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Episode 34, Alan home permit, Ruffino roofing companies level today here in Allen home premier roofing roofing companies. Lowville we are going to talk about some of the jobs that we have completed this past year. Uh, the first job I want to talk about, um, here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies. Little Vole is actually a previous customer of ours. And um, what we did for this customer was install a new roof because he had storm damage. Um, and obviously since I said he had stored in damage, um, you could see that this is actually a, um, insurance claim. Um, most of the jobs, um, if not a good portion of the jobs that I will be, um, going over, we’ll be m insurance jobs, uh, due to the storm damage that we had here in our area.

Um, and so what, uh, this customer, um, with uh, was the true def duration aged cedar shingle. The roof was over 29 squares. Um, and we did reflash, um, the chimney. Uh, we installed two pipe flashings. I, we installed ice and water shield is valleys. Um, as well as installed a drip edge around the perimeter of the house. Um, we also did install, uh, six, uh, Roofbitz for this customer and we had to reset, hey, power event and um, this customer’s satellite dish. Uh, the next job I am going to talk about, um, was actually, Roofing Companies Louisville, a roof job, but this job was not, um, an insurance job. Uh, this customer was a previous customer of ours as well. Um, we installed the Oak Ridge, uh, uh, state gray shingle. Um, this wasn’t upgraded shingle from what she did have. She did have the three tab shingle shows.

She decided to go with the upgrade. Um, the roof was a seven squares. We uh, did reflash the Timney for her. Um, we also installed, um, to uh, pipe flashings. One was a three inch and one was a four inch. Um, this house did have some valley. So we did install ice and water shield and the valleys as well as long as, as well as installing drip edge, um, just around the gutter line of this property. Um, she did have some turbine bins that we’re in good shape. So we were actually able to reuse them. Uh, we do like to do that with um, some bits. Sometimes the events aren’t damaged like the roof may be. Um, so we will try to re, um, use what we can, um, just to save the customer some money. Um, this, uh, customer did have a satellite dish on her roof, um, that she was not using any longer. So she asked that we do that. We did remove it and discard of the satellite did dish, which is fine, which we can take care of. We’ll just take it when we dumped the shingles. Roofing Companies Louisville, this customer also had us do some gutters and downspouts for her. Uh, the footage of the gutters, uh, was 108 feet. She went with the white five inch gutters.

This customer was actually also having an issue with her, a chimney. So what we did is got some Thompson water seal to put on the chimney, uh, to see if that would fix the problem. Um, we do not work with chimneys, so, uh, that was one thing that we could do for this customer. This customer did actually end up calling back saying, ah, that she’d still had, um, a leak around the chimney. Uh, so we did end up sending our working career later out to take a look at it and he had, uh, suggested, uh, that,

uh, the, uh, two main needs to be a tough pointed. So, um, which, which is basically, uh, the, the masonary wall of the chimney was in bad shape and that’s something that we don’t do here. So was going to have to call him actually a masonary for that, uh, to see if she could get someone to take care of that for her. Uh, the next job I want to talk about here at Allen, home permit roofing, roofing companies local. Um, this one was an insurance job. Um, this customer had damage to both, um, house and garage. Uh, so we did the roof on both. Roofing Companies Louisville, the total of squares for the House and Garage, uh, was 24 squares. Uh, this customer did have a three tab shingle originally installed on the house, but they decided to go with the upgrade to the Oak Ridge Estate Gray. Um, we did end up, uh, refreshing, uh, the Timney for this customer. Um, we also installed two pipe flashings. One was a three inch and one was a four inch, which is typically the sizes that we see on the pipe. Flashings. Uh, we did install a drip edge on this house. Um, that footage was um, uh, 164 feet of drip edge, which was the perimeter of the whole house. Um, and we also installed it on the, um, the drip edge on the garage and that was 98 feet. We, um, did also install, um, to um, Vince as well.

The next job I’m going to talk about is um, a roofing job. Uh, this job was not an insurance job, Roofing Companies Louisville, but this customer had um, 33 squares of roofing on his house. Um, this customer went with the true definition duration shingle, a Sierra Gray. Uh, this customer had, uh, we installed two pipe flashings on this customer. Roofing Companies Louisville, both were three inch. We installed ice and water shield in the valleys for this customer installed 251 feet of drippage for this customer. This customer also had a flat roof. So, Roofing Companies Louisville, we did install seven squares of modified bitumen rubber roofing for this customer. This customer went ahead. Um, two turbine Vince as well on this house. Uh, there was some wood replacement on this house, uh, just 10 feet and there was actually an additional charge, uh, because there was some extra layers on the flat roof, uh, that we were not aware of. Um, for a total of actually three layers on the flat, um, that was not visible to the eye, to our estimator. So that’s it for us to today. Um, if you need an estimate on roofing gutters, windows siding, uh, just give us a call at five oh two four four seven five six, seven, or you can visit our Thanks for visiting us here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies level.