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Episode 28 roofing companies local for home permit roofing today here at Allen Home Premiere Ruffino, roofing companies local. Um, I want to talk about some of our advertising that we do here and Ellen will permit roofing, roofing companies global. Uh, one area where we advertise, Roofing Companies Louisville, which most people don’t anymore is the phone book and here, um, at Alamo permit roofing roofing companies, a little Louisville on one of our phone books. We are actually on the front page. So when I’m a customer grabs their phone book and is looking for, um, maybe a roofing company, siding, gutters, windows, um, they will see us on the first page so they don’t even have to open the phone book to see Alan home permit, roofing, roofing companies local.

Now when you are looking through a certain category, you will find us inciting, you will find us and gutters and you will find us in roofing. Now on our roofing advertising, we actually have two pages on our roofing, uh, advertising. Um, just because one of the pages is just for commercial roofs only. Um, and with the commercial roofs, uh, we are advertising the, um, gay co we’re coding that we do. Um, and is, is more used for, um, commercial buildings. Then, um, homes. Uh, we can install this, uh, Gaco roof coating on homes. Uh, they would be more on a flat roof or if you have a metal roof that you want coded, um, don’t want to do the shingles, don’t really want to do the metal work again. Um, we can actually cope that as well. The other, Roofing Companies Louisville, we’ve been advertising that we have is for the residential. Um, and it does state that we do residential, commercial apartments, condominiums, a nursing homes, churches and that, um, we do welcome insurance work and it does, um, actually have on there to ask about our flat roof, a leak solution. And that would be the coding. So we have to, uh, roofing pages in the phone book here at our home permit, roofing, roofing companies global. And um, both are basically stating one is more commercial, once more residential, but they both have the same about the Geiko coding with also with this, uh, briefing advertising.

Um, it shows that we give citizen discounts, church counts, it shows that we take visa, mastercard and that we are the Owens Corning preferred contract roofing contractors and that we have a plus with the better business bureau. Now with our page that we have for them, well gutters, um, it’s um, states that we do five and six inch seamless gutters and do gutter covers, a soffit and trim vinyl siding. And it also states that we work with the insurance company. Um, just like the um, roofing page for Alan home permit roofing, roofing companies global. It does state that we take visa and mastercard that we offer senior discounts, uh, and church discounts.

And it also shows that we have been served yet serving the Kentuckiana, Roofing Companies Louisville, area for over 40 years now with our, uh, citing page it states. So we do, um, vinyl siding, insulated signing softens and traume porch columns, um, Limo carports, vinyl replacement windows and gutters and downspouts. Um, I know this is kind of the same of what was on a, with the gutters, but this way if a customer is looking just for siding, um, they can see that we also offer the windows and the gutters, um, just in case they need those as well. Uh, that way they know we can help with them with all of that. Um, so it is kind of a repeat, but it does help because sometimes when a customer is looking for maybe a couple of jobs, they’re not going to go look at to see if one company’s doing siding and gutters.

This way. It’s kind of like a one stop shop so they can see exactly what all we do. Roofing Companies Louisville, with the vinyl siding. And um, like I said, car ports and columns and windows and gutters and downspouts here at Allen will permit roofing, roofing companies global. Um, another way we advertise here at Allen Hall permit roofing, roofing companies global is actually through a couple of mailers. Um, one is a little magazine that goes out. It has coupons for different things in it. Um, an advertising, uh, we do advertise in there. Uh, we also have, um, little postcards that go out, uh, in an advertising pack that’s done here locally. Um, what we do with both mailers, we actually have coupons in them. And what the coupons offer. Um, you can get a hundred $150 off a complete trim package, which is if you do your soffits, your trim and your gutters.

Um, we do, um, we do have a coupon for gutter guards depending on the footage. Roofing Companies Louisville, if you have a hundred, 250 feet installed, you get $100 off. If you get, if you have 151 feet to 300 feet installed, you get $150 off and for, um, the roofing coupon, which sometimes people do get confused on it because when you look at it, it says a 500 off any roof replacement. And then you have to read on that says of 30 squares or more. Um, if you have 20 to 29 squares and we take $250 off and if you have 15 to 19 squares, we take 150 off and if you have 10 to 14 squares, um, we take $100 off for you.

This is our way really to think big customers and tell them, let them know that we appreciate their business. Um, here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies global and just like, um, in the phone book we do, um, show on our mailers that uh, we are a family owned and operated for 40 years. Um, that we do residential and commercial, that we are fully insured, that we have church and senior citizen discounts and that we welcome insurance, uh, work. Roofing Companies Louisville, one thing we do show on the mailers is that we do offer um, band aids in here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies war. And it also shows, um, just like in the phone book that we are a Owens Corning preferred contractor. And it also shows, um, actually the brain of windows we use, which is Simonton, which is a well known name here. So if you need an estimate on roofing, siding, gutters, gutter guards, windows, um, you can look us up in the phone book, look up our mailers if you’re local or you can give us a Thanks.