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Episode 32 for Alan home permit roofing roofing companies global today here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies. Lowville. Um, I’m just going to talk about some jobs that we have on the schedule that will be coming up as soon as we get some warmer weather. Um, the first job that we’re going to talk about is a siding and facia and gutter job. Um, this customer went with a polar wall siding, um, and with the polar wall that is a setting that has an insulated back on it. Um, and the color that this customer went with was um, a small, it’s the color is called a smoke. Um, for the profile. The customer went with the, um, the fab Dutch lap. Um, most, um, siding jobs that we do here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies, Lowville. Um, they either do a profile of a d four d four Dutchlap d fab or defect Dutch lab.

And this customer, like I said, what were the defat Dutch lap, um, this signing for this house, it’s not a very big siding job. Um, it’s actually just a total of nine squares. Uh, we are also going to rap, um, 92 feet of one piece. They should for this customer. Uh, once the siding and facia are completed, we will be able to install the guiders and gutter guards for this customer. Um, so it’s kind of a step by step process that we have to do. I’m here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies will will um, the gutters and Roofing Companies Louisville, that we are installing. It’s actually 215 feet of gutters and downspouts and just 146 feet of that is um, gutter guards that we will be installing, um, for this customer. Um, another job that we have on this schedule here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies.

Lowell is actually um, a previous customer of ours. Um, we have done a number of jobs for this customer. I’m on rentals. Roofing Companies Louisville, but now we are going to be doing some work on this customer’s personal house. Um, so what we are going to do is um, a, another actual roofing company came out and put a tarp on this customer’s roof. And with the nails that they used actually put holes in the customer’s worth and um, on his siding, on one of his dormers. So, um, what we’re going to do here at Allen Hall permit roofing, roofing companies global is um, we are going to seal the holes in his siding on the dormer. Um, and we are also going to be actually installing a new were for him. Uh, we didn’t know if we would actually just be doing a repair or if you wanted a complete roof.

Um, he went with doing a whole new roof. Um, we’re also going to be installing gutter guards for him, um, as well as some insulation in the attic. Uh, for him at the Saudi repair that we are doing on this house is um, actually just on the uh, left side of the house where the dormer is. Um, so what we will do is, um, for this hose in the siding, I’m working, I take some white cock, see if we can make that look good for the customer. If the customer does not like it, we will replace the siding. Um, customer did want to go this route first, Roofing Companies Louisville, just to see how it looked for him. And we are also just installing insulation on that left side of the house as well where there was actually no insulation in the attic in that area. So, uh, we are going to be installing the insulation just on that part, that left side of the house and the attic for this customer. The next job we are going to talk about is, I’m actually another installation job we have here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies school.

And this customer actually has about three or four inches of insulation already in their attic. But to be up to code, we need to install um, about 12 more inches of insulation. And this is going in the complete addict area. Uh, and the total square feet of the attic is 537 feet. Um, and actually the next job we’re going to talk about is actually another, um, installation job that we have. And this attic space is 850 square feet. Um, and this actually already has six inches of insulation in the attic. Um, so we’re going to install, um, about 12 more inches of insulation in their attic as well so that they can be up to code as well. Um, another job that we have on the schedule here at Algonquin premiere roofing, roofing companies, small roles. Roofing Companies Louisville, is it gooder job? Umm, and this customer actually just needs gutters, um, hit on a carport.

Um, so we are going actually to have to install some gutter board to the carport and so we will be able to install the gutters. Um, sometimes we do come across where some gutter board does need to be replaced before we install gutters. Um, usually if we catch it before our good occur, Roofing Companies Louisville, takes the getters Deonald we will um, sometimes sin a repair guy to do that. There we are, get her career doesn’t have to worry about it. Um, if we aren’t unable to send um, one of our repair guys out to replace the gutter board aren’t good or crew, um, we’ll install the gutter board as well. Um, we actually just tried to save them time just so they can only, just like, they only have to worry about putting the gutters up course. Roofing Companies Louisville, this particular customer went with, um, the six inch white gutters.

Um, sometimes customers, um, choose to go with a color coat, color gutter instead of just white. Um, I know of one customer that actually went with black. Um, I hadn’t seen that before. I have seen where a customer had gone with like a cream color, um, or um, uh, Brown, but I’m not seeing the customer go with black. Um, but like I said, we recently had a customer that went with the black, uh, gutter guards are gutters. I’m sorry, I got a, okay. So if you are needing an estimate, you can give us a call here. Alan Ho permit roofing, roofing companies. Boval uh, and we will come take a look at your, your roof. You’re citing, your gutters are windows. Um, like I said, just give us a call it [inaudible] two, four, four, seven, five, six, seven two or you can actually go on our website and that is Allen H. Dot com. And you can request an estimate there as well. Thanks.