, it was actually our magazine mailer that we are advertising in. Um, and this job was actually for the roof on the house, the shed and the garage. It was a total of 37 squares. This customer went with the Oak Ridge, uh, twilight, a black shingle.

Uh, we did install a new flashing around the chimney for this customer and there was also um, three, three inch pipe flash sheets in one four inch pipe flashing on this house. Um, as well as 87 feet of ice and water shield that wasn’t start in the valleys on this house. We did install 240 feet of drip edge around the perimeter on this house and installed um, non wordfence on this house and the garage. Um, we did also have some go to work on this house. We did remove 453 feet of gutters and downspouts on this house. Um, and we did install the fab age gutters back in place. This customer also wanted the gutter guards installed, which was a total footage of 353 feet of a gutter guard.

The next week we are going to talk about um, is actually a work that we’ve done. This customer just had us do the roof on his house and on the covered back porch. This customer had a total of 29 squares and this customer went with the Oak Ridge, a cray shingle. There were four, three inch pipe lashings and we installed a 74 feet of ice and water shield in the valleys on this house. We also installed 260 feet drip edge around the perimeter, uh, installed to, uh, we’re fans and 300, I’m sorry, 36 feet of Ridge vent on this house.

This particular roof was an insurance job. Um, so once this job was completed, we did send a job completion certificate to the Insurance Company, uh, just to let them know that the roof, um, and work had been completed and so that they could release any additional funds that they were withholding to the customer. The next door we are going to talk about is actually a gutter job and this particular customer was a previous customer of Allen Hall permit roofing or even companies global. This customer, uh, had s remove a total of 106 feet of gutters and downspouts. Uh, we did install back the hundred six feet of five inch gutters and downspouts. Um, the color this customer went with was the desert sand and there was also some gutter board that needed to be removed and replaced. Uh, so we did that as well. Um, we did also a pate, this gutter board to match the gutter board that she had already on her house.

Um, another job we’re going to talk about is actually another gutter job. Um, this customer actually got our name from, uh, one of the phone books that we advertise in here at Allen home permit. We’ve been working companies global. Uh, this was actually just a small gutter job. Um, it was the back porch and the right side of the house. Um, it was a total of 16 feet. The color of the gutter that we installed was sandstone and it was the bab inch gutters. The next roof we are going to talk about is actually a roof that we had done for a church. Um, this church actually, um, had two contracts with us, um, because they were two separate routes that they wanted us to install for them. Uh, the first one was a total of 45 squares and they went with the Oak Ridge desert, Tan a shingle.

We did install 260 feet of dirt bridge around the perimeter as well as 59 feet of Ridge vent. And there was a total of 132 sheets of plywood that had to be replaced on the second roof. It was a little over 32 squares. Um, the color was also Oak Ridge, Desert Tan. Uh, we installed 230 feet of drip edge around the perimeter as well as for events and 39 feet of Ridge vent, um, on this roof of the church. Um, the roof for the, uh, 45 squares, um, was actually a metal roof that we were tearing off. Um, so this roof actually did take a couple days. Um, most of the time, uh, we are in and out in one day. Um, if it is a really big roof that we are installing here in an home permit, roofing, roofing companies, local, um, it may take a day in a half, maybe two days, but this job actually took, I believe it was about three days to complete a just because both roofs were just, um, just a large amount of squares. And the one was a metal roof and we did have to take the metal off. So if you are needing an estimate for roofing, siding, gutters, windows, um, or you just have some trim work that needs to be done, just give us a call here at our home permit, roofing, roofing companies global at (502) 447-5672 or you can visit our website at Allen,