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Episode 52, Alan home permit roofing, roofing companies mobile. Today you hear at our home premier roofing roofing companies level. We’re just going to continue our discussion on the type of work that we do here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies, Lowville and work that we’ve done throughout the previous year. Um, a majority of our work here at Alamo premier roofing roofing companies, a Louisville is usually roofing and gutters. We usually don’t have as many window inciting jobs as we do a roofing and gutters. Uh, but this particular job that I want to talk about was actually for window replacement. Um, this particular customer had as remove 26 windows in their house and, uh, we installed the extreme 6,000 series of battle replacement windows and the customer went with the full view window with no grids as well as the half screens. And instead of the full screen, uh, we did wrap all exterior casings in a white aluminum, uh, to complete the maintenance free a window.

This particular window had a bronze exterior and then a white interior. Uh, we did have to remove and replace some interior trim casings. Um, once they were re-installed or once they were placed, I’m sorry. Uh, we did paint them white to match what the customer, Roofing Companies Louisville, ahead in their house already. Uh, there was some exterior carpentry work for rotten wood and we did have to build up the bottom of some sill plates. Um, just because, uh, the window, a couple of the windows were actually not the correct says, uh, the window openings were bigger, but the manufacturer, uh, did not make the size that we needed. So we did have to build up the window a little bit just so it did fit correctly and to this area for this customer as well as, um, you know, we made it look not like it was not supposed to be, they’re not like it was the wrong, but we made it look like that window was meant to be there for this customer. The next job we are going to talk about is um, oh repair that we had to do to some and on a greige. Um, what we did was we re attach some starter strip, um, and replaced two pieces of d for Creem society. Um, on this garage, uh, we did also install some hangars in the gutters just because, um, the gutter wasn’t very level, so we were trying to fix that for the customer as well.


Um, and we did also still some concrete, Roofing Companies Louisville,

just because there was a gap where some siding had been replaced for this customer. Um, and so we were just trying to fix that for them so they didn’t have any more problems out of this. Um, this customer was not a previous customer of ours. Uh, this particular customer got us from, um, the one of the phone books that we advertise in here in Allen Hall, permit roofing, roofing companies, local. Um, so that gives you an ideal of some times, um, a customer will have a different company do the work, but when something happens, um, either they can’t get in touch with that particular company, um, or that particular company is no longer in business. Uh, a lot of times that we’ve seen we’re customers have called us to come out and help them with any problems that they may have. Um, with the hat, with our house.

The next job we’re gonna talk about here at Allen Home Premiere roofing, roofing companies global, um, was to actually just wrap a garage door opening. Uh, this was a two car garage door opening, uh, that this customer want it wrapped. Uh, we did wrap it in white and actually this customer did have some additional work that needs to be done. Uh, we did have to replace, um, uh, a two by six framing area on the garage door opening, um, due to a rotten wood. Roofing Companies Louisville, so we did that for them. Uh, you can’t really, um, wrapping area with rotten wood because you can’t get the nail to stay. So we did replace that for them. And actually that was the only additional work that we had for this customer. This particular customer. Um, she actually got us from the phone book as well here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies level.

The next stop we’re going to talk about is I’m actually a gutter job. Uh, we did end up removing, um, 13 feet of gutters and downspouts. Um, and we actually had to remove a mesh had that was in the gutters as well. Um, usually this mesh pad is, uh, like, Roofing Companies Louisville, uh, cheap gutter guard. So what we ended up doing here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies. Lobel was, um, installed some gutter guards for this customer. Um, it was 103 feet that we installed. We also installed, I’m a six inch downspout on the front of their house, um, and removed the fab inch down’s about that they originally had, uh, on the front of their house. Uh, we’ve have seen this a number of times where people have the fab inch gutters but want to go with the bigger downspout. Um, as long as the customer lets us know when we are there, we can put it on the contract. Um, that way we can let our gutter crewleader know exactly what the customer wants when he is headed out to do their job.

The next job we are going to talk about is actually a skylight job. This particular customer just needed us to replace a two by two, um, skylight on the rear of her house. Um, we did inform the customer that the shingles that we would be using, um, on the house once we installed this skylight would not match the shingles that were on her house at the moment. Uh, this customer was fine with it just because it was on the, the back of her house. So, um, she was okay with it not matching, uh, just because you know, we, you get the fade factor, Roofing Companies Louisville, age and all that. So it’s really hard to, uh, met shingles when they are older and they have been weathered and in all. But we do let the customer know that and we do put that on their contract, let them know that. And this customer was actually fine with that. Uh, this particular customer, um, actually knew the owner, so, uh, that’s how they got our name. So if you are needing an SMN for roofing gutters, I’m siding windows. Roofing Companies Louisville, Trim work does give us a call here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies local at five oh two four four seven five, six, seven two or you can visit our We look forward to hearing from you.