Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 129 Roofing Companies Louisville

Episode One 29 for Alan home permit roofing Roofing Companies Louisville today here at Elon home permit roofing Roofing Companies Louisville. Uh, we’re just going to continue talking about jobs that we’ve done about the last three years here at [inaudible]. We’re think of useful just to get customers more acquainted with the work that we do here at El Hope. Your new routine working companies global. Um, the first time we are going to talk about was a repair job that we had done. Um, this was actually for a previous customer of ours. Um, this was actually a church that we have done work for previously. Um, they were having some issues with some windows, so what we did was replaced, um, some uh, broke down window sashes that were um, news. It’d be replaced on the windows of this church and we added two downspouts and fingers, um, on this church as well.

Um, they’re very loose. That is a reason why we did the hangers for the customer. The next job, your volunteer talk well was for a roof in this particular customer. Got her information from email or that we used to be in here at Allen, open it, repeat work, become painful. Um, this was worse. Uh, with like I said, um, but what we did here, we ended up doing a lay over for this customer. Um, so they um, had as uh, install 20 squares of the three tab. Uh, I don’t Brown shingle. Um, we did install one three inch by flashing and one four inch pipe question on this house and we did install some ice and water shield and the valleys on this house for this customer. Like I said, this was for a layover. We don’t do a lot of layovers here at Allergan permit roofing, roofing company who will, um, we um, dude, uh, come across them sometimes.

Um, but when a customer wants to do a layoff or what we do is we have to check the roof to make sure there is only one layer, uh, because um, here you are only allowed to have two layers on your roof. Um, so if the customer already has two layers, then we do have to do a tear off, um, for the customer because like I said, by law, you can only have two layers of morphine on your house here in album for me, repeat Roofing Companies Louisville. The next one we’re going to talk about was actually a window job. Uh, what we did here was removed, um, eight window units. Uh, they were the wind style windows. We installed the same intent, Bryan series, vinyl replacement windows. Um, I saw a total of eight. This customer went with the full view. So we, this went on, did I have any grades on it?

And they went with the half screens. Uh, we did wrap all the exterior casing. I went on to complete the maintenance free a window. We also removed some storm windows and uh, cut back some cocky and along the j channel. Uh, so casings could be wrapped for this customer and in this customer it was actually a friend of the owners. So that’s why they went with us here at Allen home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. The next job we going to talk about here in Allen home pregnant roofing Roofing Companies Louisville, will, was a roofing job. Um, this customer actually it was a friend of the owners. Uh, so that’s why they knew about us here at Allen Hall permit working working companies global. Um, this customer actually had two layers of roofing. One layer was shingles in one layer was metal work. Um, it was a total, a little over 15 squares. This customer went with the Oak Ridge Sierra Gray shingle.

Um, there were a chimney on this house. So we did install new flashing, a rela chimney. Uh, we also installed one three inch by washing and one four inch wide flashing and we installed a 40 or 84 feet of your bed around the perimeter for this customer. Uh, there was a flat roof. So we did install one square of modified bitumen rubber working on this house. Um, and we also installed 40 feet of Richmond on this house, on this house. Um, the customer actually wanted us to do a layover, um, on another flat area. So what we did was we did lay over the flat roof with my 90 pound roll roofing, um, part of the customer. And then, um, on two of the slopes we did not remove the metal roofing pro, the customer as well. Um, there was some wood replacement on this house. So we did, um, remove and install five sheets of plywood as well as 10 feet of one bite.

We also removed in dispose of for extra layers of shingles. I’m on two different slopes of this work. Um, and it was approximately six squares that had to be removed. Um, that is a bit of a unique situation because we do not see anything like this. The most layers that we usually see is too. Um, so, uh, we were very surprised when we saw that there was four actually on a couple of the slopes on for this customer’s house. Dean extra we want to talk about here in Allen. I’m from it, review everything companies. One is eight gooder job. Umm, this customer had us removed 132 feet of gutters and installed these six inch gutters back in place. Uh, there’s customer, we went with Roy Brown as the color in this particular customer. Got Our name from the foam that we advertise in your Ed [inaudible] work and companies.

The unit stronger we’re going to talk about is a siding repair that we had done. Um, this customer got our number out of the full book as well and this customer actually only thing we did for them was repair. Uh, east side in corner on the Left Front of the house where the siding had come loose. So we were able to help this customer out by hearing their side for them. The next time we are going to talk about is a gutter job that we had done um, on a garage. We removed 64 feet of gutters and then installed the six inch gutters back in place. Now this customer went with the color get brown.

We also installed 30, 40, 50 feet. One piece of they patient on the back of this garage as well for this customer. This customer actually got our name from a phone book that we advertise in. Um, but this customer actually saw our advertising on the front of the phone book that we do here at Allen for newer and Roofing Companies Louisville. Will the next time you want to talk about is a mother a gutter job. Um, this customer got us from the mailer that we sent out the magazine. We are, we send out in advertising in this customer had us removed 214 feet up gutters and downspouts and then installed these six inch gutters back in place. Um, they went with um, as installing the gutter guards as well, four total of 114 feet. We did wrap one piece of Asia on the back of the um, on the back gutter in front porch. The next job or going to talk about is he roof repair. Um, on this one we sealed tent, she goes in three events or this customer influence customer. If we did go around checking the she most to make sure they were all um, Neil correctly for this. So if you are needing a roof gutters, siding, windows shugarts just give us a call here. Gallon home permit, working, working company flow. At 502-FOUR-47567TY or you can visit us on our website at [inaudible] dot com we look forward. Sorry.