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Episode 27 for roofing companies mobile for Alan home permit ravine. Today I’m just going to get into detail about some of the stuff that we have in the voters that we hand out to our customers here at Allen. Hold permit, roofing, roofing companies, lawful. Um, the first thing, um, when our estimator, um, hand out these folders, um, the customer will see the, um, liability insurance that we have a, we just like to show customers that we do have liability insurance. Um, and it does give the like what’s covered and everything so that the customers aren’t wondering if we have the insurance, um, on. Uh, so, um, we do provide them with a copy of that just showing that they do. We do have it. Uh, we also have a, um, Owens Corning preferred contractor certificate. Uh, just so we can show our customers that we are, um, a preferred contractor for Owens Corning. Um, our customers do like to see that.

And another thing we have in our, um, voters that we handout is a, a pamphlet about the ridge vent that you can install on your roof. Um, reg rather than having, um, just regular roof vents installed, a lot of people just go with the rich band so they don’t have the all the vents on their roofs. So what this does, it gives the customer the details about the ridge band, um, how it looks, how it’s made, what it does and if they want it, if they have the regular Vince on their house and they want to go with a ridge bent, Roofing Companies Louisville, we give them this pamphlet just so they know exactly what the Richmond is and really what its job is with the ridge vit paint. With that we have here at Allen hold permit, roofing, roofing companies, a global, um, it’s really nice because it shows an example of what one box of the ridge vent can do versus the um, we’re fence, they ended up offense and basically what it is you’re getting the job done, uh, done for less.

So one box of Ridge vent versus 16 of your standard roof fence. So you can kind of get an ideal of how different the ridge vent is. Um, compare to having all the roof Roofbitz, uh, with the rich band. Uh, the weight it’s made, it has, it’s designed to um, to flip the, uh, wind driven rain and snow. So you don’t get all of that in your attic. It begins to um, create a more uniform, a ridge line. It looks a lot nicer really I think. Um, then the regular, uh, roof fence and it’s uh, allows the heat and moisture to escape the attic.

Um, another pamphlet that we have and our folders is for the weather lock, Matt. Roofing Companies Louisville, here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies global, we install a weather lock, Matt. Um, it is self, uh, self sealing, um, ice and water barrier and it provides a secondary water barrier under the shingles, uh, just to make sure you have no leaks. Um, we do install this more in the valleys than anything else. Uh, just because that’s usually where most leaks come. If it doesn’t have the water barrier is it’s usually in the valleys. Um, another thing about this, Roofing Companies Louisville, water lock, uh, Matt, uh, pamphlet, it actually gives you, um, a picture of a roof and basically the layers of the roof and what’s installed. Um, so it shows where uh, the water lock will go. It shows where the synthetic underlayment, we’ll go the starter shingles, the laminate shingles, the hip and ridge singles and um, the events.

Uh, that way if a customer has questions or really just wants to see how the install is performed, they can take a look at this picture and it will give them an ideal of how the roots are installed here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies or something else that I have in the folders for. My estimator is here at Allen Ho permit roofing roofing companies global is actually the contracts and the estimates. Um, this way they don’t have to worry about having them with them to make sure they had hands on with them. They’re already in the folders and they just take the contracts out depending on what the job is that they’re going to give the estimate for a cause. We have estimate contracts for just the roofing and then we have one for gutter in siding and trim. Roofing Companies Louisville, that is totally separate.

So depending on what the estimate is, that would depend on what contract has been contract that they will use. Like I said, I put that in the file for my estimator is here in Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies level just to make their life a little easier. And that way if they didn’t have extras on hand, they have them in the file folders and that helps them out. Now I want to talk about actually the inside of our folders. Um, when you receive a photo you see on the outside, it has our logo on it and it states that we are a preferred contractor of Owens Corning. Now when you open it, uh, you will see on the left side, uh, the total protection roofing system, which was what I was just talking about. Roofing Companies Louisville, with the weather lock, a pamphlet. This also has the picture on it and it tells you each like the layers of the roof, like I said, and basically it’s job, it seals, defends and it to breathe.

Um, on the right side of the folder, um, it talks about the a warranty one on one with Owens Corning. Uh, so this goes into how their warranty is, um, the types of warranty and it gives the more information, more detail for the warranties with the warranties. Um, customers do not receive those from us until the job is complete. Uh, that way we can get all the information in there for the customer. So all they have to do is just hold on to the warranty card. They don’t have to do anything else with it. Uh, we take care of everything here at the office at Alamo permit, roofing, roofing companies global. So if you need an estimate on roof siding, gutters, windows, or gutter guards, uh, just give us a call here at the office at (502) 447-5672 or you can visit our website at [inaudible] dot com.