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Episode 37 for alcohol permit roofing, roofing companies, don’t they? We’re just going to continue talking about some of the jobs that we’ve done over the past, uh, year here in Allen home from it, roofing, roofing companies, little well. Um, and the first job that we’re gonna talk about today was actually, um, a gutter job. Um, we, uh, it’s removed an installed 239 feet of gutters and downspouts. Um, this customer went with the a five inch gutters and the color of their gutters is a royal brown. Uh, so that’s something different. Usually, mostly we see that, um, customers go with white gutters, uh, that occasionally we’ll get customers that will choose a colored gutter instead. Um, and one thing I also want to mention is where our customers are really getting hearing about us. Um, I know some customers, Roofing Companies Louisville, are previous customers, um, are referred, uh, some CEUs in a phone book in the phone book or some, uh, see us in some mailers, uh, that are mailed out every other month.

Um, this particular customer actually got us from one of our mailers that we are in. It’s actually one of our, our magazine mailer that we aren’t in. That’s where this customer, um, seen our ad and got our number here at Alanon permit roofing work in companies. Little. Uh, the next job we’re going to talk about was actually a roof and gutter job. Um, this customer originally had a three tab shingle on their house. Um, they decided to go with the upgrade, um, and they went with the uh, Oak Ridge aged cedar and this House had a little over 29 squares on it. Um, we installed three Po plumbing or pipe flashings on this house, um, two album them than three inch and one of them was the four inch. Uh, we did install ice and water shield in the valleys and we installed 240 feet of a drip edge around the perimeter of the house.

Um, we installed a eight birth bents for this customer, um, as well, uh, for the gutters. And now it’s about this customer at 310 feet of gutters and downspouts. Um, they had the six inch gutters. Um, the car was white and they did end up getting the gutter guards as well. Um, the gutter guard was just 240 feet of gutter for the gutter guards. And, um, this customer actually had a, uh, repair needed on ’em that got gutter on it. His front porch that we fixed for him as well here at Allen Hall permit working booking companies level. This particular customer, um, he was actually referred to us here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies mobile. Um, so that’s how he got our number. Um, something else that we’d actually done for this customer. Roofing Companies Louisville, this past year was uh, we uh, repaired, um, and painted a six areas on his soffit, uh, that needed to be fixed. So we also had done that for this customer. The next job we are going to talk about, um, was actually for our roof of our church. Um, they actually, um, knew one of our salesmen, so they were in contact with him. Roofing Companies Louisville, and that’s how they got our number here at Allen home permit, morphine roofing companies. Lowville. Um, this church had a two layers of shingles on the roof. So, uh, we did, we removed both layers. Um, they did have a


three tab shingle on the roof. Uh, they did the upgrade to the Oak Ridge Estate Cray. Um, and there were 30 squares on this roof. Uh, we did install three pipe flashing to a three inch n one was a four inch. We installed a Weiss ice and water shield in the valleys as well as 294 feet of drip edge around the perimeter. We removed, uh, to uh, word fence and installed to a turbine events and they also had, um, a satellite dish that they were no longer using, uh, that we removed for them. Um, the church did have some rotten wood, so we did end up having, um, somewhat replacement on the church.


Um, and

that was 30 feet of wood replacement. Roofing Companies Louisville, that’s just the a one bite that we had to replace a no firewood. The next job we are going to talk about here in Allen, home permit roofing roofing companies will, will, um, is a roofing job. Um, this customer was actually a previous customer of ours. Uh, we did some work for his company, um, and then he needed work to be done at his property. So he had given us a call back here at Allen on permit roofing, roofing companies, local. Um, what we did for him was his roof. This customer had, um, gone with the true definition duration shingle of color, amber. Um, the house was a little over 53 squares. We installed for pipe flashing means, uh, to have a more three inch to all more four inch. We installed ice and water shield in the valleys, um, installed 365 feet of drip edge around the perimeter and we installed 16 or fence on this house.

Um, we did a remove and reset the satellite dish. Um, and we did actually also install some gutter guards on this house. Uh, we ended up installing 199 feet of gutter guard, um, for this customer. The next jump we are going to talk about, um, was a roof for the house and garage. Uh, and this was an insurance job. Roofing Companies Louisville, the total squares, a four house and garage together was over 23 squares. This customer has a three tab shingle on their house and garage. They went with the estate gray. We end up installing a two pipe flashings the three inch, and we installed a split, a boot for the electrical base. We just had installed one of those and we installed 284 feet of drip edge and we installed a six, uh, roof vents for this customer. Uh, they did have a satellite dish on their route that they were no longer using. So we did, uh, removed that and discard it or the customer, this particular customer and got us from actually, um, one of the phone books in our area. So if you’re needing an estimate for roofing, siding, gutters, windows, uh, just give us a call here at Allen home permit Rufina roofing companies global at five oh two four four seven, five, six, seven two, or visit our