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Episode 24 for Alan home permit roofing, roofing companies local today here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies, Lovell. Uh, we’re going to talk about our shingle types and the available colors that they come in. The first thing that I forgot to talk about is our supreme shingle, which is our three tab shingle here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies Lowell. Um, the three tab shingle has a 25 year limited warranty on it and it has a 60 mile per hour wind resistance. Limited warranty are uh, three types shingle here at [inaudible] home permit roofing, roofing companies, Lowville. Um, they come in a variety of colors, um, such as desert tn on Brown, Brown would drift wood onyx, black, a state gray aspin gray, uh, chest, a white bark, Brown Chapel, gray teak and weathered wood.

And also chateau green at the supreme shingles here at Allen Ho. Permit roofing roofing companies. Will, will, they are a durable, a weathering great of asphalt and a tough fiberglass, uh, for a reliable and lasting performance of shingle. The next thing is like I want to talk about is our oak ridge a series shingles and the Oak Ridge singles have a limited lifetime warranty for as long as the owner is in that home. Uh, the Oak Ridge a shingles have a 110 to 130 mile per hour wind resistance, limited warranty. Roofing Companies Louisville, the Oak Ridge shingles. I’m also come in a variety of colors such as desert tan, Brown wood teak, driftwood, onyx black estate, Gray Sierra Gray, uh, Chasta. Why Chateau gray or chateau green, um, h cedar flagstone pepper, Male Gray, sand castle and twilight black. Um, you may have seen before where I talked about some of the shingle colors and um, with the Oak Ridge and as well as the supreme three tab shingles.

These are just so now you can see the variety of colors, Roofing Companies Louisville, that we do offer. Um, the, uh, other type of shingle that we offer here at Allen. Home permit roofing, roofing companies. Lovell is our true definition, duration shingle. Um, this shingle also has a limited lifetime warranty for as long as the owner is in the home. And it has a 130 mile per hour wind resistance, limited warranty. The true definition comes colors are um, amber Brownwood, chateau green colonial slate, desert Tan, driftwood estate, gray harbor, Blue Onyx, black, uh, Corey gray, shut chest, the white Sierra gray teak and terracotta. Um, as you can see there is a lot of colors that are the same with these shingles, but there are also a lot of different colors. Roofing Companies Louisville, that way we do give our customers a bit of a variety here at Allen. Home permit, ravine roofing companies local.

Sometimes a customer will see a color that they like and one of our um, either the Oakridge shingle or the true definition duration shingle. So they will upgrade from a three tab just so they get the shingle color that they like. Um, if it doesn’t come in the three tab and there is a lot of different um, brands of shingles out here. Roofing Companies Louisville, here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies, Louisville, we only use the Owens Corning shingle. Now, if there is a certain, she know that we are trying to match up, we will go to the other brands of shingles just to see if we can find a match. And if we do, then we will install that shingle for our customer. But usually we are only selling that Owens Corning shingle since we are a Owen Owens Corning preferred contractor. When our guys here at Alamo permit roofing, roofing companies level, uh, go out to meet with a customer about installing a roof, what are salesmen?

Do they have a folder with them that has information in there for the customer about, um, if they want to do ridge vent on their roof and, Roofing Companies Louisville, the weather law that has a pamphlet about it as well. Um, and we also do give them, uh, the shingle colors. Uh, what it is is, um, for the Oak Ridge, it has a, it’s like a little book that, um, has samples of shingles, um, just to show them the colors and there’s, there’s a picture of the shingle as well as a small sample of this shingle so they can kind of get a better look. Um, if a customer would prefer to see a bigger shingle of a certain color, um, we have those in the office as well, that um, our salesman can come in and get one, take it to the customer, let the customer see and see what the customer thinks. Um, if we do not have a certain shingle in the office to show the customer, we will go to our supplier and get a shingle from them or they have a sample board, we would get that from them. Uh, just so we can help the customer. Um, let’s see what the Shingo will look like and see if they are going to like that particular shingle.

We tried to make this process as easy as possible here at Allen home permit roofing or big companies global. So if you have any questions about, um, a roofing shingle or you just want us to come take a look at your work and see if you need a new roof, you can always give us a call here in Allen home permit, Ruffino orphaned companies and we will look forward to serving you.