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For our home, probate, roofing, roofing companies, global. Today we’re going to talk about just some jobs that we’ve done here at Allen, home permit, roofing, roofing companies, global. Um, the first job I want to talk about is actually a previous customer of ours here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies, Louisville. Um, it’s actually for a condo where we had done, I’m actually their roofs. Um, and this particular unit was having some trouble with, they were saying that it was a roof leak. Roofing Companies Louisville, once we went and looked at it, we’ve found that it was actually a, the sop. It had been damaged on the front, um, and it was leaking into the mitre on the gutters. And so we did end up cleaning the inside of the gutters and we stilled, uh, two miters, uh, for this particular tenant. Uh, there were also having an issue where they seen a water stain on their ceiling above obey bay window area.

Uh, we’re a copper roofing cover was, um, we did find a small opening, uh, where the copper roof, uh, met with the term where it had uptime. Uh, Taryn angle. Uh, so what we did was we removed some loose a sealant that was on, on the, uh, the copper roof and we sealed it with DSL. Uh, just so that this particular tenant was not leaking anymore. Now with the copper roof, that is not something that we did here at Allen home premier roofing, roofing companies a little because we do not do copper roofs. Um, it was already, um, they are on these condos. Uh, we just went and sealed, um, the small opening. So this had nothing to do with something that we had done. It was something that actually we don’t, yeah, we don’t even deal with that type of roofing. So, Roofing Companies Louisville, like I said, it was installed previously before we got involved.

So we were just, um, helping, uh, this tenant out, uh, so they could stop leaking. The next job we are going to talk about, um, this particular customer, uh, actually had us do hurt gutters and society and work for her. Uh, this particular customer got her name from, uh, the magazine mailer that we are in every other month. Um, with the gutters, we removed 160, I’m sorry, 146 feet of gutters installed. We did install four squares, a fan foam insulation on the exterior wall of the house. And then the siding we installed was a d fab Dutchlap Vinyl Xing, our battle siding and in the customer went with white. We also installed, um, 172 feet of threeway soffit. We did wrap the soffit returns, which was Roofing Companies Louisville, there was a total of four and we wrapped a garage opening, um, which was an opening for a two car garage, two car. Um, it was a two car garage.

Um, there was a bay window, um, on this particular house we did rap and install siding. Uh, we installed the five inch a gutter guards are gutters, I’m sorry, that total 246 feet. And we installed the five inch gutter guards that, uh, was, uh, 84 feet, which just 84 feet on this particular house. The next job, um, I want to talk about is actually um, a previous customer of ours here at Alamo permit roofing, roofing companies local. And it is actually a church, Roofing Companies Louisville, that we have done a lot of work for at this particular job was actually for a vinyl fence. Um, a couple of years back we had installed a fence for them, um, which is something that we usually don’t do, but with them being a previous customer of ours, uh, we do try to lead more of a helping hand, uh, on kinds of things that we don’t do.

Um, if we can’t handle the job or if it’s something that we can’t, uh, uh, job, we can’t get done, we will refer them to somebody else. But this was actually something that we could take care of. Um, so what we did was, um, actually just installed a vinyl fence for them. Um, they, like I said, we did install it for them, one for them a couple of years ago. Um, and so we had to match it as close as possible, uh, because as we were looking for the same kind of fencing, we found that nobody carried that type of vinyl fence anymore. So we were trying to match it as close as possible for the church.

The next customer we’re going to talk about. Um, this was an insurance job. Roofing Companies Louisville, and this particular customer had 18 squares of roofing on the house. Um, this customer went with the Oak Ridge, so you’re a gray shingle and we did install flashing around the chimney and we installed a one a four inch pipe flashing. Um, there was a total of 10 square meters, I’m sorry, 10 feet of, uh, ice and water shield that was installed under the shingles on this house and 166 feet of a drip edge, uh, that was installed around the perimeter of the house. We did install to roof vents as well as 24 feet of Richmond on the house and there was some rotten wood on this house. Um, it was a total of 40 feet of wood that had to be replaced. This particular customer also head s, uh, remove and replace some windows, um, as well. Um, it was just a total of two windows. Um, they,


went with the Simonton series a window and it was the full view window. So they didn’t get the grids in the window and they went with the half screen. It’s that of the full screen. Uh, we did wrap the exterior casings in alone to complete the maintenance, uh, free window.

And this particular particular customer was actually referred to us here at Allen home permit roofing orphaned companies global and they actually um, just live around the corner from our office so we were close for them here at Allen Hall permit roofing, working company small. The next job I want to talk about is a roofing job that we did. This particular house and a little over 23 squares on house. Had this customer originally, uh, had a three tab shingle on the house but uh, upgraded to the Oak Ridge onyx block shingle. We did install flashing around the chimney. We installed one three inch pipe flashing in one four inch pipe flashing and installed ice and water shield in the valleys. Uh, this particular house actually had one and two layers on the house. Roofing Companies Louisville, meaning one part of the house had one layer, the other part had two layers. Uh, there was a drip edge installed at the gutter line only and there was eight a roof vents installed as well. So if you are needing an estimate, I’m on ravine gutters, windows, siding, just give us a call here at Allen home permit roofing, working companies