Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 124 Roofing Companies Louisville

Episode One 24 for Alan home permit roofing roofing companies. Lobel today here at Allen Home Premier roofing Roofing Companies Louisville. We’re going to talk about just some of the jobs. Uh, we are, uh, getting to this week. Um, this is actually been a really good week for us here at Allen home premier roofing Roofing Companies Louisville. Lowville um, because the weather is actually um, a little warmer and it’s not raining. The Sun is out and so it is great weather, um, for us to be roofing and um, doing a siding job as well. Uh, we have had some warm weather this week. Um, we still got a couple of days. It’s going to be good weather so that we will, uh, be able to get to some of the jobs that we have in here at our home premiere roofing, roofing companies, Lobel on our schedule. Um, so far this week, um, we have done two roofs.

Um, yesterday was a good day as well, what we were going to roof, but the customer called and ash of wicked. I’m actually just move it to today, which was fine. Um, we were able to do that. So what we did for, um, one of my roofing couriers is, um, a roofing crew later went and looked at, um, leaks. Um, so that actually worked out really well for us here at Allen hold permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville, uh, because since he wasn’t doing a roof and, um, he didn’t have anything else going on, we were able to um, take a look at some, um, customers that had leaks and that way we could get them taken care of before it does start raining again. Um, this weekend. So that actually gave us tab, like I said, to get to the repairs, um, before we started, um, doing some roofs this week.

Um, that way I don’t have to take any, um, my roofing crew leaders off the jobs just to go see what’s going on with, uh, customers worse. Uh, we were able to, uh, knock a bunch of those out. Um, yesterday, like I said, today here at Allen Home Premiere roofing, working companies local, we are roofing a couple of houses today. Um, one of the jobs actually, um, got a little bit edit to it because the customer actually has a shed in their backyard that we were not originally doing. Um, and then, um, they decided that since we were already there during the roof on the house that um, we would, uh, go ahead and give him an estimate for the shed and then if he was okay with the price, um, he would just go ahead and have us do it. Uh, while we were out there roofing today here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville.

Um, the other customer actually had just closed on this house and uh, they want it to get the word once the closing was completed. I wish it was at the end of last week. So we got them on the schedule for today. Um, and this customer is actually getting a lot of more, a lot more work done to this house. Um, they wanted to wait so they could pick out a color, um, for the trim work and all, um, just to see what it would look like with the new roof. So they didn’t want to make any decisions just yet. So once we get the roof completed, um, Har salesmen will get back with this customer to see what they want to do about the trim work and gutters that they also want us to do. Um, see what color they want to go with. Uh, that way we can get them on the schedule for that.

Now we do have another job scheduled for tomorrow. It is going to be a good day tomorrow as well. And actually the next few days will be really nice, uh, temperature wise. Um, and it’s not raining so we are going to be able to get, um, a lot of jobs knocked out of here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies. Lowville um, because I know a lot of customers have been waiting a while to get work completed and you, it’s just something that we have to go with, um, being in this industry, um, because we can’t control the weather and at your, it has to be a certain temperature in order for you to birth. Um, so when it’s code, the really code, uh, we can’t really, we can’t roof and then have obviously when it’s raining you don’t want your roof opened to cause damage to your interior. So hopefully, um, the nice days are coming a lot more.

Um, that way we can continue getting work completed here at Allen home permit, roofing, roofing companies Lowville and we can keep our workers um, busy because they do like that. Um, they don’t like it when it is cold and rainy cause they have nothing to do. Our workers, uh, do like to have work to do here at Allen, home permit, roofing, roofing companies level. Even though the past couple months them have, has it been a great weather? Uh, we still have had a continued flow of estimates going out and contracts coming in. So that is good for us here at Allen. Home permit, roofing, roofing companies, Louisville. Um, it’s just shown it, we’re going to have steady work, uh, for a cruise. Um, which they love to hear that because they, like I said previously, they do love to be busy. I’m out there working, whether it be on roofs or getting some siding and trim on.

So, um, we are ready for the warm weather to come for spring to get here. Um, that way we can get a lot more knocked out instead of two to three jobs a week, which we’ve been doing. Um, with the way the weather had been going. Um, like I said this week, we’ve already have two roofs that we are doing. Um, we have another one I know scheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully we can get, um, a couple more in this week just to get the roofs, um, completed for the customer. Um, I know I am just talking about words at the moment, but with the siding and trim it does take a little longer depending on the job. Um, whereas with roofs, usually our guys are in there in and out within one day. Um, and it really just depends on how big the roof is. If it is a large roof, it may take them a day and a half.

Um, no longer than two days, but more than likely, um, our guys are in there just for one day. So that’s why I keep saying, you know, we can get some herbs knocked out because it does not take that long with when you’re dealing with siding and trim and all that. That is a lot more work and it is a lot more time consuming. Um, so hopefully, um, the job that we’re on now, it’ll go by pretty quick. That way we can get to the next siding job as well here at Allen home permit roofing, roofing companies level. And actually I’m speaking of steady work still coming in here at Allen home permit roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Uh, one of my salesman actually came in today with 2 cent contracts. So we will be putting them on the schedule and hour. We’ll be giving them a call to let them know, uh, we’re about, they are on the schedule and let them know that we would be given them a call, um, probably within the next couple of weeks to let them know for sure what day we will be out there to do their work.

Um, so like I said, we are having steady work come in here at Allen home permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville book. We’re just waiting on the weather to cooperate with us so we can get everything completed. So if you are needing an estimate, rather it’d be four oh roof repair, roof replacement gutters, gutter guards, windows siding trim. Give us a call over here at Allen home permit Rufina roofing companies Lowville and (502) 447-5672 or you can visit us over at our website and that’s at Allen You can take a look at pictures of jobs that we had done previously. You can read about materials that we use and you can read some comments from a previous customer of ours. Thanks. We look forward serve uni.