Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 130 Roofing Companies Louisville

Episode one 30 for Allen Ho permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Did I hear it now I don’t permit Roofing Companies Louisville. Um, and we’re just going to continue our discussion on, um, some of the jobs that we have done over the past few years here at Alamo permit, which mean Roofing Companies Louisville. Um, that way customers can see just what we do here, um, regarding, uh, whether it be, um, a full roof replacement. It’s just a roof repair, a full gutter job for siding, job full sets of windows. So let’s just jump right in and we’ll start talking about a roofing job that we had done. Uh, this particular customer is actually a realtor who has dealt with us and we have done multiple jobs for her, um, over the past several years. Um, so, uh, this realtor is a loyal customer of ours here at Alamo fervent roofing or thing companies Lowville and on this particular job it was actually just for, um, the roof on the garage.

So it was a total of a little over 10 squares. Uh, we went with a three tab, onyx black shingle and where there was a too many on this garage. So we did install flashing on the chimney. Um, this particular job, apple leave, they were getting it ready to be sold. So it was just part of the deal that they got that roof taken care of before the house was sold. So we did take care of that, uh, for them. Uh, the next job we are going to talk about was, um, for our customer who actually wanted us to check the roof on her, um, car port and replace a power of it. So of course we did that. Uh, we did replace the power of bed. Uh, she did have to get an electrician to come in and we’ll get up because we do not do that here at Alamo.

Blimey. Refeed Roofing Companies Louisville. We only installed the power of it, uh, and we did check the roof on her carport. Um, but we did not see anything wrong with it. So, um, the roof was in good shape for her and we did let the customer know this as well. The next job we are going to talk about, um, was for actually this customer just needed some work done on their porch. Um, this particular customer got our information from a phone book that we advertise in here at Allen home permit ravine working companies global. So what we did was installed two squares, uh, a vinyl to the porch ceiling and we wrapped 36 feet of a porch beams in aluminum. This customer, um, the trim color they went with was white on this house.

The next job we’re going to talk about is a gutter job. We removed 54 feet of gutters for this customer and installed these six inch gutters back in place. Uh, this customer went with the white gutters and this goes for also had as installed gutter guards. So we did install both five and six inch gutter gutter guards on this house for a total of 90 feet. And this particular customer actually got our information from the Internet. So that’s how she heard about us here at Allen home permit, Ruthie working companies local. The next year we are going to talk about um, was a roof replacement. And this customer actually was referred to us. They had originally called in about a leak, but then decided to go ahead and go with a new roof replacement. Um, so this customer actually had, um, one layers in south areas and two layers in some other areas on the roof.

Um, and it was a total of 15 squares that we did remove and replace. Uh, the color the customer went with was the three tab estate gray. There was a Jimmy on this house. So we did install flashing around the chimney. Uh, we did install drip edge, uh, around the gutter line only and the color of that your breads was white. And this customer went with uh, four bids to be installed on their house as well. And we did end up running into an extra layer on the back of the house, uh, for a total of three layers that was on the back of the house. There was some wood replacement on this house. So we did install a at 96 feet of one bath, eight in, we removed in and starts a new chimney flashing. The flashing was actually a short due to the three layers.

Um, so we did have the, uh, actually charge a little more for that because we were not expecting that. So we kinda had to work a little more to get the flashing just right on the chimney. Um, because it wasn’t in the original estimate. Um, it was to install the flashing, but we didn’t know how bad the flashing was until we got that other layer off. So, um, there was a bit of an extra charge for that. The next one we are going to talk about is another roofing job and this job was actually an insurance job. Um, this customer had um, a little over 26 squares of roofing on their house. So we did a one layer two off a, they went with c three tab onyx black shingle. Uh, there was a chimney on this, uh, House that we did install some new flashing. Uh, we were actually able to reuse the pipe flashings that we’re on this house because they were not damaged. Uh, we did install a drip edge on the house and garage, um, around the gutter line only and the drip edge boy was white. We installed two were fence and there was a software repair on the back of the House that we took care of. What this customer, uh, there was some wood replacement, um, for a total of 72 feet of one, that eight that we did replace for this customer.

The next job you’re going to talk about is a Roofing Companies Louisville. Um, and this customer actually got our name from a business card. Um, we had a one layer tear off. Um, it was a little over 29 squares, uh, this customer with the customer and went with the Oak Ridge pepper mill, great shingle. Um, we installed one three inch pipe flashing and there was ice and water ship and we installed ice and water shield in the valleys on under the shingles on this house. Uh, we installed 140 feet of garbage around the perimeter and we also installed, um, eight fence for this customer. We also installed a ridge vent on this house, um, for this customer. And like I said, this was an insurance job. So we did do all the work, her, the insurance company.

And actually for this particular customer we actually had to do a supplement to the insurance company because, um, for the total squares, the insurance company was actually short. So we did a supplement, uh, for um, four squares, um, that the customer are, that the insurance company did miss and they missed that. It was a steep pitch. Um, which means if it is a seven, 12 to nine, 12 slope, um, they do pay for that, uh, there on this particular job. They actually missed that. So we did have to do a supplement for that as well for this customer here at alcohol permit briefing, working companies local, I think next year we were going to talk about is eight gutter job. Uh, we installed a five inch gutters across the back of the house. Um, and we had them tie into the downspout into the lower section, um, where it will drain into of hype.

The customer went with the Musket Brown, uh, gutters and there was some wood repair on this house. So we did have to cut out some rotten wood and we did replace it with one by as well for this customer. This customer actually is a famous a number of the owners, so that’s why they went with us here at Alamo. For me working, working companies global. The next one week we’re going to talk about, um, was a roofing job. Um, it was a total of 40 squares. This customer went with the Oak Ridge Brownwood shingle. Uh, we installed six, three inch pipe flashing and we installed drip edge around the perimeter and six events on this. So if you are needing an estimate, just give us a call here at five oh two, four, four, seven, five, six 70.