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Episode 26 for Ellen home permit, ripping, ripping companies local. Um, today we’re just going to finish. I’m really talking about some of the jobs that we had in here that we had just recently completed. Um, this John we are going to talk about, uh, was a roof and gutter jaw and this customer had a three tab shingle on their house, but the sad it to do the upgrade to the oak ridge drift wood shingle, we did have so would replacement on this roof. So the customer was informed about the additional expense. Um, just because we never add the wood into our estimates because you can’t tell until we get the shingles off if the wood is rotten, it needs to be replaced. So what we do is we add that into the cost at the end. If there is rotten wood and the customer is aware of that, um, because our salesmen, they do inform them of that. And it also is stated on or um, estimates that we give the customer if the customer, usually if it goes more heads rotten wood, what happens is our roofing coordinator will call our office and let us know and then we will let the salesman, no, so that they can call the customer and just let the customer know about what was found.

Um, we also ended some gutters on this house and there was 216 feet of gutters and downspouts on those house. Uh, this customer went with the color, the sandstone and this job was actually an insurance job. Uh, so what we do is we work right off the insurance paperwork that the customer will give us just so we can make sure that we cover everything in that, um, and just make sure that the insurance company really didn’t Miss Anything sometimes on insurance job here at Allen home permit, Murphy working companies Lowville Roofing Companies Louisville, there may be some work that is listed, but that we don’t do. So, uh, what we do is refer, um, our customer to somebody who came to this job done. Or if we don’t know of anyone with it in that trait, Roofing Companies Louisville, we will uh, tell the customer to call, um, the better business bureau just to check because um, that way they will get somebody who is with the veterans has Hasbro and who has a good rating with the better business bureau.

I’m thinking you kind of an example of the work that um, maybe listed on the intro framework but we do not do is hugely like painting and flooring. We, we don’t do those. Um, we are more exterior here in Allen Premiere roofing, roofing companies will, will, so we deal with the outside work Roofing Companies Louisville, such as roofing, siding, gutters, get her cards and windows along with Pam traumas. Well he never job that. We have recently completed here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies is a killer job and with for this customer we actually um, had done their roof as well. Um, that was completed a couple of weeks ago and now we have their gutters, um, completed. Um, now we are just waiting because they are getting windows installed. So we are waiting for the windows to come in because they have been ordered and we need the, whether it’d be just a bit warmer, uh, because nobody wants windows taken out of their house when it’s like 20 degrees outside.

So once the windows and do come in here, down home permit, roofing, roofing companies, little bubble, what we will do is we will call the customer, let them know their windows are in and, and kind of play it by ear to see what the weather does. Um, because like I said, nobody wants their windows taken out of their house when it’s degrees outside, when it’s raining. So, Roofing Companies Louisville, whether it’s playing a big factor in the jobs we can do at the moment, um, just because it has been, um, really wet and really, really cold. Um, one time I do want to talk about is actually a roofing job that we had completed actually last week. We did have some decent weather where it wasn’t raining and it wasn’t too cold. So we could sneak a couple of jobs in. Um, this house, the, Roofing Companies Louisville , the customer went with the Oak Ridge Brownwood shingle.

Um, they did the upgrade and um, well one thing that we had to do on this job here and out on permit ripping, ripping companies global was um, they have a satellite dish. Um, we do see this on quite a few homes where they have as I have a satellite dish, um, sometimes they want us just to remove it and not to reset it other times. Um, the satellite dishes duty to be reset. So, uh, what our guys do is, um, when they remove it, they Shing Wa that particular and reset it back to how it was. Um, most of the time they get it right and the customer has no problem with the satellite dish. Um, I know there has been a couple instances where the customer had to get the satellite dish company to come out and kind of reset it a little just because we may have been off just, uh, just a couple inches.

Another dream I wanted to talk about here in Allen, home permit roofing roofing companies will, will, is for a, um, as an apartment complex actually, um, we are going to be doing a lot of work for them. Um, some of the work that we have done, um, already, uh, with some siding work that uh, they had needed us to do. So what we did is remove this siding pain. With that we did end up finding uh, some rotten wood. So we had to remove the rotten wood and install new, um, would and we could, um, that way we can just read it and stall the um, the sad thing for them. Um, I know when it is getting more more, I wanted to ask it when we’re outside we feel be um, giving them estimates, bore some groups that they are needing to be replaced. Um, cause we’ve actually been to these permit compact flexes, um, for uh, linked in their roof. Um, so they are now in the process if getting on the roofs. That way we can get these weeks taking care of for them.

Some of the problems that this apartment complex has seen, um, with their roofs is um, actually it to him by a pipe in or wordfence or there’s some nail pops. So, um, we are going to be, um, like I said, roofing for them to get them taken care of with their legs and we have actually also installed when those and these are co these complexes. Um, so like I said, we are doing a lot of work down, so if you need an estimate forward siding, gutters, windows, gutter guards, just give us a call and I don’t permit roofing, roofing companies traveled to Fort Worth, seven, five, six, seven two or you can visit our website at Allen,