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At posole 30 for Alan on permit. Rick been working companies, little wall and today here an alcohol permit where where if he can be lower. I am just going to talk about um, actually the, as the men slash contract that we use, um, for siding and downspouts and trim and soffit. Um, if a customer is getting gutters, Roofing Companies Louisville, on the estimate you will see where it says remove existing gutters and downspouts and um, the estimator here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies local, we’ll put the total feet of gutters and downspouts and then it says there is two combs and this second column towards the bottom it’ll show in stall and they would put up, it’s either a badge or a six inch aluminum, seamless gutters and downspouts and then they would put the fit, the fit itch down there as well. Um, a lot of times when people get gutters here at Allen home, permanent roofing, roofing companies, local, they also do the gutter guards, which if that is the case, our estimator will check that box as well.

And then put the footage of the gutter guards on underneath that. If a customer is getting, um, siding, then they will see where we put the type of setting that we are removing and the squares. Um, and then, um, that’s in the first column. And then if you go down, um, into like the middle of that column, you’ll see where it said the customer, I’ll see where it says install vinyl siding and we will put the type of brand of siding that they are going with. Um, more than likely it would be the woodsmen select brand. That’s what a lot of people use here. Um, and they would the squares that it is and they then they will check the profile if it’s m a d four or d four Dutchlap, um, uh, d fabric, the FAP Dutch lap and then the color of the siding that the customer picks here at annual permit, roofing, roofing companies, global.

Um, the next line that you would see if you were looking at our estimate, um, she is for soffits. Um, you gotta Boxberg two way soppets and we got a box for three way stop. It is to install, um, that because I with the estimator will do, um, just depending on if it’s a two way soccer, three ways outfit, uh, check that particular box and then let us know what the footage is. Roofing Companies Louisville, they would also see where we wrap up. You’ll see where we were at, stop at return as well and I’m, the estimator will put them, any returns need to be wrapped on that. So when we hand the job out to our siding crew, um, that way they know what all they’re doing. Um, and you will see where we also install an aux port ceilings. Um, the estimated, we’ll put the squares on that and what type, um, when I say what type with, because sometimes a customer will pick a bead board, um, to be installed on their porch ceilings. He Ran Allen Obermeyer, burping, burping company’s, um, on our siding and gutter estimates. We also have on here to here to wrap one piece patient or two piece of Asia. And what the estimator will do is just split the fee that the patient on there. Um, just so we know, like I said, when we handed out that way we know what we’re doing.

And we also wrap, um, window openings, uh, port to Carlos door openings, uh, garage door openings. And we do a garage door opening. We want to know if it’s a one car garage or two car garage. Um, we also install shutters and that is on this estimate here at out on permit roofing, roofing companies. Now when we do, um, for the re for the shutters we do as a pair. So when the customer, if the customer is getting shutters, what they will see on their estimate is installed vinyl shutters and it says blank in total. So it comes in pairs. So, but we will put the total of shutters on there and they all want to talk about, Roofing Companies Louisville, my roofing estimate slash contract. Um, when a customer is a check from us, they will see where we have, um, the first boxes per tear off and we put it there is one or two layers.

Um, most homes have one, some we do see you have two layers. Um, and we will put in how we apply the 15 pound a moisture barrier and then we’ll, Roofing Companies Louisville, if the customer already has a color picked out, we’ll put the color down and the squares on the roof. Sometimes it is much cheaper for a customer to just lay over a shingle the roof. Um Hm. I can be done as long as there’s only one layer of shingles on the roof at that time. Uh, because there is a law here that only two layers can be on a roof. Um, another thing that’s on our, um, estimate, um, that we give our customer is also about if we have to remove flashing, um, around the chimney and then when we install the new flashing, um, we checked that just so we can let our workers know that flashing does need to be rude and reapplied.

A lot of times the flashing is very good on chimneys around the chimneys, so we don’t remove them unless they really have to be in, they are really in bad shape. Roofing Companies Louisville, another thing customer will see on the estimates is the, um, plumbing flashings. Um, those usually come in you two inch, three inch, four inch or five inch. Um, we hear it down whole permit, roofing, roofing companies global usually see three inch and the four inch more than any of the other two. And we also make sure that we put ice and water shield in the valleys. So every time we do ever phene, um, estimates, our estimators do check that box. Um, along with the drip edge, we do install drip edge on the roofs every time we were here at down home permit roofing, working companies, global, um, one part of the sheet, the customer will see if they have a need, a modified bitumen rubber roof installed, they will see that area for that.

And um, depending on the type of bidding system they have, um, they will see where we have like a regular mints, turbine bands, power mints, and um, if they want to install the ridge vent, we had that as well. And we also have, um, an area where we can install the skylights. And the last box that’s on this one to check is to remove and reset a satellite dish. Um, and that usually doesn’t come up a whole lot. It’s still, it does come up a little bit, but we take care of it here at Allen Home, premier roofing, roofing companies, local. Um, another part of this, um, estimate a form is that for the wood, because we can’t calculate that in, and we let the customer know that on, uh, the estimate as well as in person. So if you need an estimate for roof siding, gutters, windows, gutter guards, just give us a call here at Allen Ho, permit ravine and Pharrell, two four four seven five, six seven two or Alan [inaudible] dot com. Thanks.