Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 39 Roofing Companies Louisville

Episode 39 per Alan home permit roofing roofing company slogan. Today here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies go full. Um, we’re just gonna keep talking about, um, the sound, the jobs that we’ve done. Um, like I had mentioned earlier, uh, just want to let people know of the types of different jobs that we do here at Allen. Hold permit, roofing, roofing companies, little. Um, the first job that we’re going to talk about today was an insurance job that we had done. Um, this job was for the roof and some siding. Roofing Companies Louisville, this customer, uh, had a three tab shingle on their house. They did end up going with, um, the Oak Ridge Sierra Gray. It was a little over 32 squares on this house. Um, now when we are doing insurance jobs and if it has a three tab shingle on the house, that is what the insurance company is paying for.

The insurance company is not going to pay for the customer to get an upgrade. So that’s actually money that is coming out of the customer’s pocket. Uh, we installed to a three inch pipe flashings. Uh, we installed 280 or 18 a feat of drip edge and six or fence. Um, this customer did have a satellite dish that we had to remove and reinstall for them. Uh, there was some, uh, would that needed to be replaced. Um, uh, this was at the top of the house, uh, near the ridge area. Um, and it was a total of 50 feet that needed to be replaced because of a rotten wood. Um, the Saudi that we had done on this house here at Allen won’t permit roofing, roofing companies global, uh, was at the, uh, front, the left and the right side of the house. Roofing Companies Louisville, it was only a total of 14 squares of this customer did the D for a siding and the color was white, which was actually good for us because, um, our suppliers carry the White, um, if you get a special color, most of the time those have to be ordered. Uh, just because our suppliers, uh, don’t have the space to carry every shingle color. So, um, some colors they do carry a y is one of them. Um, but other colors, we do have a to do a special order for them and sometimes it does take a little bit, um, uh, for us to get them. And then it means the customer siding job is on hold.

And actually this particular customer I’ve got us from, um, the phone book as well. One of the phone looks that we actually um, advertise in as well. Um, one thing that this customer, uh, did do was uh, they sent us a little thank you note thanking us for the work, um, letting us know that it was done very professionally and they appreciated it. Some customers do write us little notes here at Allen Home Premiere roofing, roofing companies will, will, um, some people, um, when they do the notes they Mellum and with their payment or Roofing Companies Louisville, our customers will go and uh, leave a Google review for us. Um, which is really nice because that lets other potential customers know of the work that we’ve done and how people appreciate the work we do here at Allen home premier roofing, roofing companies, local. The next job we are going to talk about is for customer who um, actually got our name from one of our phone books. Again. Um, what we did for this customer was the, uh, roof and gutters. Roofing Companies Louisville, this, uh, roof actually had two layers on that we had to remove. This customer originally had at three tab shingle on my roof. They upgraded to an Oak Ridge h cedar shingle.

We also installed two two inch pipe flashings on this roof. Um, which is actually something you don’t, we don’t see a lot of, we don’t see a lot of the two inches. We see three or four inch pipe flashings but this particular house had the two inch pipe flashings on it. Uh, we also installed ice and water shield in the bellies and 203 feet of garbage around the perimeter. We also installed by Rubens for this customer. Uh, there was um, some additional cost, um, to the uh, roof estimate because I’m only a one layer of shingles was visible to ourselves, a salesman’s high. Uh, sometimes what rivers do if they do a layover, they kept back. Um, some of the, she goes, so you can’t really see that there was an extra layer there. So the customer will, we did have to add a charge for the additional roof and we did have to replace it just a half a sheet of plywood because it was rotten on this customer’s house. Um, we did also install some gutters, um, and that was a total of 278 feet of gutters and downspouts. Roofing Companies Louisville, the customer went with Fab inch and she went with the Victorian grey, um, collared for her, uh, gutters.

Another job that, uh, we had done here at Allen hope premier roofing, roofing companies mobile is a roofing job. This particular customer and actually got us from the, uh, better business bureau. This was for a roof. This customer originally had a three tab shingle. Um, he, they did end up upgrading to the Oak Ridge Brownwood. Uh, we installed a two, three inch pipe flashings and one four inch pipe flashing. We installed 168 feet up drip edge and we installed two turban Vince on this house for this customer. Now if you’re in a need for a roof, gutters, windows, siding, some trim work, uh, give us a call here and Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies global at five oh two four four seven five six, seven two or you can visit And you can just look at sea, um, about the services that we offer and let us know what we can help you with. Thanks and have a good day.