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Episode 51 out on permit roofing, roofing companies. Lobel today here at Alamo permit roofing. And we’re just going to continue our discussion on, um, jobs that we’ve done the previous year. Um, this first job that I want to talk about was actually this customer was having a roof leak problem. Uh, so, Roofing Companies Louisville, he called us out, nope. Would come take a look at his roof or heal. Um, this was a previous customer of ours. Um, so, um, it hadn’t been that long since we installed his room here to home premier roofing, roofing companies, local. Um, so we did go out and take a look, see what was going on. Oh, what we’ve found was that there was a lot of tree debris, um, and um, in his, in the JG and all along a wall area. So what we did is we did clean out the tree debris.

Um, we also, uh, sealed the j channel at the corner in case debris from the tree. Um, trees developed again just to make sure that this customer did not have another leak, king problem. Um, and we did walk the roof, make sure there was nothing else wrong with the roof. There was not. So this, this customer, like I said, he was a previous customer of ours and we do like to take care of our customers here at Allen home roommate roofing roofing companies. The next time I want to talk about here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies. Lobel was actually Roofing Companies Louisville, an insurance job that we had. Um, this customer, we installed their roof for them. This customer had over 51 squares of roofing on their house. Uh, this customer went with the true definition duration, uh, Pacific wave shingle. We uh, did install a new aluminum flashing as needed and then we installed a three three inch pipe flashings on this house. We also installed, um, whether whether an ice and water shield in the valleys of this house as well as um, 205 feet of drip edge around the perimeter. Um, we also installed a tin roof fence and we removed and reset a satellite dish for this customer.

Since this was an insurance job, we do work off the insurance paperwork and once we are completed with the work, um, if it is an insurance job, what we will do here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies, little is Sindh the insurance company, a job completion sheet, um, that just states that the work that we have done is completed. And because most of the time insurance companies will hold a recoverable depreciation and once the work is completed, the customer will get that money as well. So, um, usually insurance companies will send you sent out one check and then once the job is finished, they’ll send the rest of the money for the customer. And actually this particular customer was a friend of one of our, uh, salesman. So that is how they got, Roofing Companies Louisville, how they, we got their business here at Allen health permit, roofing, roofing companies local. The next job we’re going to talk about here at Alanon permit roofing roofing companies. Local, um, is actually a job where we did the roof and gutters on this house.

Um, so what we’ll do is just talk about the roof first. Uh, this customer originally had a three tab shingle on their house. They went with the upgrade to twilight Black Shingle, the Oak Ridge twilight black shingle. Uh, we did, uh, install some new, uh, aluminum flashing as well around the chimney and we installed one four inch pipe flashing. We also installed a drip edge around the perimeter and three, um, roof vents. This customer did have a satellite dish on their worry of that. Uh, they were no longer using. So we removed and discard the satellite dish for them. Uh, there was some, a rotten wood on this house. Um, so we did, um, and stall, it was 20 feet of rotten wood that was replaced on this house. Um, for the gutters. We removed in and start 182 feet. Um, the color the customer and went with was white and at the Roofing Companies Louisville, get her size with the five inch gutters. We act also installed and get her guards on this house as well. And that was 124 feet of the gutter guards.

This particular customer, um, we got our name. Um, one of the mailers that we send out, this particular mailer is I’m a magazine that has a different advertising, different coupons for businesses here in our area and I don’t know premier roofing roofing companies will, will. Um, so that is how this particular customer, Roofing Companies Louisville, heard about us sometimes here in alcohol permit roofing, roofing companies global, uh, we will get a call, um, for a customer that would need to have their roof inspected. Um, we do give free estimates here at Illinois permanent roofing, roofing companies, Louisville. Uh, we do charge for inspections, uh, just because we have to fill out a report to send to the insurance company. That way they know that we have been out to take a look at the roof. Uh, usually what we do with the inspection report is we will list the address of the property and then let them know, um, about how old the roof is and if it is in good condition or not.

Um, if there is, Roofing Companies Louisville, some repairs that need to be done, we will say those as well. For this particular customer. The roof was approximately 10 years old and it was in good condition. Uh, the roof did have some nail pops, um, that we did a fix for him and we can, we kind of asked him, estimated that the roof had approximately, might be bad to 10 years left of life in it. So what we’ll do is we put that all in a report to the insurance company. That way they know that a roofer has been out to look at it and, and we can give them ideal of the life expectancy on the roof. So if you are needing an estimate for roofing, siding, gutters, windows, gutter guards trim, uh, just give us a call here at Allen Hall, permit roofing, roofing companies global at Babbo two four, four, seven, five, six, seven two or you can visit our website at [inaudible] dot com we look forward to hearing from you.