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So 31 for Allen Home Premiere roofing, roofing companies mobile today here at our premier roofing roofing companies local. We, I’ll talk a bout the weather. Um, and are wanting to work here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing company school. The weather plays a big factor because if it’s too cold like today, um, we cannot work outside. Yeah. I’m also obviously if it’s raining, snowing, um, we do not work as well today here at Allen home permit roofing. Um, temperature here is the heart. It’s going to be 12 degrees with the windchill. It is like negative 20, so super cold here today. Um, so we are actually on hold on, um, the outdoor jobs that we are doing. Uh, earlier this week we were able to kid Ian, um, a couple work days. Um, we are actually hoping to get some work days in this coming weekend because it is going to be actually in the lower or upper forties, um, to almost 70 degrees in the coming days to the weekend.

So hopefully we can get some of our jobs that we have in here, um, completed. Just so they’re not waiting. The customers aren’t waiting any longer for sure. Now here, Alan home, premiere roofing, roofing companies, local. Um, when the weather is cold like this or it’s raining or snowing, we do inform the customer, Roofing Companies Louisville, which is usually the customer will say that they assumed that we weren’t coming just because of the weather. Um, but we do keep the customers update it just to let them know, um, where they are on the schedule, you know, what’s going on, on rend. Um, if we’re waiting for warmer temperatures, what temperature we needed to be to start their work in. The customers are very understanding on that because they know really how the weather is, um, here in the Ohio Valley. So they are really understanding. Um, and we appreciate that here at Allen. Home permit, roofing, roofing companies, local because there’s, there’s nothing we can do about the weather in and they know that we can’t, they know that we can’t do anything about the weather.

Usually here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies, global. Um, January is not a busy month for us just because of the weather. And, um, just customers aren’t calling to get outside work, um, done on their house, which is understandable. Um, we do pick up usually towards the end of February into March when it is getting a little warmer where the weather is changing, not so cold. Um, so right now we are still getting some calls in here in Allen Hall, permit roofing, roofing companies level, but not as many as we do in this number times. Um, and when the weather is warmer, um, which is like I said, understandable just due to the cold weather and nobody is really thinking about getting outside of work done on our house when it’s cold outside and you know, Roofing Companies Louisville, here and then home permit few Murphy companies local and I mentioned earlier that hopefully we can get to some of our customers, um, in the coming days because it is going to be a little warmer.

Um, actually just to give you kind of, uh, uh, view on what the weather it is here. Um, today’s high is like 12 degrees. Tomorrow’s going to be 29. Um, the next day is going up to 44 and then we got 53 and then we get to 60, and then we got 64, and then it starts to drop again. So that kind of gives you an ideal about how the weather is here in the Ohio Valley. Um, we have our ups so to speak, and we have our downs. Um, and right now we’re in a down, so, uh, with the work that we do, Roofing Companies Louisville, it is, um, really frustrating when it’s code for our workers because they do want to get out there and work. They like to be busy. Um, but when it’s just this code out here, um, they know they can’t be out and really when it’s this cope, they don’t want to be out in the weather like this.

Um, so we are very excited and here down on permit roofing, roofing companies, global when we do have warmer weather, um, now with the warmer weather comes the chance of rain. So, um, it’s kind of a double edge sword on that because you’re ready for the warmer weather, but then you have to make sure you don’t really have half percentage of rain. Um, usually if there is right in the forecast, we like to keep an eye out on the percentage. If it is usually 40% or more, we will not Ruth, Roofing Companies Louisville, just because we don’t want your, have your roof off your house and then it start raining on us and then it caused a whole other mess of problems. Um, usually if there’s like a 30% chance of rain, what we will do is, um, our roofers will do a section of the roof at a time.

That way the whole roof is not completely off the house. And that way if it does rain a little bit, uh, it will not take them that long to cover. Um, our refinishers they do carry the harps with them. So if there is a chance of rain and the rain does come, they can get the roof covered. Roofing Companies Louisville, but like I said, if there is at least a 30% chance and if we are riffing, uh, we had them do just a section of the, and it’s just because if it, that a rain shower does come in and they’re not trying to cover up the whole roof with the tarp, they just have a section of the roof to cover.

Hopefully everybody steam or uh, during those crazy winter, um, and hopefully in jobs can be getting done, um, as soon as possible. Um, but once again, we are in the hands of Mother Nature at the moment in this industry. Uh, just cause we had no idea what she has planned. But if you were in the need of an estimate for either your roof gutters, windows, siding, gutter guards, um, you can do, give us a call here at Allen home premier roofing, roofing companies. Laval, uh, our number here is five oh two four four seven five six, seven two or you can go to our And that way that you can get a little bit more information. Um, and you can also request an estimate from us on our website and we’ll get back with you to set an appointment up with you. Thanks.