Roofing Companies Louisville | Listen to Episode 54 Roofing in Louisville

Episode 54 for alcohol permit, roofing, roofing companies local. Today we’re just going to go over some previous jobs that we have done here at an home permit, roofing, roofing companies global. Um, the first job we are going to talk about is a roofing job that we did here at Allen Humphrey Mint roofing roofing companies. A little, um, this particular customer, uh, had 36 squares on their house and uh, they actually went with a certainteed shingle. Um, the color was whether wood. We did, um, install new flashing around the chimney for this customer and installed one three inch pipe flashing for this customer. Um, as well as uh, installed ice and water shield and the ballets, um, under the shingles on this house. Um, there was 150 feet of a drip edge that we put around the perimeter and installed six roof vents on this house. Uh, this particular house did have a satellite dish that we did, uh, remove and re-install for this customer.

Uh, this particular customer got our name from one of the mailers that we send out. It’s the magazine mailer that we send out, um, where we actually, um, have coupons and with this mailer. Um, and you can end with this magazine. There’s other companies advertising as well, but, Roofing Companies Louisville, like I said, this is where this particular customer got our name was from that mailer. The next job I want to talk about is an insurance job. Um, this customer got us from one of the phone books that we advertise in here at Allen Ho permit working, working companies global. Um, and for this customer what we did, uh, was the roof for him. Um, as I said, it was an insurance job. Uh, this roof was a little over 28 squares. This customer originally had a three tab shingle on this house, but upgraded to the Oak Ridge aged cedar shingle.

Um, this customer had a two inch pipe flashing on the house as well as two, three inch pipe flashings and one four inch pipe flashings. Um, we don’t usually see the two inch pipe fashions on. It’s more of the three and the four. Um, but sometimes we do get a two and sometimes we actually get ’em a five inch. So, Roofing Companies Louisville, just to give you some of an ideal of what we do here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies global and the way the birthing process, how we invoice and all that is done here. Um, back to this customer. Uh, we did install ice and water shield in the valleys for this customer as well as 224 feet of drip edge around the perimeter and um, six or fence on this house. Uh, this customer, we actually had two satellite dishes on this house that we had to remove an reset for this customer.

Um, there was actually some drippage that didn’t need to be replaced. Roofing Companies Louisville, so we did break that down for the customer to discount that, um, just because it wasn’t all bad and it didn’t all need to be replaced. So we did give him the discount for what was it replaced by us here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies global. The next job we’re going to talk about here at Allen home permit roofing roofing company global. It was actually just um, ice small gutter job, uh, in what we did was uh, removed the existing gutters and downspouts on the right side of the garage for this customer. It was a total of 34 feet. And then we installed the fat inch gutter guard, our gutters and downspouts, um, back in place. Uh, the color was white in this particular customer. Actually got us from our phone book that we advertise in here at Allen.

Hope everything roofing companies global. The next job we are going to talk about here at Allen hold permit repaying roofing companies global, uh, was an insurance job. Um, and this particular job um, was actually for one of our salesmen here at Allen home premiere roofing, working companies global. Roofing Companies Louisville, we ended up installing 30 t three squares of shingles. Um, he went with the true definition duration, uh, driftwood shingle. We did flesh a chimney for him. We installed three, three inch pipe lashings for him as well as uh, installed ice and water shield and the valleys. Um, we also installed a drip edge around the gutter line only on his house and installed a three roof fence and, uh, 40 feet of rich band. Um, I know I’ve stated before that usually when we do the regiment, we do not do the, um, the roof fence as well.

Um, it really depends on how big the house is and where exactly, um, the Arab ins are going. Roofing Companies Louisville, obviously if they’re going over a garage that is fine. If it’s in an area where the rich is not, um, we do install the air, uh, roof fence. Um, so just to kind of give you an ideal and then what you’re not saying, what is she, what are we talking about here? Um, so we act the, we did install, um, I knew too bad too. I’m a skylight as well that was damaged in the storm. We did remove his gutters and downspouts as well and that was a total of 296 feet. And we installed the six inch gutters and downspouts back on his house. And um, he’s got her color was white. Um, one thing about this particular customer, as I said, he is one of our, uh, sales members here, but he’s actually also a previous customer of ours here at Allen on premier roofing roofing companies.

A little, the next time I want to talk about is just a small, um, Gutter Guard job actually. Um, we ended up installing, I don’t report feet of five each gutter guard on this customer’s house and this particular customer was referred to us by his dad and his dad had used us. So, um, he had gone with us as well. Roofing Companies Louisville, the next job is actually a gutter guard job as well. Um, this was 129 feet of gutter guard in this wasn’t, it was actually for the six inch gutter guard and this customer also was referred to us. We do like when previous customers do refer other customers to us. Uh, the next step I want to talk about is, um, some brick mortar and, um, some j channel they needed to be replaced. Um, we also did install, uh, some sanity to be fit back into the new brick line.

Um, usually this isn’t, uh, what we usually do. We don’t work. Like for the brick and mortar, we ended the patent, had chisel it back, uh, the brick. So that’s not usually something we usually do and we do replace j channel and all. Um, but this was a previous customer of ours. Um, and we do try to take care of our previous customers here in Allen Hall, permit roofing, roofing companies, local. So if you are wanting to becoming a customer of ours, um, just call us here at Babel two, four, four, seven, five, six, seven, two, or you can visit our website at [inaudible] dot com.