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The 64, Alan home permit, roofing, roofing companies mobile today here. Ellen home premier roofing roofing companies global. Uh, we’re just going to talk about some top that we have done here, um, over the past year. Um, the first one we’re going to go on to talk to my aunt is a working job that we had done. Uh, this particular customer actually got our name from the better business bureau and when this customer originally called in, um, it was because they had a roof leak. Um, but then she wasn’t sure if she needed a new roof or not. So we did check that for now while we were there. Um, this customer did ended up Katine he roof replacement. The total squares on this roof was 14. Uh, they had a three tab shingle on this roof originally. Um, and decided to go with the upgrade to d Oak Ridge.

See you’re a gray shingle. They were to a four inch pipe flashings on this roof that we installed in 190 feet of drippage, um, that we installed around the perimeter. We also installed two were fence. Um, and we actually did end up adding two additional bins on the house for this customer. Usually depending on the inhalation of, uh, the Ruth here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies, little over our salesman will suggest to the customer that they would recommend some extra fitting. Um, a lot of times the customer, they do take in to consideration what our salesmen do have to say about the Beta lading. Um, and a lot of times the customer does go with the additional um, events, um, to be put on their worst. The next up we’re going to talk about is a roofing job. And this particular customer actually got her name from the phone book that we advertise in here at Allen home permit roofing roofing company.

Well Fisk customer, um, head 27 squares on their house that they went with the Oak Ridge Brownwood. Uh, we also installed three three inch pipe flushings in one four inch pipe flashing as well as um, installed Weisen ice and water shield in the valleys on this work as well as 200, three feet of drippage around the perimeter of this house. Um, we also did install, I’m not convinced on this house and there was some rotten wood for a total of 50 feet on this house. Um, there’s particular customer did have the three tab shingle originally on their house and they decided to go with the upgrade to the Oak Ridge, um, shingle. The next up we’re going to talk about here, down home permit Ruffino reaping companies. Lobel is actually an insurance job. Um, this customer had a 16 squares on their house. Uh, they went with the autumn Brown shingle.

It’s a three tab shingle. We installed one, three inch pipe flushing as well as um, 160 feet of drip edge around the perimeter. We did install where you were bins and removed a satellite dish. That big customer was no longer um, using and there was some wood replacement on this house. Um, it’s uh, we replaced 110 feet of one bath eight on this house and when there is, um, would replacement, we do let the customer know because that amount is not estimated in the estimate that we give to the customers just because, um, my salesman can’t see the wood with their own eyes. Um, so we have to wait until our roofers get the shingles off. And then my refrig Curelator if there is rotten wood, we’ll let the office know. Uh, we will let the salesman or the salesman will let the customer know of the additional charge here at Allen Ho premier roofing, roofing companies global.

The next one we want to talk about was um, an insurance job and this customer was, um, I had actually 13 squares on this, uh, roof. They went with the awkward Brownwood. Uh, we did install a flashing around the chimney and there were two, three inch pipe flashing in one four inch pipe flashing. We installed 160 feet of drippage around the perimeter of the house as well as for weekends. Um, there was some additional work it had to be done on this house. Um, there was some wood replacement, uh, that we had to do and it was a total of a hundred feet and this was actually for one by 10 I tense. Um, and then we did install some, uh, facia metal on both gable ends as well. Um, that was an issue to work for this customer. This particular customer actually was a previous customer of ours here, Alan home permit working and we’re working companies and will the next job where you’re going to talk about was also an insurance job for Alan Ho premiate repeat working companies school.

And this particular customer was actually a previous customer of ours. Um, this house had 30 squares on it. This customer went with the true definition duration, um, brown wood shingle. They were two, three inch pipe lashings that we installed as well as 70 feet of ice and water shield and the valleys that was installed. We also installed 150 feet of drippage around the gutter line only on this house and installed, um, 10 bids on this house. Um, like I said, this was an insurance job. So we do work off the insurance paperwork just so that we make sure we get everything that they insurance has written out for the customer, how we will do our own, um, inspection of the roof just to make sure the insurance company didn’t leave anything out, which sometimes they do. So when that happens, we do a supplement to the insurance company and then once the work is completed, we sent them a job completion certificate just to let them know that the work is completed and that they can’t release any funds that are being held from the customer.

Um, which is usually the recoverable depreciation. Um, most insurance companies do hold money back until you get the work done. And then once the work is done, they will release all my money to the customer. So once, like I said, that is completed, we do send them the job completion certificate. That way the funds can be released to the customer. The next job we’re going to talk about is actually just a shingle repair. Um, this customer needed us to replace two shingles on the back of their house because there were, um, uh, we had found two bullet holes, um, in the, in the customer’s roof. Um, this customer actually had, she can goes left over from where their roof was done previously. So the customer did provide us with the, um, shingles, uh, what people don’t know what goes up, must come down. So that’s why we see, you know, if they have a boat hole, when they’re rude, they say that. And that’s what we tell our customers. So if you are needing an estimate, just give us a call here now and home permit roofing, roofing companies global at five oh two, four four, seven, five, six, seven two, or visit us on our website at [inaudible] dot com.