Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 126 Roofing Companies Louisville

Episode one 26 for Alan home premiere roofing roofing companies level. Today here at Allen Ho permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville A little bowl. Uh, we are just going to talk about some jobs that we’ve done over the pressed few years just to give customers an ideal of what we do here at Alamo permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Um, we don’t just install new words. Um, I complete the science siding job, uh, uh, complete a gutter job. We do repairs as well. Um, so I just want to let customers know just, um, the jobs, like I said, the jobs that we do here at [inaudible] permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville, uh, whether it be a complete replacement or just a roof repair or, um, just um, um, rap. I’m like gable wrapper, a soffit rap. Uh, so let’s just get right on in. And the first job I want to talk about, um, was actually for a customer that got our name from the Internet.

Um, what they needed done was, um, just some gutter repair and, uh, also, uh, needed summer, a wood replacement in software repair. So what we ended up doing here, um, was we, we painted for lower window hangers on this house. Um, and then we painted some posts uprights and painted some gable ends for this customer. Um, this was some extra work that they had wanted done, um, after the fact. Um, but with the gutters and, and all, what we did was we removed, um, 36 feet of gutters on the front of the house. Um, and then we installed the five inch gutters back in place. This customer went with the color clay. We did repair the bad wood and then we did painted to match what was already up on the house. And we also, uh, painted some upper windows on the front of the house and that was a total of five windows for this customer.

This customer also wanted Sam Gutter guards installed on this house. So we installed the 36 feet of gutter guards on the front of the house. Um, like I said, this customer had gotten some more work done from us, um, after we had done the gutter job for him, which is something that we do see here at Allen Homefront Ravine working companies that we’ll, um, we’ll start working on a job and then a customer would like us to, um, do a little bit more work, which is totally fine what came out and we’ll give you an estimate for you and we’ll let you know what it’s going to cost. The next job we’re going to talk about is a mother is an as a repair. Um, this repair came in, um, as a leak on the front of the house. Uh, what we saw and what we did was we repaired for shingles that had come Boosie, um, most likely from how wins in the area.

Um, this was a previous customer of ours here at Alamo permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. So we were more than happy to come out, take a look at that for this customer and a seal the shingles down. So, uh, he had, he didn’t have a problem any longer. And the next job we are going to talk about was a gutter job. Um, this customer got our name from the Internet and this was a small gutter guard actually got her job actually. Um, we installed 18 feet. I’ve gutters and downspouts on the back porch and this customer with the six inch gutters, I’m the color of this customer went with was Royal Brown. So as you can see, we don’t necessarily have to do a complete, got her replacement. Like I said, this one was a small, got her job. Um, and w if you have a small get a job will come out, take a look at it for you, give you an estimate on it, um, we’ll take care of you, uh, as well.

Uh, the next job we’re going to talk about was a repair. Uh, this customer had called in for us to seal. We’ve got her corner where they were having some leaking issue. Um, and this customer actually had some nail pops as well. Uh, this customer was actually referred to as here, Alan who work working companies global and what we did, uh, we did lift the tabs and reset the nails for this customer and sealed, uh, the nails and seal the, she goes back to make sure that this customer no longer had leaking issues with the nails. If he even did have leaking issues with the nails, sometimes people do realize that they had nail pops up, but if we see them, we will repair them. That way we can, uh, get them fixed before it causes any problems inside the house. Um, this customer also, we installed, um, the five inch hidden hangers for this customer as well.

Um, that way the gutters were secured and we did still, like I said, the corners of the gutters as well, so they were not leaking. So we wanted to make sure that this customer was completely taken care of. Um, you know, if we see some extra that needs to be done anymore there and we are able to fix it while we were there, we will, uh, let the customer know that as well. The next step we are going to talk about is a other repair. And this was actually just four eighths Gab light repair. Um, this customer was having an issue with the skylight. Uh, so we did seal the top pin of the skylight. It’s customers was having lake. So, uh, we did go out like I said, and sealed around the skylight for this customer. This just shows no another repair that we will do, uh, for a customer who calls in.

If they have a like an issue, you know, we will come out, we will take a look at it for you. Um, we know a lot of roofing companies would not bother with trying to go out and take care of a customer like that. Um, if it’s not a big job, they don’t want it. That’s not us. Here at our home premier roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville, we will come out and take a look at your problem and see what we can do to help you. The next job I want to talk about is another roof repair on this roof repair. Uh, we did find a section of roof decking that had popped up underneath the shingles and it was causing a leak. So what we did was lifted this shingles. We nailed down the decking to the rafters and then sealed the shingles in that area to make sure they were still tight and the re uh, wood wouldn’t like any more for this customer. And this customer is actually a friend of the owners, so that’s why they went with us here at Allen home premium roofing.

The national we are going to talk about was for a roof repair as well. Uh, what we ended up doing for this customer was ceiling, um, around a pipe, uh, actually two of them and then we removed and installed wind damage shingles and that was on the back of the house. Um, they didn’t need a complete roof replacement, so we just did that small repair for them. Um, and we removed an antenna in, sealed the shingles around that as well. Uh, we also, uh, cleaned some flashing and silt lapse of a metal roof, uh, for this customer. And we cleaned off some tree debris that was on a metal roof as well. Um, so if you are needing an estimate, whether it be for roof gutters, siding, and knows trimark gutter guards, just give us a call here at Allen home permit roofing roofing companies at (502) 447-5672, or you can visit us over at our website at [inaudible] dot com. We look forward to serving you.