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Episode 40 for on permit roofing roofing companies today here in Allen Hall, permit roofing roofing companies, a little bowl of which is going to continue talking about, um, the job that we’ve previously done over the past year here at Allen Hall. Permit review roofing companies won’t. Roofing Companies Louisville, one job we’re going to talk about, um, it was an insurance job. Uh, this customer actually knew one of our salesmen, so, um, that was why um, he’d gone with Peking us here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies will um, we ended up doing his roof along with um, his gutters. Um, the roof was, um, 31 squares and that this customer went with, went with the true depth duration of Harper blue shingle. We installed two, three inch pipe flashings. Uh, we um, put ice and water shield in the valleys and installed 250 feet of drip edge around the perimeter. We also installed, um, working bands. Um, the gutters were six inch and the customer went with Everest as the color of the gutters. The footage that was removed and installed was 44 feet.

The next job we’re going to talk about was an insurance job as well here in don’t permit roofing, roofing companies mobile. And this customer actually, um, knows the owner. So that is how my, Roofing Companies Louisville, no. Um, out of the alcohol permit in roofing, um, what we did hit on for this customer, uh, we did the roof for the house and the garage. Um, the total squares on this was a 23 squares and this customer went with the Oak Ridge twilight black. Um, there were, uh, two pipe flashings, a one three inch, four inch. We installed 254 feet of drip edge. We removed three turbine mints and we installed 36 feet of Richmond, um, for this customer. And since this was an insurance job, um, we do, Roofing Companies Louisville, everything, um, per insurance paperwork.

So whatever the insurance paid, that’s what we go back here at Allen from roofing work and companies will the next job we’re gonna talk about, um, we ended up doing, um, I roof and gutters for this customer. This customer originally had a three tab shingle on their house. Roofing Companies Louisville, so they did go with the upgrade to the Oak Ridge, a shingle. This customer, what would the Oak Ridge Brown would, she goes, um, it was the roof was 19 squares. Um, we did, um, install three, three inch pipe flashing and one four inch pipe passion on this house. Uh, we s we did install the ice and water shield. We installed hundred 70 feet of drip edge around the perimeter and we installed three worth. It’s this customer had a satellite dish and so we removed in reset it as well. Um, the gutters that we um, removed and installed, um, where total, uh, 245 feet, um, this customer with a six inch gutters and tools, the color almond, uh, for her gutters.

The next one we’re going to talk about here at Allen permit roofing roofing companies global. Um, was I got her job where we only installed the gutters on the house only. Um, the footage of the gutters and downspouts were 224 feet. The customer, um, had five inch gutters on our house and they did, Roofing Companies Louisville, the color white, um, catered for school. The next time we’re going to talk about here at Allen Ho permit roofing roofing company. Scrollable was actually, um, just I repair this customer had, has removed some shingles and replace some bad wood on the rear of her house. Um, the Roofing Companies Louisville, section of the house and it was a 15 foot by seven foot section and it turned out that we didn’t have to replace as much wood as, um, what would you like figured in her estimate? So, um, we actually, uh, did take money off, um, for the wood that was, uh, we did not have to use.

Um, so our, uh, bill actually ended up being less than what her original estimate was. Four. Um, and this particular customer was actually referred to us here at Allen home improvement in woofing woofing companies will, the next time we’re going to talk about, um, was a estimate, I’m sorry, with an insurance job. And this customer is actually, um, a friend of one of our estimators. And so that is how he got our number. Um, what we did for this particular customer. Uh, we did the roof on his house and shed. Roofing Companies Louisville, the total of squares for the house ain’t shit, uh, was um, over 18 squares. Roofing Companies Louisville, this customer went with the Oak Ridge pepper mill, gray shingle. Um, we had to install one three inch pipe flashing and one four inch pipe flashing. We did ice and water shield, the valleys and we also installed a seven or it’s a, this customer did have some rotten wood.

Um, it was actually just 10 feet. Um, so that was an additional cost to him that we did inform him of. Um, so that it, he was not caught by surprise when receiving the invoice from us here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies logo. The next job we’re going to talk about, um, is a roof, um, withdraw as well. Um, this customer actually got our number from the better business bureau. Um, and this was a roof for his house and garage. Um, this customer, uh, had 33 squares total on how house and garage. Um, this customer also went with the Oak Ridge, a twilight black. Um, he had two, three inch pipe flash that we installed and one four inch pipe fashion that we installed. A, we did ice and water shield, the valleys and um, the drip edge we installed a was 300 feet. Uh, we also installed a six foot fence and 24 feet of, uh, Richmond.

Um, this goes, did also had a satellite dish that we did remove and then, um, reset back for him. So this just gave you a little bit of an ideal of what we did, what we do here at El, no permit roofing, roofing companies, local. Um, I do know that most of what I talked about, um, his roofing, but we do also siding and windows and gutters. Roofing Companies Louisville, so if you need an estimate, just give us a call at five oh two four four seven five, six, seven two or you can visit our website at Allen,