Episode one 80 for our home for Roofing Companies Louisville. Can companies hope today your alcohol permit, roofing, working companies local. Um, I just want to talk about the weather actually that we’re having this week. Um, the temperatures are very good. Um, tinctures is bright there. All right. Um, the problem here is we have high percentages of rain in the forecast. So usually if it is, uh, 40 or above for the percentage of brain, uh, we do not roof here at Allen, hold their neighbor, can roofing companies local. Um, if it’s 30 or less, uh, if it’s 30, we’ll take a chance. Um, just by keeping an out the forecast here at Allen Premiere Roofing Ruby’s Omaze a level. Um, but this week is not good for us. Like I said, there’s rain in the forecast all week. Um, so we are hoping that on Friday, actually it looks like one of our best days to brief and Saturday.

So we’re hoping to get a couple of jobs knocked out that we had in here in the office here at Allen, hopefully making working companies global. Um, so what we usually do that if we are able to riff on a weekend, we will call the customer and make sure it is okay with them. Most of the time the customer is fine with that. Um, unless they have had plans and they just don’t want us there at their house and with, we totally understand. Um, but, and hopefully in this case we can, uh, get into, uh, uh, customers, um, get on the customer’s job. That way we can get a couple knocked out. Like I said, um, because year Al Holburn it would be a little, if it’s not cold, it is warm and marine. And so, um, that has been the first part of our year here in a whole brand new roofing.

Um, so we’re trying to get as many jobs as we can, um, knocked out of here. Uh, when we do have good days, we are out working, we are hitting hard on the jobs, just trying to get them a, complete it for our customers. Um, because I know that some have been waiting for awhile, but then again, some are waiting until spring. They want to wait until the warmer weather is here to stay for a little bit, not where you get one day of warm weather the next day it’s going. Um, so, uh, some of the jobs that we do have in here at [inaudible] roofing companies global, uh, we are trying to get knocked out as much as possible. Like I said, uh, for the roofing are we still, you can’t roof when it is raining. Um, and for the gutters or we don’t work in the rain with those as well, but it can be a little colder for the gutters that it can for the roofing.

It’s not a problem for sighting. Um, we can’t do siding in the code cause the siding we’ll just split and then um, that’s just a wasted job because we’re replacing the siding that we have, that way we can fix it. So, um, we are hoping for a turnaround in the weather soon where it is warmer, where we can get jobs completed. Um, for our customers here and a little gimmick be, I think it makes a local. Um, like I said, we do keep an eye out. If it’s 30% percent chance of rain, the weather channel is always on here in our office here at Alamo looking companies global. Um, this way we know what’s going on with the weather. Um, whether if there is a popup shower weekend, uh, inform our roofing crews of what’s going on, mixture sure that they do have an extra tarp or two on them just in case of popups are where does pop up the where they are roofing.

Um, our crews do go prepared just in case because we do know that sometimes these jars can just pop up. Um, we’ve had, it happened to us before so, uh, if there is a chance of popups hours, uh, our rivers here at LDL permit repeat within companies level, they will only tear off a section of the roof at a time. That way if there is a proper shower, we are not, uh, scrounging around to try to hurry up a tarp, a complete roof. So this helps them out and being cautious and the customers, I do appreciate that here at Alamo working with the company, he’s a local now today you’re in [inaudible] working companies level. We are actually having a lot of wind here today in our forecasts. So, um, we are estimating that we will be having some customers call in with missing shingles. Um, but right now the women are very strong here at El, brilliant working can companies global.

Uh, so I guess time will tell if we will have a lot of roofing coming in here, um, here at Allen and company. So it was to keep our guys, uh, busier than we already are. I think they’re ready for the challenge here at him working Roofing Companies Louisville level. Um, but like I said, we do have, um, a lot of wind here today. Uh, so we are not roping cause it is, um, dangerously strong winds and we do not want to put our workers at any danger here at El Camino. Repeat looking companies a little. So actually, um, uh, one of our roofing crew leaders and a couple other guys are actually turned down sound. Um, materials that we have down here at the shop because the winds are so strong, it’s born when some stuff around and we, we don’t want our materials scattered around everywhere.

So, uh, they are out making sure everything is tied down. Um, there’s something if there’s something heavy holding something light down. So, uh, we just, uh, get prepared for all this wind that we are having at the moment and we’ll be having, um, I believe to the rest of the night. So there shouldn’t be a very interesting tonight and a very interesting morning tomorrow to see what comes of what’s going on with all this wind that, that we are having here at Alamo, playmate working, working companies global. So if you are in need of an estimate, rather, um, if you have shingles missing from the wind storm that we are having today or if you had a leak or a, you just want to see how old your roof is and you think it’s time for you to get a new roof. Um, give us a call here and Allen home permit raping, reaping companies global at Fido.

Two, four, four, seven, five, six 72 and we can help you with ag in an estimate at forver theme. Uh, whether it be for repair or replacement. Um, if he need gutters and gutter guards a window. Siding at trim works off at work. I used to work. Um, we can help you get an estimate on all of that. Um, or if you want, you can go to our website and you can see all the types of jobs that we do. Uh, you can see pictures of work that we have done previously here at Alamo permit review, working companies global. And if you like what you see, you can just click that, a request, an estimate, and one of our sales crew members will be in touch with you to schedule an appointment to come and give you that estimate. We look forward to serving you.