Roofing Companies Louisville | Episode 122 Roofing Companies Louisville

Episode one 22 for Alan home. Premiate roofing, roofing companies global. Today here at Allen Ho permit Roofing Companies Louisville. Uh, in just going to talk about, uh, what we got going on today here at Allen, home permit roofing, roofing companies, local. Um, we actually got a two groups going on today. Um, and we got some siding work being done today. The weather is warmer today, the sun’s out, it’s not raining, it’s not COPD. So we are trying to get as much done today as we can here at on permanent roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Uh, the first roofing job I want to talk about, um, this is a total of 22 squares. It’s a one layer tear off. This customer is going with the um, 30 year upgrade to the Oak Ridge aged cedar shingle. Um, there is a chimney on this house that we are adding some uh, new flashing on and there is a two inch pipe flashing that we are installing.

We are going to reuse the drip edge, um, cause it is in good shape so that does not have to be replaced. And we are installing um, five were fence on this house. Um, at this point we don’t have any um, rotten wood on the contract but once the shingles are off our roofing crew leader, we’ll look at the, would examine, make sure everything is good. If it is, then they would go ahead and start installing the new roof. If not, uh, he will give us a call and let us know that there is some bad would we, we’ll get someone out to him. Uh, we contact our salesman here, whoever sold the job, they call the customer and let the customer know that there’s bad would um, cause obviously we’re not going to put on a new roof and there’d be bad wood on the house.

That’s not how we do business here in Allen home. Permanent roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. We want to make sure everything is right and that you have a strong roof over your head. The other a roofing job we are doing today, um, is at one layer tear off a little bit over 22 squares. Um, this customer is gone with the Oak Ridge twilight black shingle. Uh, there, there’s a chimney on this house that we are installing some new flashing around. Um, we’re installing one three inch pipe guy in one four inch pipe flashing. Um, there is uh, some ice and water shield that we are installing in the valleys under the shingles for a total of a hundred feet. Uh, we are also installing 330 feet of white tripit around the perimeter on this house as well as installing two were fence on this house. This customer does have um, a satellite dish that we are going to remove and reset.

Um, when we are uh, doing the install on this roof. Just like the previous job I was just talking about here in Allen Hall, premiere roofing Roofing Companies Louisville. Um, as of right now we don’t have any, uh, would list it, but that could change as soon as the roofers get the shingles off. And just because we, he had tell if there is a rotten wood or not. Sometimes we can tell if there’s a soft spot. Uh, so we will uh, work in a piece of plywood on the customer’s estimate then, but that is the only way that we install or we include the wood on the customer’s contract. Um, usually the wood is added after the shingles are taken off just because we can’t see the one until the shingles are removed. We do let our customers know this in advance as well as it is on our contracts that would replacement may be added at the end so the customer does know how to expect, um, if there is extra cost on their invoice and why.

So we do talk to the customers before, during the process. So they are informed of when there is a rotten wood. I’m on their house here at Allen home permit, roofing worth and company’s logo. The siding job. We are going to talk about that. We are going to start today is actually a total of eight squares and they are getting the uh, the Fab Dutchlap profile of the polar wall and the color is smoke that they are going with. This customer is actually getting some gutters. Also done, got her guards and um, some facial wrap up. But first we have to do the siding. Uh, then we will wrap the one piece facia for him it’s a total of 92 feet and then we will send our gutter career out to replace the gutters and that is a total of 215 feet of gutters and downspouts that we are removing and installing in this customer is going with the six inch.

Um, we will also be installing 146 feet of gutter guard as well on this house. Uh, once the uh, Sadie EMV facial rec is completed, we do um, actually a roofing jobs scheduled out for tomorrow as well. Um, because it is going to be a nice day for us here at alcohol permit, roofing, Roofing Companies Louisville. Um, this customer, it is, um, a little over 23 squares of one layer tear off a, this customer is going with the Oak Ridge aged cedar shingle. We have one three inch pipe flashing, uh, that we are installing and there is um, a, or there are valleys on this house. So we are installing the ice and water shield in the valleys. Uh, for this customer. We’re installing 248 feet of drip edge around the perimeter and 11 were fence on this house. This customer does have a satellite dish. So we are going to remove in reset the satellite dish for this customer.

And this customer actually got our name from our website. So he went over to our website at Allen H. Dot com and saw all about us and requested an estimate from our website. So what we did was, was, uh, we gave him a call, we, uh, got his inflammation and then when he needed his information to one of our salesmen who gave him a call to schedule the appointment and he liked what he saw with us here at Allen home, permanent roofing work in companies local. So now we’re doing his reform. So hopefully we can get another job at another roofing job scheduled out for tomorrow. Um, right now I know a lot of the customers that we do have in here want to wait until it gets warmer, which that is fine. We will, uh, work with the customer on that for when the weather is warmer.

Um, but hopefully we can find one in here that is okay with us doing the roof tomorrow and we can get a nother roofing job knocked out tomorrow. Um, I know my roofing crews here at Allen Home, premier roofing, roofing companies, global, uh, love to be working, uh, they’re ready to start working, um, just with this, whether they haven’t been able to. So when they get a good day to work, they want to work. So we are going to try to do what we can here at Alamo permit refusal. We can companies global to make sure our guests state uh, busy. And so if you are needing an estimate, whether it is for a roof repair, we’ve replacement um, gutters, gutter guards, windows siding, Trim work, uh, give us a call here at Allen home, permanent roofing. We can companies Lowville at five oh two four four seven five, six, seven two or you can go over and visit our website.

You will see that we have pictures of jobs that we have done. Uh, you could see comments from previous customers. Uh, you can read about the products that we use and just read about us here at Allen homeroom. It Rufina within company’s logo and that is that Allen H We look forward to serving you. Actually, one more thing before we stop talking. Stop talking here. Um, we do also repairs on gutters and windows in and Saturday as well. Um, I don’t want people to think just that we do repairs on roofing. We do it on the other areas as well. So if you’re needing something repaired, um, just give us a call and we’ll let you know. We can do it or not. Um, so like I said, our number here is 502-FOUR-47567TY-8 we look forward to serving you.