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Episode 50 Frown on permit roofing ripping companies logo. We just want to continue our discussion here down on premiere roofing. I think companies will about, um, job that we have done. Um, this past year we did have a hail storm come through this area. So, um, a lot of our work, um, the second half of the year was insurance work. Roofing Companies Louisville, so we just want to talk about some of the work that we’ve done. Like I said through the year here in Alanon permit roofing, roofing companies will just give people an ideal of what we do here. Um, the first off we are going to talk about um, this customer actually knows the owner, so that’s how they got our, Our Name. Um, this was an insurance job, this customer, um, and over 18 squares of roofing on the house. This customer also went with the Oak Ridge Desert Tan.

Um, uh, we, we uh, did install new aluminum flashing around the chimney and we installed three inch pipe flashing. Um, just one actually. Um, we also installed 178 feet of tripit around the perimeter and removed bat, uh, with fence. Uh, we installed 48 feet of Richmond and removed and reset a satellite dish and there was some, uh, wood replacement on the here due to rotten wood. So we did inform the customer that, um, now just I want to point out how, um, we didn’t put, um, install, uh, the roof fence that we just removed them. And that’s because, um, this customer went with the installing of the ridge band instead. We do not do both. Um, rich fan and events. Um, just not what we do here and I’m actually not what you’re, you’re not really supposed to do that. So, um, it’s not up to code when you knew that the next job, we’re going to talk right here to Ellen and premier roofing. Working companies will, Roofing Companies Louisville, just wasn’t worth repair job that we did.

This customer actually just needed us to reinstall some shingles and say along, uh, which we were glad to help her with. She actually was referred to us by her parents. Um, so we were very grateful for that, that they had, um, recommended us. This customer did have some shingles missing thought there may have been held the image. Um, but there was not. So that’s why we just did the roof repair for her. The next job we are going to talk about was, is actually, um, for a flat roof. Um, and some gutters that we did for, um, for this particular customer.

We did, um, install some drip edge around the perimeter of the, of the flat roof and it was 90 feet that we installed the monopod. Betamin rubber roofing that we installed was just five squares. He and the color was grace late. Uh, we did remove a men stack mon the second level and Roofing Companies Louisville, feel that end for the customer. Uh, they were no longer in need of that Ben Stack. So asked if we could just take that out while we were there. Uh, which we were glad to do to help this particular customer out. There was some rhyme plow would that we did have to fix and replace. So, um, it was actually just two, two sheets and there was an additional charge because we did add an additional layer on the flat roof. Um, that was not actually seen the first time for the gutters.

We installed, removed ane installed 57 feet of six inch and this customer went with um, the uh, white gutters on this particular house. The next time we’re going to talk about here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies. Lowville um, was actually one where we will just um, actually just installing, I’m a vinyl porch ceiling. Um, it was four squares. Um, this customer also had us in removing installed 298 feet of six inch gutters, um, with the color a deep granted. Um, there was some additional work added us on this particular job. We had to um, cut back the existing, I got hers on both sides of the porch and in to frame it, the sad in of the port. Um, and we also, uh, re-installed in cabs and see old those on the gutters. We framed in both sides of the porch and installed a vertical bead board.

Inside. Ain’t out. We did wrap the bottom of the framing for the sides of the porch and we could roofing back and installed aluminum to box and openings above the gutter line. We also in rent a wrapped my bay window and installed to a, uh, facia across the top of the house. Roofing Companies Louisville, and we feel it in areas where the framing contractor didn’t frame properly with aluminum. Um, so that was a majority of our issue on this job. Um, we also, uh, installed blinds on the sides of the porch for this customer and on the front of the ports for this customer.

And we installed, um, guide her flashing as well. Roofing Companies Louisville, this particular customer actually knew the owner, so that was why they went with us, but like I said, um, be additional work was a little bit more intense than then that wouldn’t, we had expected, um, because the original contract was just for, um, to do the porch ceiling and the guiders. Um, and then we came into all this other problems from where framing wasn’t done correctly. So, um, we tried to help this customer out as much as possible. Um, and they did know, uh, before he in that it wasn’t going to be fixed, um, perfect properly. Um, just because if we were going to try to do that, we would have to basically tear down the house. It’s not what we do here down on permit roofing, roofing companies level. So, uh, we tried to fix it, we fixed it to the best of our abilities.

Um, and the customer was satisfied with the work that we did for them here at animo permit roofing, working calm, peaceful. The next job we go on to talk about, um, was actually for a previous customer of ours. He and he just needed us to come down and request some splash guards. So for him, Roofing Companies Louisville, he wanted the splash guards to be longer and higher than the ones that were originally installed on his house. So we went out and did that for him. Like I said, this was a previous customer of ours here at Allen home permit, ravine working companies local. The next job we’re going to talk about was actually a siding repair and we had to remove some siding on the back. Right and left side of this building and remove shingles in the same area. We had to actually do some step flashing on the chimney, which was why we did remove the siding because the chimney had siding on it. I, we re-installed the chimney are the pain, the back pain on the chimney in, reinstalled the siding back in place. So if you’re needing an estimate here from us at Allen boot permit and roofing working companies global, please give us a call at (502) 447-5672 or visit our website at [inaudible] dot com.