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Episode 47 for Alan Ho appointment roofing. We companies normal today here at Allen home permit rupeen roofing company school or uh, we are just going to continue and to stay calm down this road of where we are talking about, um, just some of the previous jobs that we’ve had here at our home permit and roofing, roofing companies, local. Um, this approach job. We are going to discuss. Uh, we did the roof for this customer. This customer actually got our name, um, because I was, he was actually um, working, um, at a place where we were actually getting some shirts made and um, he had saw our logo and saw that we were in roofing and so he had asked for an estimate from us. Um, but this customer, he um, went with the Oak Ridge Desert Tan. She know he had a total of 46 squares on his house. Uh, we installed three, three inch pipe flashings and one four inch pipe by sheet. And we also installed the ice and worship in his, um, Bally’s. Uh, we did do, Roofing Companies Louisville,

the drip edge around the perimeter as well. And we installed one word fit and 40 or 64 feet of bridge band. He did have some rotten plywood. So we did end up using two sheets of plywood as well. Another job or you’re going to talk about here at Allen home permit roofie morphing companies will, will, is a repair that we actually did. Roofing Companies Louisville, this customer was having some problems with their chimney. So what we did here at Allen hold permit roofing, roofing companies global was silk to meet with the Thompson water seal. We did end up in two coats on the chimney and then we also removed and replaced um, some wind damage singles that was on the front door of this house, the shingle Kohler that was on this customer’s house. Um, was it desert tan. The next job we are going to talk about is actually a previous customer of ours.

Um, this customer we removed some existing modified on a flat that she had on the back of the house. Um, and we removed some existing word, Roofing Companies Louisville, where some holes were in the room as well. So we installed new wood back in place in salt a base sheet and then we installed the modified BIM in rubber roofing. Um, the color was black of the modified Ayn noted up. We’re going to talk about here at El, no permit roofing roofing company. He’s global is a roofing job with me. I’ve done it here down home permit for the theme where every company, there’s mobile. This customer here actually got our name from uh, one of the phone books for this customer. We did um, their roof. Uh, they actually did the three tab shingle. Um, whether would, uh, there was a total of over a little over 23 squares on this roof. We installed two, three inch pipe machines and we did some ice and water shield and the valets of this house as well. Amy installed 300 feet of drip edge around the perimeter of the house. Um, we did also install a Richmond on this house. It was 68 feet.

The next child we are going to talk about is a repair job that we had done. Um, and this was actually for a rental for, I’m a previous customer of ours. Um, he was having some chimney problems. So what we did was we sealed the counter flashing on the chimney. Um, we did, uh, we did several areas where it leaks could occur in a blowing, Roofing Companies Louisville, heavy rain, um, because it seemed that that was the only time that he was having the chimney, a leak problem. Uh, we did also sale, we also see the um, front pan flashing, um, and valley where it meets the corner of the chimney just to make sure that we covered every area where water could be getting in for this customer. The next job we are going to talk about was um, a birth that we had done and this customer, we actually only did the front part of the roof.

This customer was actually a referred to us here at Allen Hall permit roofing, roofing companies global. Um, and as I said, we had just installed the roof on the front part of the house only. Um, this, I did have two layers on it. Um, the total squares on it was over a set of in squares at this customer went with the three Tab Desert Tan and we did in depth saving the drip edge around the, so we did not have to re install any new trip edge. And um, there was some Broughton would, uh, that had to be replaced.

The next job we are going to talk about was actually for a new construction and this customer came to us. Roofing Companies Louisville, actually he was referred, he was referred to as actually about his, um, dad who had actually has actually used us here at Allen Hall permit roofing roofing companies. Lowville. So what we did do, um, with the new construction, um, was we installed Owens Corning true def a duration driftwood shingles. Um, it was a total of 64 squares. We also installed, um, 12 feet of step flashing on this house. I’m like I said, 80 was a new construction job that we did and we installed 108 feet of ice and water shield on this and 366 feet of drip edge around the perimeter. Uh, we did also install, um, Owens Corning starter strip and it’s 366 feet of that and 128 feet of Ridge vent.

Another job we’re going to talk about is a shingle repair that we had done for him. That guy’s dumber. Um, we ended up happening to lift up some shingled haves and seal a large area of nail pops at this customer had and then we did a still the shingles back in place for this sheet are for this customer here at Alamo permit roofing. When I think of he’s local. Another job we did at our home premiere roofing roofing companies global. Um, this customer was actually, uh, had gotten our number from a postcard that we sent out in the mail. Roofing Companies Louisville, but this customer had 60 squares on their house and they went with the Oak Ridge Brownwood. Uh, we installed a to three inch pipe flashings and one four inch by flashing. We also installed ice and water shield and we also installed 405 feet of drip edge. We also installed, um, one square, a monopod been and writer rubber roofing. Um, for this customer. Um, we also installed 13 air vents and we did whether lock two skylights for this customer. So if you are needing an estimate for roofing, gutter, windows, siding and gutter guards trim, um, just give us a call here at Allen Ho permit roofing, roofing companies will, and (502) 447-5672. Or you can visit our website at [inaudible] dot com. We look forward to serving you.